It does appear now that the most important thing that people want to push at me on Media is that I never really respond to the racism being practiced against me but I would never know anyway; some people say there is a link between touching my privates and stepping outside of their door to attend their daily concerns going well, others say its about whacking me over the head in their imaginations, others say its about churning my tummy and others say its about seeing how much pressure my body type can take of the problems that prevent them from being super stars but it is these fools and their questions which I will respond to because they have built themselves communities of idiots that want have ideas about what to do to me, getting off on Public places to build an onus on me to respond to problems on Media that is of the greatest concern, as it is apparently the only means by which I end up responding to these matters even when I know it is schizophrenia to do so. So, they speak of racism I need to respond to, but should I place the insults that are supposed to make me back to back, I will end up with a comedian’s career of my own when I am not a Comic describing it to other people. Their excuse time and time again is that they are unable to understand how a twerp like me would hold an Arch Prince’s Office but we know they pillage the academic work in the same way and have spent the last 6 years of my time stifling my Book sales to build practical jokes around my Book shop for it too, this then means that since last I met the blacks who consider themselves to have a future in the sense that the stupidities about being my daddies and I being their son on whom their future depends has resurged because what happened the first time was excused by Politicians whom they think will likely show up here to pillage academic work and finances for them, leaving me to worry about some uncertainties that they can put down to the business of me being afraid of them the whole time, showing up here to be dangerous with money, talking nonsense about being rich first before I can go free, talking nonsense about a sales army that will ensure such outcomes were the ending for their involvement corruption here and the outcome is that my whole life since got flushed down the loo due to the fact another group of fools with media jobs offered them opportunity to get on a platform and claim they have grabbed my career and had since continued to threaten me when their bottom hurts; so its all looking like it is what their civil rights was as it were and I supposed it is equally a good idea as far as their stupidities was concerned, to gamble it regardless of what it actually did look like as it were. So we find that it cannot exist unless I am a writer who has created it a new civil rights associated with a Book I wrote that was put down to their stupid names in history because I was duped by the Publisher and no matter how hard I work on this nonsense my career, academic work and finances ends up there again because they have got that stupid Politics and the media job to play with, which has begun to leave me feeling that considering how avoidable getting me to respond to it actually is, I shall test their gimmicks as well the next time they happen to threaten me, bearing in mind they do not wish to shut it down or indeed stop complaining if they have no wish to listen to what other people are saying to them.

Hence we end up in this case where it is possible to claim that people find it difficult to settle up on what my feelings are really like but time and again it comes back to the same issue of the fact that when they see me at any academic institution its pretty important and when they see me at the writers Office I have no wish to be disturbed, bearing in mind this one issue has meant Politicians, Celebrities, Media and Popularity goons complaining about me on a National level so far. They never put it across to the Politicians when they get off demanding privileges of injustice that will help them beat up a Boy with that big mouth they have got, they leave out the fact they show up with daddy whiles to churn my tummy and that I have dropped out of University for it, while the same misogyny has now allowed them build me a history of insults by which to play up practical jokes over my Book sales income margins all together and this has taken up 15 years of my time to achieve worked like a test for me everyday on their stupid media jobs. So the theory is always that this problem is bigger than I can handle but we know it’s the pop stars that go first and after a while they make the money and start to form pop star cliques that set about deciding what Public sensibility was and yet feel they are untouchable when it was clear running such a stupid contraption as a business at somebody else’s expense was the wrong thing to do to a human being when they had begun some 12 years earlier – so I really starting to feel like it now, especially considering the Industry ones are starting to tell me I did nothing about popular culture and will sit their stupidities out as well, really starting to feel as if they will have something to do concerning what I will get up to if they happen to threaten me one more time. It is completely avoidable, I do not like in their lives, do not write their Books and am certainly not their sexual alternative if they have ears and it does hear what other people are saying to them, especially concerning the bits where they get to tell me which part of society I am meant to end up in and cannot stop telling other people how to exist especially over social problems they create and blame on racism – it is not what my Books were written for and I say again; what they are going to be complaining about when it gets serious again was entirely avoidable.