It is said that it is quite incredible that I am unable to get into a relationship with others, but this is not really the case as such. I have engineered my financial concerns such that it will be impossible for me to do anything useful with my career outside of wedlock and so as time progresses, I have to expect the person I got into a relationship with will want to make such sacrifices as spending their finances and personal stability with me, while the risk that the goons who make a mess of my concerns faced would be that as it got later and later, such a person will be a character that hated their guts intensely. I mean the mess they make of my life includes claims that I am vulnerable to tribalism and it’s a joke they all want to spend time on and so they build it up on public media, none will ever understand or get an explanation as to the reasons their stupidities do it – then it grows into a story about the bad things I encourage the female population to do about which I have never been given a check list.

We find another group claim that what really happens was a case of people who got involved with me getting hurt while what really happens is that the above problem must be solved by the way I ensure my career only works in wedlock and they have spotted several opportunities to make their stupid selves better off through it which also involved threats and abuses, while what I did about them was incredibly amazing; hence they do not get hurt, they simply think that they could take advantage of me while they could not. I have been told this is an example of the reasons people think Christians are infidels but infidelity has nothing to do with it and I hardly think it fits when their religion permits them to marry several women at a time and ours restricts us to one wife; it really has nothing to do with infidelity – take for instance the court of female journalists because people want to report the news without being abused, so it might be suggested I interfere with people’s lives through it but what has not been accounted for is the question of what my wife would think of it i.e. it’s a matter of the fact that we adults think we had it so well worked out that on account we all band together to put a beave face on the way we leave some things in our lives undone, thereby leaving something to be desired, which gets us chasing our lives around shamefully with our bits coming off while we deny that our inner wear is coming off etc, it is important to help people carry their burdens not get about making a case out of peoples shame.

So we see where this fits into protection for the natural environment which they do claim they are doing and we know that they are not – I mean scientists do say that if they were, there would be results to show for it but there are other factors like how they would have if they were in terms of business, society, culture, media, government and sports, none of which is being done. I mean crucially is the government bits where we would say that we are so caught up in our various concerns and the process of catching up with what we had failed to do, that there are people who are not vulnerable to the same things that we are, who regularly decide that if they are not allowed to kill some of us who despair in a way that affects others, they might as well kill wildlife, not being taken seriously by the Government as a crime and at the same time it is said that the environment is being protected. Then there is also the business part where it’s impossible to say that a family who would consume 10 antelopes in a year if they were proper meat eaters who ate nothing but meat but what we find is the depleting of antelope numbers in a way that adds up to an ecological problem, indicating that these animals were being caught for business and we have not yet gotten a response which shows how nature bears risks, we have never had a school of thought tell us that nature bears risks and we have never seen an occasion in which upon bearing risks, nature helped people make profit, yet whilst this continues at the hands of some people, the same claim they are protecting the natural environment – I mean if a farmer wants to produce meat, they take into account their capital and a business of getting their animals to reproduce at a certain rate and at a certain time of year, so if this was a business there would be no extinction. Hence the worry is that Governments consistently pass it off as a matter of freedom and we can see the effects create bigger problems for the general public, specifically in terms of what those who think they are in a position to do harm to others, believe was an acceptable risk to take, in a world where even the process of bating bad people for law enforcement was still a quasi means of taking the law into ones hands.

They do say that I speak of matters as if there is much I can do while there is nothing I can do and we know the first time I took people for a ride on the matter, the moral of the story was that I would fight and win their battles, social and cultural if I were trained for it and it was my role but when they are aware I have no such training and spend most of their time pillaging my life and career to hang about insulting me with a sense of entitlement that suggest I should be getting into a fight with people to make them feel comfortable, then it was clear that pushing them hard enough to get them into such a difficult position that they picked up armed forces jobs was in keeping with a rightful recompense for the behaviour. So here again is a story of me speaking of matters as though there is much I can do and yes they do always love to pick up the case made from what I have done in terms of self-care and other things I have done with my body when it comes to keeping away from food for intended purposes at the hermitage, the resulting abusive behaviour associated with their sense of entitlement and insulting decadence that bombards my concerns and wrecks my public image every day, as prove that I speak of what I cannot handle. So the question is the reasons my body does what it does when they come round to entitle themselves to my concerns stupidly; which is an old story about being an Arch Prince who is a famous person but his duties does not actually involve such matters as when Politicians decide what security looks like on the political or diplomatic front, which is quite separate from the type of military activity associated with keeping Queen and Country safe, so although he is a famous person, his Office is really about Public leadership and power, concerning the kind of National service which keeps Queen and Country safe – this is what brings about the tummy issues that people talk about all the time. The question arising them being one of what is to be done about abusive twats that are responsible for making it into a public matter but I wouldn’t know anyway – the whites are about market practical jokes, same as Asians and Muslims, the blacks would not even think about working on a business because they can build communities that get imagination up my bum and get on the streets to sell products securing attention for what is really the consequence of their stupidities. So we have several effects where there is this very big issue associated with their stupidities having decided that they own me and I was not entitled to be by myself if I wanted, the list goes on and on, while I have written some aspects of my Book to make it clear I am not a fan of Obama or Nelson Mandela and it now appears they are actively seeking a process where what I did to sell that aspect of my work, made their entitled stupidities very uncomfortable indeed. I mean Mandela had to be famous at the age of 100 and left me a civil rights shit to tidy up literally and we see that sense of populist entitlement speak everywhere making a mess for me financially all the time while they boast and assume some right to address me like a big brother talking to a disobedient little brother who shares their stupid culture with a white man and it has now produced this outcome where they got off being paid for being popular at my expense as stupidly as possible to a process where they spend most of their time doing something to harm me and boasting about it. It does not scare me half as much as they think that it does; the gits who think they are likely to be a threat are usually scared of men that want to move into their right hand and get entitled to whatever their stupidities are doing to show that the black race was entitled to be successful at Industry, while these other fools that never stop passing around the insults and appear to exist in a condition that suggests their lives depended on a process where they got to address me while we are not mates as it were, think that this is all city centre theatres where they can dress in frocks and make a case for their social and cultural power and the business of making sense of their body as it applies to the way they had been raised all their lives to tackle anything that tells them that although they were good looking, their careers had passed to another. So where it fits into mine is that they fail to notice like normal people would, that it was a warning to say there is nothing which warrants their interest in me, while their need to allow their silly women entitle the self to my income fosters this nonsense where those women show up here to make a mess and tell me what has happened is the outcome of me lacking a daddy that watches over me, they fail to notice how their behaviour, their insults and that of these women fit into a case of ageist gits getting all over my case because they wanted to see me grovel for money – so this is the warning they have yet failed to adhere to as such.

