The story of how I have no idea what I am doing is usually the most crucial when it comes to this process of making use of my work without paying for the Books and it is an old story of the fact that what everything that hates the Monarchy has in common is that there is enough opportunity for them time again to get through several lifetimes, using their own lives and possessions to get their problems settled but the one they will chose at any cost and all cost is deploying other people’s lives to fix their problems instead and then have trouble with the fact their German friends are extreme and exhibitive about their version of it too, how it therefore makes them more clever while we Royal think we have the right to rule and always tend to rule people that are cleverer than we are completely beats the imagination – not withstanding which the German ones have been responsible for two world wars but I suppose a Leopard cannot change its spots in the end anyway.

So they complain all the time and yet what the reality is that I am the one with duties to handle organised crime and violent criminals, while they are the ones who only have to check their behaviour and enforce among themselves and so they end up being divided into wealthy ones and not wealthy ones and both want to take advantage of me especially with media offering the prerogative every single second of the lives of the stupid people that work in it. The case of course is that the criminals will never go away and their game will always take many incarnations including the need to ensure I am depressed on grounds of screwing around with any gap in my mind concerning the time distance between when I think about what I should do and what I actually do, claiming they are doing my stuff, lending a hand of such prerogatives to even more stupid and destructive civil rights goons that ensure I do not make a living from my work by telling me what to do, to secure their own self improvements.

It’s still much the same as the case of how I am always being punished by the Monarchy which is utter nonsense, as the big idea is what I should be doing and the effects of these kinds of claims of Royal right to rule that rules those that are more clever. I mean every time I ask them to get it done it goes from rich ones and poor ones and civil rights ones in the middle making sure they escape any useful process of making money and make it by conveniences taking advantage of me and initiating conversations to that effect endlessly, which further facilitates the means that organised criminals seek altogether while they continue having their fun listening to none, I end up dealing with their problems and then mine too and end up losing all the money, being successful without it and doing the same all over again in 24 hours, yet they say they are more clever because that is something they talk about and get used to talking about as such and it comes to this stage where they claim I interfere with peoples dream jobs but they continue still while they can see that it affects my finances when they do. It has always been as simple as getting a copy of the Books written by somebody that is handling public stability matters not going off to exhibit yourself on the Media and bang away at him how much your bottom hurts because there is something he should be doing while you get famous but they will never learn and these insults are not doing them any favours either. Another example is the part where I have a relationship with a Court where they say their Husbands are not happy about it and I did force them into it as such in the first place, never mind the fact they do nothing but raise awareness as to what they want to do with the Court to sell something and get rich quick – whereas the Court is a story of how on earth I love the broads when everybody wants to make a fool of me and make themselves financially well off with my public life in the process, then find ways Media will help them accuse me of the problems I am unable to handle concerning crime and stability all together for fun that facilitates any need to climb social ladders. Of which it has always been that old case of dealing with the crimes and so on by having a Court, setting out of them a Public image on my part, making a bed for us and for every involvement with them, they have a duty to rally the general public to a cause, not tell tales of how  Royal right to rule ends up ruling people that are more clever and set idiots on my finances with Media everyday but again as I said, nobody was forced into my Court and social media will clear out anything I do not want in there quite easily.

 Eventually we hear talk of how my Office works with US relations; whereas we know they do nothing except spend time with the trouble makers in wealthy families on one hand and on the other getting involved with socialist Americans who kill the Presidents, whereas we think of Americans as our exit and if they are we had better handled them like one too and nobody fancies me due to what I have done as well; hence naturally fair to mention the media insults will continue to provide a certain kind of leadership that means I have said something that can help people take advantage of me but any normal person will see that they have always enjoyed messing up my finances and that I have said because I have begun to give serious thought to usage of my work that is not paying.

There is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with the way I speak or write; that is largely concerned with what Politicians and foolish Media goons want to do with social stability i.e. the ones on the left are always attacking the ones on the right while doing fame and fashion and celebrity etc but when One gets any closer what One finds is that every one of them want the same thing i.e. bullying others to get rich quick and have things they have not worked for or owned free of charge no matter the consequences and there is no direction to turn in which One is not being ambushed, except that what is creating the problem is that those that are cleverer think themselves superior beings as compared to those that are less clever which is what the attack and hatred between both sides are about; except Media and Politicians will then speak of Royals and a Right to rule that rules those that are cleverer, doing it still when they can see their behaviour is having a publicly glaring impact on my earnings, while their service idiots who never listen to anything they are told, turn up here to get out of their mental illness by means of abusing me, while the business ones claim I work on my own notoriety which is what damaged my finances whereas all we see them do it turn out to pretend they want to sell a Prince's Books and spend all their time playing up a routine at me which suggests a criminal friend failed to make profit and I must be made to pay (in the end it is an old story; recently of which is a matter of teaching me lessons about Conservatism but of course that need not be a problem now that I am busy controlling my own publicity and I shall see what they will do when I control what Media says about me and my Books on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the point where it needs to be publicly clear that their need for power being interpreted as things being done to me which are not as God intended, will lead not to being attacked by socialists who direct my anger towards Liberals and or Conservatives and vice versa, so that they might get on Parliament to kiss family goodbye everyday and pretend I am a meat in the midst of dog, rather than a process where each one; Conservative and Liberal and Socialists are being beaten up like each should be publicly instead. Of which none of it has ever been a problem anyway, only an old story of those who find themselves in such a place as the only way they can survive at the Monarchy is to sell etiquette for a living and therefore think that writing Books on the Priestly Office while protecting the Royal one, in order to handle matters of Circular and Religious society is not as tough and can always bring it here to continue ripping up my finances and pretend I cannot stop myself being bullied because of other people self esteem problem and do so alongside their celebrities as well to keep ripping up my finances and we will no sooner find out what it is like selling that etiquette in the most Godless places in this Country and all over the world too).

