The popular idea most of these guys have is that I stir violence that I will never be able to protect myself from but it is entirely irrelevant to what really is the issue here. The fact being that they have not yet given up wrecking my finances to help themselves to false confidence of harming me and building sexuality, when I feel I have no rights over things they place in my life as a means of fighting me with, like state support or rented homes, which will mean I can get beaten up but of course they have told me consistently for the last decade already that they want me to give up my life because they are the ones that wish to live my life and I have been available for the same period of time for them to come and take it.

The other issue with respect to the firm by itself has more to do with the fact that we have come this far; stupid women chasing me around for sex and abusing me in a sexual context when it is not happening, becoming something that certain Politicians want to make public policy on, which progresses to the point where they want my work and my faith to become National property and unless they have the alternative school of thought to it on the left thereby after it must have become one, the entire world with their big mouth as usual will not move on and so we have a real issue here where we have never seen anybody else’s fame assaulted like my person is on Public media by the same idiots. I just lost my temper for my part because I could never imagine they could take it as far as having seen I had stated publicly that the prognosis for my action is that more people end up in Popular culture instead of church these days than need to and most are there by suffering; their response was the usual of sending out their media idiots to home in on my fame as a person with media and then with Popular culture set out to rip to pieces everything customer care on my sites, then proceed further to ensure that I understood that although I had a business, somebody else was using it to make money with a big mouth and I simply could not refrain from making it clear to them since they are deaf at present that they are no longer covered by loopholes in the law on account I had seen to that and I have evidence therefore they physically do things with their own actions to damage my work and my book sales and this matter will never end up anywhere near any court; hence I want them off the fame and I want them off the books and then they will when they have done so not have to worry about what exactly I want any longer.

Miscellaneously, I intend to deploy the very nonsense I have learnt from them as well and will soon have to be known only as the guy that exists as a famous person because there are people whose right to be famous he does not quite agree with and therefore takes steps to ensure are not. What they send out their stupid Politicians to confront me on Media throwing words around I am supposed to pick up on at the moment is that of a process where I get around setting out things they have no legal right to touch or handle as a means of extricating self confidence from them as well for their insults and this is why I get so annoyed about it - that stupid false confidence and quest for privileges of injustice because it will not cost them a thing to try.