The reality of their behaviour does not concern me that much, only the part where my finances are affected to show they were spending my time on it; I am only responding to public and civil living questions here. The truth of it is that it is a quest of spiritual evil that they think will add up to power that is enough to make them money and as I said, they have noticed parts of my Book which are written to express what I think of their stupid civil rights and its silly leaders in terms of the way my bottom hurts due to their stupidities. We have seen this show up at the Monarchy because of the way the activities of the Daughter of the Duke of York and that of the Duke of Sussex has caused these matters to get completely out of hand and pushed up the agenda for some work that I have had to do, leaving me with a reputation for being the smell guy and how they have said the Queen abandoned the Country to spend time getting angry at people because of the way I had been treated which is reality. My point is that what I have said above is of Public interest mine is to spend time in a Hermitage where I belong and normal people would think it a warning if I said their spiritual powers, its wickedness and the way their abuses have now gotten off popularity and celebrity culture to spend time hurting me, is looking for a response which when they get, I will not get away with consequences for as it were – this is the story of the abusive people and where their madness is going, apart from other matters with respect to Politicians that play along with their gimmicks to hang around somewhere being unable to do a thing about immoral democracy.

I am said to have offered no explanation for the fact I lived disgracefully but I don’t – what we have is white big brother picking up things I had done with myself as a means to get around spreading all kinds of abusive lasciviousness that is only as intense and relentless as the state of his mental health and we know black big brother with his sex in the head money madness had picked up some of the consequences, so it did get built up in the form of  media bubble they can run all day. The same thing has happened with my academic work and career and it is used to make a mess of me every time I step outside of my door, especially when I am travelling to somewhere important and the media therefore kindly runs it off for them all day long. The last straw being the damage which has been done to my Books, so it does get to mean that I have to bend the rules somewhere and draw a line on the fact I am an Arch Prince and do not actually appreciate being addressed by them first of all, never mind the fact the damage done to my Bookshop was the last straw all together, currently they pick up the way their insults and abuses leave my living area untidy and I like to think they might want to tidy it up themselves if they were so concerned.

They do love to boast that this business where the whole thing had now created whole communities that spent time getting imagination up my bum while ageist gits got off building up my concerns to tell me my life is over is how they got to beat me down and its utter nonsense that plays into their wealth and social inequality gimmicks where they want open government all the time while those who do government are paid to do it, thereafter which their financial situation will be blamed on an unsuspecting victim and the consequences of their activities will have been said to be victimless if they were allowed to make the rules. I mean there is no way that normal people can stand up to Political attacks if their finances were a mess naturally, so they should not seek Government if they were not being paid to do it, hence an answer for those who want to know what I really think of the issue and the idea their agitation was merited. As for my position, I am being pulled in several directions; on one hand I had a hermitage to run, on the other the media bubble had become such a problem I had to face it down – so all together it has now developed into a question of how I wish to handle society and celebrities and knowing what the consequences of their stupidities are, they have already banded together to secure a way of getting my public Office services as a matter of an entitlement that will boost what they believed to be their social standing – it does not actually bother me at all, it will whenever the sanctity of my Hermitage is affected and then it will cease to be so amusing if their bottoms were sore while I had not done a thing about them already.

Another question people ask is this matter of hanging about somewhere degrading myself as a writer which I do not; it is my little project that I am proud of naturally. It is clearly Books written from a Hermitage where brokers deal with me to create products and trouble shooter clients will want me to be taught a lesson if they were buying those products, where we end up in those scenarios in which broker client ended up fighting my corner which is not good. So I don’t think they are committed enough to anything in their lives to read my Books for career or leisure reasons and I want them to keep away from it and therefore provide distance between what is really their daily stupidities and my financial wellbeing. I do get told I have found a way to make light of what is really very evil behaviour – a hermitage with a Court system being stopped every day by violent sexual context abuses is not a good thing but then again, those who raise hopes on their behaviour will always be disappointed, I expect them to complain on a later date about the consequences of making a mess of peace and quiet I build to work on my Books at the Office, claiming my personality suggests I am important while others were every time they saw me. We have a history in the sense that black people think their position will add up to a profitable threat in the future while they are afraid of those who move into their backyard to control them at Industry and like to try handling me because it was the only solution available, in a condition where their involvement was always nasty and they always had to get involved, I was stuck with them and the incredibly stupid abdominal discomfort which comes alongside - those who move into their backyard to handle them as well like to think they controlled me and my finances but if I stopped the stupid comments that affect my Clients I will have been said to have adopted a draconian measure because I needed money and it goes on like that endlessly - whereby I have always thought of them as a difficult market but the idea they had stomped my income is also utter nonsense as I only need decide what society and celebrities said and did was irrelevant but first I need to get a Bookshop on its feet and those who act in ways that deprive me of this needed to stop complaining about the problems too.