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Obviously you do not deploy a Royal commission for a job or indeed a process of going under because the world is full of millionaires who are also traders that seem to have businesses and shops, you earn money and go on holiday with it. 

It is an old matter of the fact that because people have got deviance on the left and right hand sides of society and the media and greed along with it to play it off with, I have absolutely no energy left to do anything else. Intended purpose of course is that bearing in mind they know where my books are and how to cleave off equities from my property to get rich, time goes by when I should plan for my pensions and pay off my mortgages which I have not got any energy left to.

I am told that am the kind of Man that does a lot of talking while other men do my dirty tasks and I could never make sense of it myself anyway – much the same as when black people claim they have made me a real black person and we know they come from parts of the world where Celebrities are the wealthiest people in the Country which is why they think it is their human rights to rip up my academic work and send their children to take my place in the world as people do not normally mind that such things are done where they come from but my parents come from Nigeria and the wealthiest are likely to be the most academically proficient in the Country, I have warned them about following me around and showing up near my Books when they do not need a copy and how everything they complain about hinges on their insolence as responding to their stupidities is not what I do for a living; we know that the more white people are racist is the more they are able to call me brother and relative, the more white people are racist is the more familiarity for such nonsense that their stupidities get, the business of making me a real black person then being one where they are about to get the response they want for the vandalism they wrought around here or want to decide of their own accord to keep off my concerns. As for being the kind of man that talks while others fight and so on – we all know when they issue their threats they need to be three times my size like their big mouths continue to suggest or there are many ways of making sure that they were afraid of getting beaten up like they soften me into feeling everyday – alternatively, they have their own families to pass most of their insults at and the way they speak generally suggests they are talking to people they bread win for which will be alright with their children, they claim they do with me because they have more money than I do and I have explained I run my finances like I do to ensure those who want to take personal finance issues at their own pace were provided for and still it continues uncontrollable, to stand up somewhere talking nonsense about the fraternity of Country while looking after the body and thinking when it talks war somewhere here is afraid of his stupidities as if it’s nonsense is what I am doing here to have piqued its interest in the first place – what I do with them is not a response to fear, it is a process of showing that I can catch them anywhere and in any direction they have chosen to play their games from and right now it is turning towards the big ones where they cling to my concerns to make a mess and the only thing keeping the Celebrity culture by which they do it going, is the daddy characters and Municipal gits, which if I removed from the picture will ensure their problem and stupidities kept its distance. So, for now, what will happen with the abuses and insults is that they don’t bread win for me, hence it is not a problem but when it takes up my time, they do the violence while I supervise. The question of the matter being an endless battle is an old one but it is not to me, just a group of idiots that spend their time on nothing else save putting up money somewhere to dazzle people who have problems and get people parting with more money that they will own i.e. the old question of what they think would happen if they owned all the money in the world, as stupid as they are – hence there is a need to guard this Office from their Daddy characters and Media stupidities because if this nonsense got near the treasury on account they had been winning elections to get off talking nonsense in Parliament at everybody for instance, the outcome will be that the Country burned or it degenerated into Poverty and then it burned after that. On a personal note however, these idiots are not required to pass bread winning insults at me during their jobs, its not part of their contract and we know they complain everyday but go back and do the same things i.e. run off abusive advertisement that picks up margins of error in the business of making sure they did business and jobs properly to make more money, not dazzle the public into parting with more and building crowds that keep me out of my academic pursuit lest I became a threat to it and then sets about expanding it until everything I have done had been reversed and then once it thinks it had built up my stress levels to a stage it will come up with an insult that involves taking photos of its stupid self, blowing kisses at criminals on my public image over its need to get older men and stronger men handling me so they might get what they wanted and claims that I am afraid of strong women – gets the response it was seeking especially on those stupid advertisement being the reasons it complained about me 24 hours earlier but have run them off again as insolently as possible and cannot stop blowing off the big mouth about me being a coward and what kinds of threats I may face, like fucking famous. I have been told I punish myself with National service but I don’t; my Bookshop should be doing well, its just drowning in noise from Celebrities and Media and I have informed them this has to stop or the business of running off abusive advertisement to crave out an income for themselves on my earning margins and tell lies will develop into something much more serious.

