So we see the women all over the place complaining about internet pornography which no body knows what they wish to do with it bearing in mind even those that make it put it up as a free product as well. The bottom line being that they complain about it but eye my personal life which then gets to suggest the old story between me and them which is that I am in charge and they are the scumbags. For the men it is talk about celebrity culture shaking up the system, I don’t know what it means or what system they are shaking up exactly as it were; I mean if we were to talk about systems then we would have been talking about their wickedness and lack of respect for the fact they cannot share my life with me. I mean they wear groovy cloths and have strange hair do and get some tattoo and then they are off thinking they are the only ones that need money with somebody else’s property. The part where they claim they have access to my privacy and there are things they have seen which they must not be denied like the women claim they have me where they want and I cannot lead anything and for any destruction when I loose my temper I will simply have anal sex with them and make it worse, but for them it is a matter of how they and their girls have deduced that I am being hunted like meat and I am now trapped setting out my life and property as a means of giving people royal permission to create and supply products which I cannot now earn from or control because they have a big mouth and secrete societies to belong to, is meant to have been the bit where the two main issues are that the reason for these things is that they like to think the world is best served when some people are jobless and homeless on one hand and on the other there must be a titanic fight for trophy victories they want on account they are fanatics of those who have got power and greed, not to mention the homosexuality which they do despite the fact the biggest reason for hatred and abuse of me is because I am comfortable. So it is still of their opinion there is a lot of tolerance here for them, even when I have told them I do not want to see any of that stupid culture around here and I am not giving back that stupid left they will have to come round to strike my chest and get like they always boast they will. The problem is that what bothers me the most of course is that I worked so hard for all I have and shame will be to loose it to idiots that have never raised a finger to do a thing in their lives, what they claim bothers me the most on the other hand is that they are a superior culture and this is why I want to make them fear me as well with that stupid culture. I have made myself clear however that this administrative renaissance is not big enough for two; where I say something on it and they make Television shows as well on it as if we are equals or when I write books on it, they make Pop songs on it as well for the same reasons. I am not saying it is a problem it is simply the most abusive insolent things imaginable that people can do and I have my way of dealing with it as well; there were a few options which I have exhausted so far and that had to do with the fact they always steal things bearing in mind they are fanatics of those that are rich and have power, so you must never provide for them because they will steal what they want anyway and whilst the big problem with Politicians was refusing to take a stand on it or seeing that they anticipate somebody may at some point want to walk into an office and declare somebody else unfit for work because of their attitude and therefore have been doing it before hand to bully people, that if they did it, there would have been nothing wrong with it and for me it was a recession thing about the fact I don’t want to see that stupid culture, so I moved them on and they have been using it, all be it abusing me in the process to get rich and so the result is that we are not so lucky in our choice of jobs at this stage in the economy, so it is the problems at the top that must be taken care of, somewhere at the bottom on the other hand are jobs which the economy needs; it is all they do with all of their time and I am not one of those who thinks their attitude will at any point change. So the idea they shake up systems I find abhorrent for they have their own lives to shake up and those they direct such statements at might be forgiven for thinking they don’t. Now since the entire purpose of it is now abuse we have moved to the next stage of it, which is how I have been making it clear that administrative renaissance is not big enough for two. I do not do these things because I am being manipulated by politicians through reverse psychology into doing them, I just do not see any reason I should say something about it, just like I never do about yapping with respect to shaking up systems, over things I have purposely decided to do, bearing in mind there is nothing they can do if I had refused to do them. So the usual stuff with the Political ones is twisting them really hard at some point and then they will get closer to the media and there will be an enquiry as a result. However it is the same old issue; people have a flare for attacking my finances, my books and my Christianity bearing in mind I don’t think most of these matters are a big problem because I do not get along with their right wing and left wing lives, while I live my Christian one at the same time. So I have ended up making the right wing and left wing lives smaller; bearing in mind the bigger it gets is the chances that it will make up stories and stir hatred towards me for my Christianity and then turn out to attack my livelihood and job. I mean the old story which makes the whole thing funny; Church every week on one hand and jobs on the other anyone? So the claim I have my cake and eat it has no connection with reality either, as I said its about the most inventively abusive things people do in my direction, where I have a job and they want to do it as well, I earn money from my business and they want to earn money from it as well etc. They cannot find it in them to let other people be and punishing them is about beng really sexy as well.

It is not really the case that I got entangled with them with respect to things I have said about those that should help to orientate me with a sense of theft that is massively damaging but is so small that it cannot be quantified by law, in my work. I mentioned it because there were others, they on the other hand I am very well aware of; the usual pattern is to find a man they attach themselves to and travel around the world visiting tourist attractions and enjoying life with, maybe taking drugs as well which point they usually run out of money and get into organised crime for their purpose.

Now they have found themselves an alternative in the form of getting between me and the Queen, to sit somewhere and bet on horses and stuff to get rich and for every money they loose bully me to recover it and that is why they act towards vandalise and damage my property with a sense of being in the right.

This has in turn led to a lack of tolerance on my part for them since they already know for their part they will never buy books written by an important Christian but they always turn up on Television with contents from the books either looking to have sex with me and pay me with everything else but money or they turn up with it to vandalise it when I never asked them for publicity in the first place talking rubbish about how I went around doing things for them they were planning to do with their lives. So no more of that homosexuality, that stupid club life, that stupid tourism economy and all that rubbish anywhere near me is where I stand and more so over my books as it were.

I have no idea where they got the idea and what revenge they suppose they are going to take around here because somebody moved them on like they claim they will with a big mouth; I find it difficult to fathom what revenge that was supposed to have been or indeed who is meant to have been rattled by it or anything like that.