I am not saying I do not get warned about messing with the white race, I do, but it is largely a matter of the fact I can no longer have a relationship with my parents or indeed with the British Royals so I am stuck with abusive greed that only needs to detach you from your academic work and then every single part and orifice on your body will be game because they are taking it; so the full album will be that I am unable to have a relationship with my parents, unable to have any with the Royals and unable to complete with academic work because people are idiots with jobs on media and they suppose I have done what I have done over an assumption they will never become racists when it hurt badly enough for them to be. So I have got only one condition i.e. they need to fix the finances like we were mates as it were and since they have no plans to allow me fix the damages they have done here with their violent involvement, they need to do it by themselves and stop issuing threats they actually cannot back up as it were and then when they do I will be free of them and they will be free of me – otherwise they can keep trying to find out what will happen when they blow off their big mouth where it really matters. I mean it was fun when it was – the precincts of the University because I attend full of society idiots having fun with my temperaments meaning that stuff they do about detaching my potential from my academic qualifications and making sure the two never meet to seek out mobility for extremists at the Industries at my expense with that stupid media and the Politicians that run with it had followed me there and characteristically it developed into a story about how every single year I spend there will mean somebody else graduates and grabs my career and my world from what they have found out in the process leaving me with the possibility that getting academically qualified will become a problem in itself and nobody knows why they never attended colleges instead where these kinds of behaviours will not damage anything in such a far reaching manner, so I have to assume they turned up at the Universities because they saw me attend. It’s the one and only conditions here, fix it fix it fix the damaged finances, I intend to teach them a lesson they will never forget. I know of course of an accusation about how I got off to hoodwink people into a service for Politicians that I never performed so I might manipulate people – it will never make sense; firstly of which we have circular societies all over Europe for example where people exhibit frivolities just like they do but in essence it exists because people are comparing themselves to the trouble maker celebrities they have got, so in my case it simply has to be that their frivolities target me because they think I exist somewhere at their level – there was no hoodwinking, they have always assumed Politics will last another couple of centuries and Royalty is on borrowed time and I will not tolerate any rubbish from them right up to the international communities as well – they need to fix the finances now and stop making so much noise of threats they really have no means to back up.

It is never true they provide for me in anyway – it’s just the fallout from a process where writing books means that an idiot on media has already read it and finds it so amusing he sets up entire communities around me all the time to troll me and make his media job more meaningful to others which has now over time given way to people being organised to extract information from my personal life instead of buy a copy of the books as per that is where their fame and fortune lies and I have no idea what I am going to do to them for it anyway. I know it’s possible to say to another person that due to his behaviour I have been writing these books for some time and last 24 hours met somebody who thought I was messing around with careers I know nothing about due to the fact what I know manifest in my physical appearance did not show up in my pocket as well but these fools have not had a meaningful conversation with another human being for decades, there isn’t a soul they meet that has not ended up telling them the current relationship will not last. I understand they say it’s the fighting bit that is hard for me but it isn’t, we are living with a media today that cannot get past any second without passing a violent insult at me, reason being that my property which they love to spend will never run out and I first need to kill off this perception that I am star struck and wish to get through life sharing all I have and then I shall develop a campaign of abuse for journalists and then finish it off with consolidating my selfishness and hurting them seriously for any further usage of my work and career.

I hear what they say concerning their culture and society of course but it is to stay with me until the Books are sold and the job is done, otherwise I will be disrupting the activities of organised criminals to secure facts for books one moment and then the next I will be undercut for frivolous excuses that do not make sense and get made up as they go along; it’s an old story about what the purpose of the culture and society is i.e. I am nature and they men and men always pound nature, which is why it is important to them to ensure I am rounded up at my exit route when they help stupid girls and women to fame and fortune by handling my Royal Estate and Public work and the general illusion is that they are in charge which is a big fat lie. They need to fix the financial damage they have done here first then issue threats. I hear them when they say I have problem because I attack the interest of those who fight for me but we all know when it is a job they can give they want to give it at their own time table, now that it is my business they want to lift that whole process and set it up on it as well and we still cannot work out what their problem with the respect part of life really is, all we can do is assume they think they are in charge which is a lie, just like the problem with the Politicians and the European Union where people get into government office to sit about talking nonsense about their private interests and those that have possessions they wish to own and the Germans basically run the EU which is a big fat lie as well.

