Banking and the City and where I am concerned is largely the old stuff about how I have my thing with the Media and how I have my thing with politics and the City wants me to have their own thing separately; all well said of course but it is likely people will complain about my methods with conservative idiots snooping around the place messing things up to get rich and so on. However the last time it was raised I did make myself clear on where I stand i.e. at that time the fact that the duty of Monarchy to manage villainy had sprung up an industry of Game making and video games and a process where men believe that what I may do with women must be rivaled so they can have their own game industry as well was expressed clearly by the fact that they have since been deploying my books to create causes for criminals instead of buy and read them in order to get rich and famous and their stupid insolent girls and the women that have developed out of them have really gone out of hand since, the point was made to the state of how they use my work to do new lives for jail birds and show it all over television and the internet, to take advantage of an abuse royalty that manages a problem of villainy since it is clearly a new thing and it crystalised on the fact that the female journalists they loath so much will likely take up the matter of their corruptions of involvement and do damage to their own lives, steep them in that violence and use their stupid lives to build it again from scratch like they have done in the past to earn their hate, on this matter of video game industry riches and the obsession of their insolent girls and women with my personal life and like they love to put it ‘private parts’ to ensure they create scandals out of every one of my activity to do riches and fame and suspense from wonderment of what I might come up with next which is pure satanism and they are not yet talking about their insolent civil rights yet at the moment. So we start of the getting involved thing with the fact women steep people in violence and I am at the pinnacle of it and they love to abuse the Monarchy where people work with the Monarch to handle and manage villainy in the Country and the world, so this idea I need to bring my work and lay it before those that are ahead of me in life so they can do what they like with it first of all expresses what I will do with their insolent girls if I do get involved and of course is a fantasy they should be rest assured will remain precisely that. The part where I play with peoples wives is simply first of all a fact that when people want to be arrogant they really can be and it does not matter; however no idea why they suppose I will want to play with their wives either; although I can understand it is a matter of hearsay and hearsay happen because of the things I have done to the idiots that breed it, from a process where I am in no hurry to get rich and each time I spend among poor people increases the means and power by which women can steep them in that insolent violence of theirs which is not to say I do not take away their localism as well and of course it is because of the fact I take away that insolent women whiles to get rich and insolent violence of a localism if it means I have to endure their stupid cultures that leads to the hearsay which I have gathered are meant to reach media and ensure they can use it to determine who or what I am and the outcome of my life with their insults and mockery if they want to which is precisely why I take it away, especially because a reality where they check me out to see how their stuff was supposed to be has gone to far and I need a beginning as well for the complains they will throw around in future; so I can see myself grab the civil service and hand it to female journalists to play around with and hearsay to determine the outcome of peoples lives and put them out of employment as well and make a really difficult life for them that will make them into shrines for wealth and glory as well – this is just the beginning of the results of those intense and really relentlessly insolent abuses. Why I need to be cursed and abused so violently because I am a Prince of which is never clear and I intend to find out the reasons too from them for my part, I have already made it obvious I will not tolerate any culture for this and when I say that civil rights stuff will look like it normally does it will have been suggested that there was no reason behind such a decision. They will say I want to defeat the beaten of course but why do I need to be so violently cursed and vilified and abused relentlessly every single day so they can make out people have gone ahead of me in life and I need to bring all I own and lay it before them to do what they like with on account they have media, is the question.  The Politicians wish to speak of the traction I give to rich people and those that will cause trouble with their money; I bet it is more important a conversation than that of scandals for my half monastery office to provide evil people somebody to abuse to make up ideas of being good in order to be rich, the bit where I settle the evils of society in the UK and the Politicians and media scum travel abroad to get more in my name, at first it was provocation today it is a means to an end, a process of a duty I have to make people rich. I mean how do you recover from a process where a set of idiots whose lives did not become as worse as they have made yours since they started government work and yet in a condition where they are the ones getting paid by the tax payer and you are not, set out to tell their crowd they can do anything they please with anything that belongs to you or your person if they like – is it really possible for a politicians to realise such a decision was the wrong one and go back on it and why am I expected then to have limits to hurting them as well, when somebody must get up and say some brash statement about me to keep it up, how am I to sell my books, how do I get an alternative job if I do not, how do I get an education when it will put other people in industries in danger if I try? At first it happened because I was a Christian and bore all the necessary items of how I refuse to notice them or have sex with them and then developed into facts about giving up my life because I steal the beauties of girls and women, ended up on claims I steal environments their croons create to have a peaceful death with which took them all their lives to build and today doing it is reform of politics and society and wealth and social equality. Of course it determines how far it will go and the only thing unusual about my actions are things I do to hurt politicians and their civil rights idiots who will not stay off my income, business and products and it will come down to a point of real attrition because they have real trouble leaving people alone - it is their biggest problem and of course they claim I bring it on myself since I was born into the world with all the evils I needed to get rich with but turned out to be a Christian so that I might have reasons to refuse to have sex with them but the problem is that it has become the meaning of life and thus something they do because of what they need and the fact they must make money, I have no idea what they are complaining about now and I bet the process where I have mentioned it rather indicates that they have found trophy victories they had over me with their wickedness and I am certain those trophy victories will involve that stupid culture as well. Their strong point is always that of what I do without the approval of the Monarchy which gets me into trouble that no body tells me about; when in actual fact all that happened was a process where I set out on my work and after years of being barricaded by the Monarchy chose a certain group of security that was available to be and sought the Queens approval for it, which I got and it cost me everything including my academic work because they are such a group of really stupid provocative idiots - the rest is hearsay they have conjured up and spread around the world and I am not giving back that stupid localism, which they can come round to get if they want, so they can handle me like that some other time.