So they say my Books are published with a publisher whose copyright to my work is not actually a fully valid one. I don’t know about it anyway; what I know is that I want my books in print copy and I get that whenever I want from them-they do offer me packages too which I cannot buy because they do not know how to sell books written from a current royal office, hence it will be a waste of money, I have to do it myself. this whole idea however that a collection of people who use the same service feel they can take liberties with my work and therefore get contents without purchase and use it to work my market to create Pop stars and make them rich and so on, is not one that causes me much bother. The truth about it is that I know that is going on and it does not stop me from selling my books, the only reason that it does is that they make sure it does and that is before they complain, saying things about how the things I say are capable of bringing death. I mean why would death solve a problem here anyway when people love to cling to me all the time in order to face the challenges of life and no matter how old they are feel it is some kind of privilege which shows they are better people who deserve to exist than I am but the best part being of course that for anything I do there is always a niggling little stupidity that they control, which wrecks it for me and brings it all crashing down. This little powerful stupidity that exist to drive me mad and make me sick does not show itself once a year or once a month or when I make mistakes, it takes place around my property many times every Hour of every day like a habit. So I don’t want them to come round here doing that their stuff anymore but they will not understand yet with a big mouth. So the result is that they say my work and the way they see it is that it contains the secretes to eternal youth and this is what creates the problem; the books that contain secretes to eternal youth are not being bought by customers that want eternal youth because the only way that the eternal youth that the books contain get to work for these particular set of customers who clearly don’t want anybody else to have access to eternal youth as well, is if I don’t sell any copy and therefore get to have any money. So they think it is funny but in actual fact I always know I got published online and when you get published online it is a matter of like anybody else, not just getting off to think you can sit down anywhere and work, rather actually taking steps to set up and office for work before you get to work. Hence I am prepared in everyway for any problems and it is clearly somebody’s career not some game that involves a lot of loop holes idiots can pick for fun to get rich and think they are accessing eternal youth and will never therefore grow old, so it will end badly and they will cry when it actually does in the end. So I will continue to build my administrative renaissance for the purpose of having a means to earn a living and it will remain as it is; they always think this is a plaything of course but it really works in a way where we understand seduction or lies and defamation I sleep with their wives and daughters which costs me all I own will result in condition where it also gives me means and access to criticise their wickedness and they know I am an extravagant writer but will not leave my books alone so I will strangle it.

I tend to loath them in everyway because what they always do is that while everybody sees a market place as a place where people come to trade to make a living, they always turn up to rip it up to get rich and then when it is rebuilt do the same all over again. Their Politicians have been a focal point of many things I have done in recent years because theirs involves power as well i.e. it is always a matter of not being generous to your detriment and if you cannot control how generous you are you must be prepared to fight; of course they always lay their plans out in every way complete with covering their tracks and that is the biggest question of them all; are you going to go along with those plans or have your own completely different plan? This is how the prognosis was arrived at by me that since I will not have distance and respect from them I will certainly have fear instead.

Its not a thing about divide and conquer it is a fact that if people did not turn up to plan to be the ones that own and control the aspect of my faith which has to do with things that can be peddled to inspire people or make them rich or both, none of these things would be happening. The divide and conquer only exists with respect to my choices – to attack friends or spare friends and attack everybody else and this is my choice not their own, there is no divide and conquer anywhere, what needs to exist is a condition where they leave me alone. It is never true that when I see people and Pop stars I go all soft; rubbish, truth is that I rent their homes at the moment, it is not to say that the law suggests when you rent peoples homes they get to own it for the duration that you do as such but when they have ideas about things people can argue is theirs but there is no prove of it to build self confidence with, absolutely everything and anything will serve that purpose. Everybody knows that peoples business is their plaything and this is the facts the way they stand, nothing will change yet until and unless those facts are consummated, come full circle and completed.

So my next prognosis now will be to seek out books I can read on how to deal with the needs of customers who seek the secretes of eternal youth but only works for them if they have it when I don’t have money or I will seek advice from business professionals that specialise in such issues all together.