Of course they say my biggest problem is a lack of respect on my part for homosexuals and homosexual relationships. The truth about it however is a lot different and that is that I do not recognise it. I clearly never did when they decided they needed to attack my finances and get linked with Politicians and Media in order to protect their relationships by which they get to take steps to ensure I am not connected as well. Now what they are suggesting is that I will recognise it because they want to be happy. I mean are they mad? The biggest problem of them all is with the female ones, those have the uncanny ability to incarnate themselves into absolutely any man whomsoever and no everybody gets to think that kind of insult will stand. So I don’t know what they want to do now anymore, it’s not as if they can force me to recognise it anyway or are they? The truth about it or about the way I see it is the simple fact that this is the UK. Virtually everybody that lives here is a leader in some way or another from the Political to the pornographic but for me in particular they say my book contains secretes to eternal youth and that the only way it works for them is if they have it and I don’t get paid for the work and it will not end well either as well. So far what I have done too involves making sure there are no leaders but I, it still continues to appear I am not tyrannical enough.

Naturally of course from time to time the connection made with every landlord I make arrangements with seems to pay off in that they stand up on Public Television after organising some abuse or insult that the Landlord can throw at me with the landlord, in order to stand up somewhere to be famous and the usual prognosis all of the time is that it is funny and they are having something I don’t while I have belly aches that they have created in order to induce an effect when I am actually not interested at all. What I am interested in however is the matter of what exactly makes it funny or what is funny about it? I mean they have the right to have their community meetings but why would anybody gamble that? Its clearly a conspiracy, it is clearly organised and the outcome is clearly an attack on me, why would anybody do that and what is funny about it, they are clearly gagging for it are they not? The bloody idiots even think they have a name for it and that the name is reputation damage. I mean even as it stands, it is still difficult for some people to see that in my books there is no such thing as famous and that if I don’t want any idiot to do things to me I don’t like him doing I will get in touch.

To this situation of course they always like to say my very existence is an affront to their entire lifestyles but obviously that is my fault as well; when they are the ones that always unfailingly attack the presence of God around me. I mean I am the one with the presence of God around me and the world is an evil place but I do not think it is a bad thing, not them; so I found out that I need not serve myself because I am already being served by God, so I had to serve God and not myself and so it works doesn’t it? Its the same as when they tell me the fact I don’t recognise fame is something they will use to stifle my earnings as well, therefore something I am vulnerable to and I cannot make out why they would think that since even if I were vulnerable to it as well, it does not detract from the fact there is a real need for a reckoning on this matter of the fact they are always deserving things; from deserving people earnings to deserving to cause people harm pain and suffering and are always trying to get rich on that prognosis and I have had it up to my neck around me. It is never a worry; when I don’t like it, they will hear from me, I will get in touch and that is simple enough. I am not saying it is a particular problem either, I am perfectly fine for my part; I mean they think they will use my work to get jobs in every major industry and later one run it basically, so far they have done so with Auto industry all over Europe and have gotten the jobs alright which they cannot stop attacking me with so that I may never be ignorant of it but as for the whole process by which sharing skin colour with most of them gets to mean they will now push for their own ideas of what the Intellectual Properties ought to be, having been they have completely failed at confiscating my literary empire and empire trust and I have seen my fill of those on the internet and stupid insolent shoving Auto show money show off rubbish that they feel they should not be punished for doing after wrecking my finances with their familiarity stupidities that bring all sorts of problems with it, to create an effect into it they like to do all the time to find out what my position is. That internet for starters, like it was created for them.

We hear them say all the time the things I do is capable of causing death, clearly of which death as I always say is not yet solving a problem around here so I am still hearing from them audibly. They will not be caught dead discussing their insults which push other peoples children to a point where they settle for less than they are and deserve which of course is very dangerous socially; in fact it is the template on which their stupid fame is built with a big mouth.