It is said we need the help of the Politicians and especially so  with respect to their academic work, competence and expertise but do not wish to recognise their importance and the privileges which comes with it – it will never make sense either; what makes sense is that if they spent 15 years working out how to sit under the tutelage of a senior Politician and climb the robes until they are Parliament and Cabinet Members, it is a sound decision made by a person who thinks he is mentally sound, that another who has spent that length of time working on writing Books and selling them ought to recognise their importance and the privileges which comes with it before being allowed by society to earn a living and so it never really is a conversation if it can become a fight with their popular culture scum who think themselves famous right away instead, speaking of which.

Then we hear them claim trouble makers take advantage of me, whereas the truth is that those take advantage of them whenever they turn up on my concerns but have no interest in the Books while the sane decision to make was not to do so at all in the first place – I am still here because I am good at what I do, nothing takes advantage of me. They say there is a sense I want to control peoples thought pattern but the reality is that they have already shown me off as the thing people need to fear when they wish to get what they want and their celebrities and Media idiots do it like they have got the power as well – so that when a large portion of my market book sales equity ends up in their stupid minds, the challenge I suppose is to see what happens when I wait for them too at their sense of National fame and we start off talking about how the fact it is about the Country does not make it any less insulting. They are not the only ones, every other scum feels a legitimate right to share my income because they feel a sensation of envy in a way that means I am constantly being made to rack my health while they believe this behaviour and method of making money is amusing and nothing will occur if they mock me for it too. the simplest most purposeless version of these abuses involves when they are driving for instance; they want to strike your anus and when you respond pretend you are insane and nothing actually happened and every single one of them wants to do it and ignore you to concentrate of academics and jobs and means by which to get ahead of you in life etc.

Successive government officials at the highest Offices have now resigned their position early in the last couple of years, to prevent me from shutting my own door when they are about to make use of it all etc and the male journalists and their female friends alongside are following suit but their own is far more perverted i.e. they want to be writers when done and I need to have my finances suspended because they want to occupy my place in the world, so although unlike investigative journalists they read word for word what is given them a script, the environment still says that they have attained such a high level of involvement with me that it is actually possible for them to strat thinking like writers after they are done with new reading and it is the same problem you face with their celebrities; whilst a writer can only exist if he gives people something that is almost priceless considering one Book can be an entre inheritance for generations and sell fast for as long as 300 years for instance – these idiots are in the business to get rich quick. Then we hear them claim I talk but cannot walk because I do not have money and it is the kind of leadership Politicians and Media fools want to provide these days, nothing else on offer but my Books have to sell first before I can sell what advertisement I need and the Company is an ecosystem, therefore the harder I work on it is the less results I get – so the only problem is them not disappearing. Instead what we hear is that I will get into trouble when war in the middle east is done and the scars need to heal but we all know they can only damage Books while I will rip up that stupid civilisation all together and end that shit in Europe and the Middle East properly – girls and boys gangs of boo idiots and money freaks on Media. They do speak of problems I have which I actually don’t; the only problem is that Politicians discussed it with his friends at the Pub when it got drunk and things went crazy and I must understand why I need to be hit financially again Today because he must save face; I will never stop controlling their stupid thoughts thereof.

They do say I wanted to roll with big Boys and should stop complaining but it only continues for as long as I do not stop fat idiot from showing up to stand around me and make phone calls that are supposed to clench a deal at business – although people are still working hard these days to decide the Public things something else and not the fact that I have dished out enough Punishment to explain that they will not stop spicing up their sex lives with my temperament and what they describe as my aura or respect the fact I am uncomfortable with it; so the former is going to become a real problem too soon enough, considering it is a Christian faith and those who do not believe should not use, as nobody knows what sort of use and perversion that is; otherwise it will continue to make a surprising and unpredictable version of me when we know those who want these sort of things are New Country in which they run the culture scumbags that are obsessed with Ireland and the US and like to think that it is how their luck is made; I am a writer and when I step out of my door I have to conduct a balance between people using my Books without payment through being able to partake in my personal space, it is reasonable to expect punishment when people use it to gain luck and clench deals or have sex on or claim it exists because I have sex with peoples wives and they hope to get crowds to force me to give some to everybody on it or and make stupid phone calls to gain breakthroughs and miracles on it. What they promised was that we lived in a Country that was free enough for people to go their own way and let people be eventually when they followed their path well enough – now what we are dealing with is the profitability of violence and this is just as start for my part too; how well that violence and laziness has been rewarded in the past as it were, spending and wasting my income as a profession every day.

