I do not think that they are a huge problem as such. I have my own ways of getting round them. It is just something about claims from some of them while the others cause as much destruction as they like, that the country allows those that are not worthy of leadership to get into position by hereditary means. The truth on the other hand being that everybody thinks about education as something that day by day detaches them from the evil side of culture, while they think of it as a means of being more successful than everybody else, so it is not just those they damage but how little the produce as well, so the government looses for them to get anywhere. As for the claim they are clever than I am and deserve leadership more on the other hand, the real problem in actual fact is that of things like when I have to show I do not have limitless strength contrary to popular idea and that the real issue is millionaire in our midst, who therefore tends to know everything about things to look like he has limitless strengths while we are free to shoot off insults, so we can copy and get rich of which they never produce enough as well and even if they do want it all for themselves with respect to taxes. Worse still is that thing about education where they study and do jobs with culture hence the result is that there is always something they do not know and are too stupid to know, which the evil side of society always pick up on, so that they can claim it is up to another to look into it; the cost for the government is incredible as well; from crime to war. So when we have a country where people are not necessarily readily available to kill arseholes so they do not shit over everything like we do in the UK they become too bold for their own good. I am not saying the system here is bad either, I am happy about what I do to control them and their movements, such that I can manage the whole thing; besides which the reason they always think I can be beaten up by them is that I have not yet made it clear that I can easily end it by making sure each time anybody touches me those stupid celebrity culture they touch me for get to feel me as a seriously as I feel about it. So they are working and I am using those things they do and they are paying taxes and this is why the tax evasion part of matters is so important to me – that they evade taxes feels as though I have lost everything, just like their MPs feel they can get off and say things about how independence from Scotland as a proposal is an inadequate response from the Scottish National Party who have decided they want the people of Scotland to sign a certificate that they want London as the capital of their country recently because they continue to nurse the idea I will not get my money’s worth. Here it sounds as though I can never have enough of talking about taxes but in actual fact I am trying to push for the rest of the world to charge a going rate of tax all round. This is not a matter of UK misfortunes; the truth is that I work really hard to run an IP admin company here and another person is by making use of human rights and not realising market is a place where he sells his own goods like everybody else not rip up to get rich, so doing both to get rich and keeping some of the taxes as well, not to mention the fact it is too low across the world as well. So I do feel so cheated as a result and of course mentioning such things also gets to create them a sense that the government is finding out things about them they would not want anybody to and could easily become a tool for the management of the health of government officials because we are always keeping something from them that they should be having and are always coming out worse off in government work as a result of that, whether or not it is true. As for governments that allow them evade taxes, I will for my work start to become publicly dishonest to ensure I have structures in place to see that the exact figure they evade in taxes as a total leaves their businesses or banks and ends up in my pocket one way or another and the things I destroy towards achieving that will simply have to be put under collateral damage. To which some will say if I could do it, no body knows why I allowed the economic crisis to happen but clearly if they bought books instead of have my privacy the results will have been the same. So it is the same old my hands are on it why not, question. So that when I get to a place where my hands are on their businesses as well and I can break it up and peddle the equities I can also ask why not. As for their insults by the way, there is already a reckoning between Christianity and socialism and they are not coming out better off as it stands.

So there is the suggestion my actions sabotage some of the proposals I make when they get to government office but that is not really the case. I must admit it looks that way but in actual fact what really happens is that people from government office sabotage it. On the ground I am not ready to ensure celebrity culture idiots get to feel how I feel when idiots preserving their beauty attack me the way they do from no where and without reason 24/7 because I am doing well managing them which is why the taxes are so important. Hence when people come round shooting off scares I get to damage it before they do and so if they come from government office what I say will have an effect if they do not, then what I say or do will not. Hence brings us to an understanding of how claims of what I do ending up in the hands of the opposition really works; as I mentioned it is the old matter about how education lifts us out of culture but for them success comes with cultural power, so it is not just those they destroy but the fact their productivity is incredibly low for the country and the expenses does not end there because there is also crime and social deprivation and then my absolute favourite which is war, while they think they have created new powers that the state will get to control. The part where I damage things is supposed to ensure we have a problem and not a condition that has no name but they always start first i.e. when they began we had 100% by the time they have seemed like they have found a way to look publicly presentable for their wickedness we have lost 30% and by the time they had reached the point where they have arguments they think we need to listen to i.e. the point where I personally do not get to blame them for what they do because it is impossible to make stupid people clever and if the people elected them then that is what the people wanted, hence such things people do because we have allowed stupid people manage the country whose arguments we d not necessarily have to listen to –although I must say I get to for my own purposes which does not also involve like they love to claim, the provision of new beauties by which they can be famous, we are down by another 50%, (this measurements some dispute but are a function of proportionate size of damages which I estimate that occurs with respect to specific stages of their activities, hence I am not making them up), what we are left then is 20% and they always want half of it to show that social justice is existing and so we are left with 10% which now counts as our new total 100%. So if I blow that to bits and we get to start all over again, recovery will come much quicker.

In the end, the truth is that if you are leader of 50 people for example, you have every right to give him permission before he is allowed to speak; except of course he is socialist and gets to take things without asking the owners lest he becomes inferior.

With respect however to the other issue of them doing these things in order to elbow everybody else off their left hand side and keep it the place to be with a big mouth; the question most people ask is why I allow black people to do whatever they like and the truth is that I don’t. They just believe that they deserve to and that they are entitled to cause me pain and suffering and so I feel that whatever well better done behind me and that it is good enough for them as it stands. The rest of the facts is that of their stupid girls threatening me and thinking I am supposed to get on a pedestal and declare they should not be doing so and every one of them enjoys the prospect of me loosing my livelihood and ending up in a place where people that are bigger than me beat me up and sprawl and all that stuff to make them feel confident in themselves and therefore get to act to that effect which is why they are always using notions they are my brothers and sisters to follow me around and wreck my livelihood. So of course I still stand by my position that it happens behind me and that is good enough for them whatever they want. It does not detract from the fact their MPs will be their undoing because I will given half the chance want to ensure they never threaten me again; I have the right to.

As for my business in itself, it is the reason we have what we have now; they will do celebrity culture and I will manage it and ensure taxes around my work are fulfilled; get out of my business will not pay off, it is much too late for that when people still continue to sing and dance my equities for a living and to get rich. I mean imagine selling equities in your absence without a means of meeting people and giving out cards and promoting your work, imagine what happens when those people have to find you instead. There is no such thing as getting out of their business here, hence the whole meaning of what exists when they claim I complain but mess with people before I do. If they do not like my regime they will find another life and it will be good riddance.

They always say in every case, all of them and more so all of the time, that the world is no place for the weak, when they want to boast. I feel the money they make should buy them off people. Although it does not apply to me either; in my case if they don’t like my regime they will move and it will be good riddance.