So I hear I think I can use and dump the media whereas the truth is that they love to build publicity for me or my work and then sit about making sure it passes to somebody else and there is no tearing them away from suffocating me in that way – the reason of course is that they primarily make their profits by selling goods and services for big companies and that is why I as a person do not matter to that extent; having said so it’s not impossible to see that whether or not they are doing this, if I actually speak with a customer about my products the customer will not decide what they want to do with it, but then again they are off on a tangent around that too to secure power all together, so it is not that I am painting an apocalyptic picture as such, it’s a case of imagining a Company exists and it may build history with a community where it is based, to locate which ones are its loyal customers, then imagine another organisation run by very abusive greedy idiots that leave you all sexually filthy and defiled for every point in time in which they engage with you, imagine an organisation that needs to build such a history and is actually a sales company; so it is possible for goods and services to appear on my media without having anything to do with me and for each time that it does they are on borrowed time with their big mouth to be backed up as well – this is advertising. The private broadcasters like to think they are the ones with an ability to take me on a wild goose chase which has proven to be the case time and time again as it were but it is the public broadcasters that show this behaviour for what it is i.e. when products are advertised at your expense it is because we can beat you up if we wanted to; I am in my thirties, I have seen advertisement in my life time as it were and it is possible to have my normalcy back too. I mean it is as though nobody knows that every occasion where you wake in the morning to a tummy ache that is a function of community croons that stare at your bedroom window to a fault and do not have a jobs and each time it happens and you check the entire neighbourhoods it is some kind of laugh that their evil mob justice is having, that is primarily originates by some subliminal message that is sent by the media, when they issue threats assuming they will be the ones to do the murdering as it were; like white people are having trouble with a relationship concerning their parents and its all your fault playing with fire considering what we have used our media to do in Africa and Middle East is not hurting enough and will therefore get worse – I have told them enough like any human being can about their stupid threats and why they need to be seen staying away from my Book sales. I hear that I am being manipulated by large companies of which is utter rubbish – it really doesn’t do for people to pretend others like them when people really don’t; I mean large companies know what their liabilities are and that each time they tell people to sell things for them the result will be that of 20 guys who are done smoking weed that will be out there today ripping up my company for reason that they are sales men getting around the streets to do their jobs, so the question is why some people are always so keen to ensure my work and possessions end up in that condition only to issue stupid threats at me at the end; I have made myself clear, I have seen adverts before and can see them again too. I am not saying I have never acted in such ways as deserves the threats but it’s a matter of new small businesses of freedom erected all over the world to sell my Royal Estate and Royal order to get rich by freedom freaks led by Americans, so when they have none of it to bother me with the situation will improve too; all I have done have been done on the basis of making sure people had stopped attacking me, I have not yet gotten hold of the liars and mob justice idiots to bend them into an unnatural corner to show them how people provoke me yet and I am certain its small businesses of freedom that will present the opportunity for that too: its never been an issue, just reality that in the US you can easily tell people you believe in witchcraft and that it is how you get to become an elected government Official and people will decide its what your flavour looks like, they believe I have got the stomach for small businesses of freedom abuses of my finances and what I had done before with their democratic fraud and robbery is not hurting badly enough yet too (the democratic fraud and the need to handle my aptitudes and company in order to make money at the stock markets was the first time our paths crossed - this time they are doing the one I told people was acceptable i.e. small businesses that rip up my finances to exist and issue threats at me to make profit and that is going to end as badly too - it started with the economic crisis, where the Bankers will be informed that there are those who think they are having a laugh when they claim some billions just disappeared off the stock markets and then such persons will have to deal with all that distant violence, to find it is coming from democratic fraudsters who like to claim they want to live in a free Country because it is the only means by which they can when they need money put some tools together and go off to gamble at the Stock markets - its ever such fun and beats the imagination of course except for me it got worse with their big mouth over my Books of which nobody knows what their case with seems to be).