Those who think I am obliged to behave in a way that allows them to feel safe claim that the way I work does not augur well but we all know it does if they buy the Books and stop persecuting me for wickedness they will never recover and should have kept away from me as warned from the first day before their ego got the better of them. This is only the part where the vandalism is no longer enough fun to rally crowds for, after it will come the part where I must be able to organise meetings and festivals with fans. The only real challenge then being that of stunted Mr Pigmy especially the ones that share the same skin colour, who  love to introduce themselves to everybody as the ones that will control me with as much insults as possible and we all know if you kill it they will kill  you as well claiming it is the one that was fighting the battles you had failed to fight for you all along but if that is not happening, then the whole purpose of their families of evil will be that I steal Women’s places in the world and just as I tolerate this from daughters and wives, their big mouth sets off how I get beaten up by their women even though I think I am really tough; so it really does not get to keep its dirty mouth firmly shut in anyway; more sex I suppose, the fucking idiots. So the question they have a problem with is that of what I am really after but I have never actually appreciated a condition of seeing them at the backdoors of large companies ripping up my Business to make money and popular culture – it leads to such bullying on the roads, speaking of some effects that fall by the wayside, such bullying you want them to step out of the Cars and then find they are actually smaller than all that bullying and want to turn up at your business to exert customer authority; at the moment they have found they can have popular culture and the power of sales and showing they were good looking but others never pay attention until they are made to, by introducing themselves to everybody on the streets as the people that will control me for society; it is how it usually starts. It is the story at the heart of their need for conveniences and the claim that I bring problems on myself by bragging a lot of what I have and others do not but the truth is that I have always hated their stupidities – their children love to get into people’s personal space and steal what cannot be physically quantified from ‘the heart of it all’ – their case and its Media leadership is just out of the ordinary and I need to breathe. They do say this sort of talk means I hate the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense – they are business People not Princes and need to spend time on their own lives – all insults that gain them conveniences will be paid for, so as to make them understand how expensive it really is; the part where its results are to distract me from my finances and academics only gets to allow them follow on that claim that they are far better and superior human beings and it becomes self fulfilling in that way and every annoying. They do say I think my Government stuff is superior to their Industry stuff – the reality of course is that I could have written a Book that was loved by the ‘Baron of Nice’ but they will turn up and trap me with Media insults, take up a decade of my time and not buy a copy of their own and then start to find ways of sleeping with and marrying into Royal Families as well; of course they do claim its all the restoring of all things to the way it should be, which is utter nonsense - what happens is for instance the NHS relies on a Bank in Iceland to manage its finances and during economic uncertainty Equities attached to your Royal Office meant you were best placed to have a look at it,except there are Americans that will steal and destroy a Royal Estate to secure conveniences for their Communities which I suppose means there there be no more homosexuality in this world thereafter if they did as it were and hence it got ugly on their part and got serious on mine and we are not talking about Tyrant takeover dancing that is running wild in Europe and especially in the EU itself at the Moment just yet: on one hand they have gone from letting me have it after they make it up that the fact I am a Christian means I am always grateful for any little I have, which I should be for myself and not for everybody considering that is true anyway, to claiming there are tyrants dancing all over the place and its my fault; in terms of the former it goes on and on and I get accused and then I get it unless they are complaining like they are at present, in terms of the latter, I need to ensure their society and culture no matter how stupid for each idea that talks nonsense about everybody else, is being discussed in the mainstream - otherwise half their stupidities and vandalism of peoples property will be about gangs and murder and robbery and the other half will be about people sleeping on the Streets because they have not got Jobs. Its an old case of evil and wickedness they practice to protect themselves in an unforgiving world and then when done feeling protected get after moral people that are obviously weak and practice the morality in other peoples personal lives all together as it were (they do get on Media to claim its all competition which it is not; I am only aware of abuses and people thinking they have the right to handle my Body or person and it was afforded them by Politicians spending tax payer funds to give them a financial gap advantage over me - they do claim it is a sign they are superior, concerning which we will not have a problem if they keep off my Empire's sales equity otherwise I get around the world and cut up their own as well; its a simple case of Mr A being interested in my Books and any amount he wants to spend being something others should allow me work out how to earn, if they want to compete they can take their revenge for lost evil they will never ever recover again and come to the market, wait for Mr A to come round to the Market place too like everybody else.). I do not think the matter is a crisis, the old ones understand a recession as a means by which to secure those they can do whatever they like without question and have time to get away with it before the law catches up and there was a time they are drawing up socially organised ambushes at the Employment system, the younger ones want me to get stuck in all these problems that beset them while they make it worse to secure decadence and damage me to ensure it will not make sense for me to back out at a later date and leave them with unexpected problems while they are trying to get on with their stupid lives and of course love to steal my income because events have happened to create a suggestion it is possible to - so that when I look like Royalty that must make a living selling his Books so much power can be had thereof (they say I think Industry people like me when it has nothing to do with that i.e. what they do is deploy my Public image to get rich and when finished set up any goon that creeps into their backdoor to rip up my income in order to create the sense its a cruel world and I am being taught how to get by in it too but mostly is done to show my idea I am equals with them is a function of my inability to respect their privileges and their problems and then when finished, the problems associated with owning the business Empires that they own ends up in this Office everyday with Media and Civil rights idiots looking for a high profile scapegoat that they can abuse in order to suck up to them while they comply and express the power of their money, pretending they will not pay for every damage to Person, image and property and trying to make out I am a low life getting involved and therefore doing the damage to them, so as to cover their tracks, which further encourages their profitable vandalism as well; so it is important they let me administrate that Public life and public image they love to make use of so much of which there is seldom any opposition to them doing so before they get after my Book sales and rip it up, considering there are better behaved people to create and sell even more expensive products than the popularity goons who behave in these ways and try to keep off my Book sale, otherwise I will get after them as well.).