I have heard this new story that I am psycho-active and I would never know anyway but the insults are usually dictionary proficient; I am not psychoactive, its a story of trendy wickedness and new evils on account the UK has an Arch Prince, of all the things people could think about spending their time doing as a matter of culture or sub culture – so it produces the worst possible form of popularity destruction and greed which is then fostered and funded by Politicians and set on my finances to play games on a daily basis; they always say the reasons are clear and that I myself know what those reasons are – the rhetorical ‘why’ question but everybody except these fools recognises that there is another side of society that will bother me for doing nothing about it until I lose everything as well and that it is the ace in these sleeves – easily explained away as terrorism and a game of how the State has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. For me personally however, the whole thing can be tiresome since it has to be done when it shows no signs of stopping and this is where the problem of psychoactive begins – where their community croons have seen me exert myself and become tired and need to keep my state of mind in that way permanently until I agree to have sex with them, which does put into context what I mean when they issue those insolent why questions when I never started the conversation about being psychoactive all together myself anyway – more over of which it is usually the best opportunity to corrupt my state provided security setting states of affairs on media that can help them run irregular heart beat TV, wreck my Book sales, chase my anus and penis to ensure people cannot punish them for the destruction and allow their community croons to continue with the sex based abuses thereafter which of course we all know starts every day as early in the day as they possibly can make it and we all know they find it amusing too.

Its like the story of there not being a right or wrong answer about terrorism when we all know there is a right answer about terrorism i.e. an end to the original provocation that brought about the conflict in the first place and both sides deciding on the basis of a loss of life that has resulted, how their attitude to the provocation is going to change – period. These fools on the other hand have decided the conflict will end on the basis of the provopcation of those who refuse to go along with their wishes cause by behaving in such ways as a result of a foolish media that they can run around with and I have no idea what they are waiting for if they are powerful enough to end the conflict without settling the provocation anyway, we can all see the Terrorists are not asking as it were. Point of call being that they know the provocation has created a war at present but it is a provocation they have no plans to stop if they can get off to Middle East Countries to enjoy holidays practicing the provocation that people do not know they find amusing because everybody likes to think they are useless and that those provocation actually cost them their whole lives to come up with. As for me, they say I never speak of my own problems but that has always been a simple case of being seen around government buildings setting off some nonsense about being superior to me and yet every little thing I do about pulling a plug that brings all plans crashing seems to work every single time as well which then proves their point to be correct that they are superior to me; resulting out come being that they cannot catch me and it will take years to make contact and I will take years to make contact with their stupidities too so now they have to deal with what they cannot see but this is actually where they think they know how to look for trouble and that other people are supposed tocome up with an expense to foot the bill for this process thereby providing them a short cut to having the trouble they seek and I am not one such person, they will drag me out of Church for it at full price, nothing less.

So they claim I say these things but pretend I am not mentally disturbed but it is a matter of the fact that because somebody knows where your livelihood is and a controversy over it is possible, then that will become their livelong preoccupation and the purpose will be to see how much fun they can have with a combination of accusations, blame and lots of pity , running along the lines of whether you refuse to have sex with them, refuse to let them do whatever they like, use some freedom and democracy corruptions of involvement to get involved with you and your personal life and so on and it all eventually comes to wasting your years and finances and making you a useless person you need to be in order to talk about civil rights like they do because they are working out how to be important and pretending it gives them a means to practice their evil without punishment, like the destruction you will not pay attention to when civil rights has become more important for instance and when I round that up and make it a comprehensive issue, it never ceases to be a point of black mail and threats and it never ceases to be something I am doing to harm those who work for the interests of the Monarchy and the Queen when I am required to do anything – simply cannot leave people alone as it were.

Its not a complicated matter for me to deal with me – I mean take terrorism for instance; what happens is that somebody is targeted by another who rips up his life and makes his family pay a heavy price for existing and when he tries to find out the reasons he discovers it is because he is too moral for the liking of his assailants, but every time he turns his back he hears them laughing because they feel it is amusing he thought that was going to be a difficult thing to achieve; so it is always funny until somebody gets shot. In my case however they will join terrorists and kill people because they tried to sell things and make money and became frustrated on account they failed, now people are picking on them as though they owe a debt and on the other it is the fact my activities simplify markets that I am being targeted on claims that belongs to them unless I can defend myself from their power. So people die and that is the reality that causes a snag here but at the end of the day the facts have to be remembered and I am starting them off with the price of stopping it, which always turns out as a price that whole communities have to pay as it were and the bragging about making money at my expense is just a matter of their gang based criminal disobedience and its distant violence towards me; they know I will comb every economy on the planet to ensure the fools that give them lots of popular culture money to play around with do not recover the cash at my expense; it is the source of the confidence that when people make use of my faith they will believe in God for it one way or the other lest they spread an alternative gospel with my stuff.

I don’t know why people do it anyway; western economies are hopelessly dependent on freedom of speech and free access to literature and all that stuff while communist Economies are not; if I told these fools especially the Americans and mostly when female to stop solving my problems as it is far bigger than they are I will have pricked their ego but never the less it is the truth but all together I do like it when the price devised is one where the behaviour gets to stop like whole communities paying prices as it were so people can decide for themselves and stop dishing out financial crowd justice for those they know will likely harm them for it, thinking they are free from rules and law and their inability to let other people be will always be rewarded in all cases.