Wealth distribution has more to do with Government bad management. It is the manner in which they manage the affairs of the tax payer that brings about the problem. For example the fact that richer people have been paying lesser and lesser tax as a comparison to their income. It is not a matter of whether or not the state is incapable of policing or enforcing its own affairs, nor is it a matter of the suggestion that rich people do not want to pay more taxes. The vast majority of them are really passionate about good housing and Good roads and good schools and are actually dying for some good person to turn up and provide a means of financial management to bring about these things. 

It rather points to the fact that the problem is the Politicians, they are terribly conscious of this process of not saying anything which will result in a condition where they are not rich and yet if they were to have asked the rich in the first place, they would have found out it does not work that way at all. The result is therefore that while the rich expect to pay more taxes on their millions, what happens is a process where the government gets into a colloquial conversation with them about it aka "I have taken 15% off you and although much poorer people are paying up to 50%, what I have taken from you amounts to millions and that is a lot of money." Whereas these people really know that the percentages do not count when Mr A is a worker in a factory and therefore gets his earnings from the factory while Mr B is the owner of the factory and gets his income from the Country. This is however the least of the problems because the bigger problem is the problems that these rich people incur and therefore have to shell out money that should have gone to the state solving. Problems of protection, peace of mind and security for example among the top three. Where they know that they should be paying more tax but the government is not managing things properly and they cannot live with themselves on most occasions and have to spend even more of the money to feel good or have peace of mind and this is how somebody avoids gangs and bad company all his life to work hard to build something which provides bread winners in other people's families then falls back into the gangs to be close to his problems, which of course will involve spending money the government should have taken off him and managed properly to bring about good roads, transportation and schools, bearing in mind we elect them in the first place so that we can do things by the will of the majority and tell the powerful few that other things are more important; such as right to life and right to education etc but once they are there get rich, wreck our lives and push us into Nationalism then with their Media friends expand their size of their Bank Balance and more so Internationally depending on whom they successfully provoke and get away with doing so.

The other issue is the way that this money that has been left to create responsibilities for rich people that should be the duty of the state is then worked, bearing mind that as far as Politicians and their followers are concerned the rest of us are items waiting for them to do things to us and on us. So we have those idiots that always tell communists when to respect the US and the US when to work for communists to provide them with more freedom, while the rest of us cannot possibly be what we claim we are if they are not using it to do something to bring about freedom and wealth for others such as those who do not have democracy in their countries, which they supervise, moving in on it and the result is the mess we have to pick up diplomatically which means that the role of the US for example that with the UK works to Police the world becomes more and more abusive: with stupid men that are sadists and are always looking for violence (so they tell people with as much violent abuse as possible) becoming freer and freer and more wanton in their sadistic attack of other people for their pleasures, Men who abuse young girls that thing they are really wise and like to barge into peoples lives to throw them off course the monies of these millionaires and the paedophile rings that the government has to deploy resources to Police and of course the ones the Politicians see nothing wrong in spending even more of the tax payer funds to fund; the idiots that are always fostering respect for the racist and fascist point of Political view with how none whites should be leading and helping those who are of the same race as them and happen to be the problem of the world. 

Last I got colloquial messages passed in my direction about women who are not accepted by the rest of the world and their fears that if their bosses loose their businesses they will loose their jobs of which of course took them time and hell to find in the first place, it was between a year and a half and 2 years before the recession really took hold of the global Economy in 2007; in fact it was between 2005 and 2006 that I began to take an interest in Pornography because some of them were already going into that industry while I had a duty to them at the office of an Arch Prince and had already been through so much trouble to fulfil those duties-this forged the second more important reason I took an interest in pornography besides that of girls that I had allowed to play around with my Intellectual property in the Music industry because the big boys and the Music industry get rich quick gurus will not let them concentrate on any kind of academic work and the fact my actions had brought about security meant that my finances and career had to be completely destroyed, which they are still working on to this day.