The idea I do not care about whether or not people die and suffer is utter rubbish. The truth of it is that you have to make choices and some people like to put their right to life exactly where you are meant to make them and of course if you care to look further you will find out pleasurable wickedness they want to enjoy which caused them to create you difficult choices you had to make while no body was looking and this also meant defeat which allows abuse too.

The main fact is that they are gangs and gang badge idiots and when they earn 20 time less than their age mates people have just got to respect the fact that most of it was their doing, not wait until they had ensured people cannot tell them so before people realise that it is the truth. The main problem which leads to all these games they play is that Politicians like to use them to keep me locked on errands and to this effect of which it is not clear what they are now afraid of. I mean do people actually observe them look for or observe them in the process of looking for employment, how humiliating they think it is and how they make sure certain people never get jobs? It is in this that know what to do to them as well to increase my chances of walking away with a job from the jobs market.

The truth about their victories and false confidences has to do with insults designed to ensure I am trapped in a gang and it is all in their heads of course, so are the way I have reacted to it in the last couple of years all in my head too. It does not mean I have lost touch with reality now is it to say that I care if they die and suffer.

They always have these fantastical excuses like the reasons I don’t know them but they barge into my life to wreck my company is base they are the worlds worst envy freaks, this means no body can say a thing about it or suggest it is bad or their most favourite that they were better than me and are preserving their record by making sure no body gets to make me better than them thereby reversing their fortunes. So they destroy my business and income mess up my life and make contact with me to tell me I was below them and am not going anywhere. They do this because they are the worlds worst envy gang and gang badge freaks who don’t know when people are not interested in them and especially so because they have got their insolent media too, leaving me no leverage for tolerance. This is the direction I will deal with it, not all that rubbish they do with their so called power to decide which truth people believe on media because they are sadistic set of incredibly foolish bullies.

It is not to say I am some kind of loose cannon either: their divisions are Politicians and Big Businesses and idiots that like to tell the rest of us what to do and they think crossing me makes fun and I intend to make it end really badly as well. The females are no good either, their ambition is to be out of my league and to get the world to notice it; I can see my problem getting worse in years to come when they have inferiority complexes because of it. It is an old story about rebellion, it occurs against absolutely everything.