They say I have set myself out as somebody who is hated by Celebrities because I always tend to take back the career that was taken from me while what these fools make a mess of is an eventuality in which I put what I know before a teacher who showed me which one works and which one does not and the one that meant I was ahead of my time would tell me what my career prospects will be, because it wants to pass exams first and play up its stupid busy body opportunism that makes me feel like the age of 50 was a luxury chasing money over it, if it passes exams in school first, it then becomes the brilliant mind behind the operation of all these stupidities, with Celebrities on my left chasing my income margins, paparazzi on my right churning my tummy and their 50 year old school truants loving me abusively and issuing threats for the bad smell. There is nothing to put me at risk really, if I wanted to break it as it were, so I guess it’s a matter of those who bring it home to the roof I share with them smelling it and if they tried to handle me I am going to attempt hurting them seriously to see what I got to change as well. We have talked of it in a way that is expensive for me without results and we are about to talk of it in a way that is expensive for them for a change – what we know of it is that their goons set about chasing money on my career and wrecking it and they had decided to fulfil their dreams by making sure I lived with what their idiots got up to in my bedroom while the insults channelled at me would make them important idiots. So this is what happens when you are Royalty but exposed to all these things; culture and society goons think they should glean some privilege off you, that they need to share and make use of your personal space and their list of needs go on endlessly, I am not the one complaining the most about the financial damage that causes this, the fools that created the financial damage are the ones complaining about it the most. So we know they claim its what HM thinks of my work while its largely a matter of the Royal Politics that they look like they yearn for all the time i.e. when the Queen hates me they suffer, when the Queen does not hate me they get a respite but there is the part where whilst The Queen is fed up with the idea that what she did with me is now made out to look like a crime and does not want any fool getting into a relationship with me when it is not approved by Her, we find these goons claiming the Head of the Church would like me to be homosexual and if I explained it like so, claim the damage have been done and we know its an example of how they end up making me out to be one of the greatest impediment to their alternative lifestyles. The way it now works is that they address me as if they bread win for me all of the time on account I am a quiet person who listen, broke with a good reputation, they can never have enough and I must now look at myself in the mirror regularly to try and locate what brings it on of sorts and too they understand clearly that I don’t like them, only interested in working with them when they make money and show up here to spend it on a product I came up with, the part where they did not make it through crime to be emphasised naturally.


Now most of these fools have ideas about how to create and be part of republican arrangements of course but the real issue is that of an obsession with telling others like myself how to do our jobs and how to live because they have never before had a foggiest clue what to do under any circumstances and like to think that because they fancy themselves a collection of bullies it will suffice to act according to that for everything and every purpose which of course is a major issue at this company at present especially at the US and what they think they can use the media to do in Communist Countries - however there is that threshold by which they will continue to get out of hand of course because the insult from fame freaks with media and access to my books and equities to make a show of themselves annoyingly all over the place in order to get riches and fame, that although every popular star idiot hates them, I will be attacked by pop star idiots after being used to take care of them as well because they view me as much the same thing in many ways, is an insolence that is completely insufferable.

For me personally it becomes very annoying when politicians pretend that they are not aware that the evil they celebrate here and complain of who is responsible for problems associated with its existence originates from a process where hurrying into matters keeps you outside of the security that God had given you when you became a Christian and give your life over to the blessings of Christ and yet they feel there is no criminal activity that you can do anything about if they were to handle you criminally in order to ensure that you are hurrying into matters when you do not wish to do so and are well controlled in that respect; it seems it rather becomes the meaning of making a living itself and I do not seem them fork out a penny for its costs, only lots of noise making about how much they can harm me. Of course they will not get a restoration of that stupid culture and or society from me - I always say I cannot conveniently remember where I left it when I took it from them; fact being of course that any way I act to restore it is blasphemy and the process of the fantasy of force by which I can be made to was always their ultimate political and liberal victory with a big mouth and they have not yet started paying in cash for damages they have done at my company yet either so far. 

Although I have now firmly settled in on the fact I have a connection and or relations with them and that it involves making sure they are as stupid as they are in the eyes of the world and I am able to think properly; so the more I am attacked and abused for fun by them so they can get bolder at the idea of doing what they like with me and or what I own therefore, especially on their mad media and silly political platforms, the more stupid and evil and poor they become and the worse I get too (of course I do not have any stupid filk tale giant killing dream, I just want them all off my income and they will be one way or another, their way or mine).

I. Uno I


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