There is no shred of Truth or evidence attached to that idea my Books are a hard sell; the only reality around it is that these fools have somehow found a way to create me a sensation I need to get out of my comfort zone to chase, which is as stupid as setting out my work and possessions to be something they get to spend whenever they are having violence and wish to make it look profitable and the poorer ones have expressed the same thing by setting out even my personality to be something they spend to get difficult matters of culture and society resolved in order to preserve everybody else. Its eventually all a matter of debauched goons who learn all the behaviour they express towards others from all they have engaged themselves with sexually corrupting peoples all day long, meaning that it has an impact on how the Law works - Criminals whose behaviour are a matter of the number of times they have ended up in the Law Courts and found out how the Law works and of course Corrupt Legal practitioners selling their insanity to Celebrated fools, doing their best; their Politicians are the best bit of all because of course if you had decided to set out every issue around racism and violence that seems to be the biggest problem associated with their insulting and threatening liberalism that means they are the people who put you under control for the rest of the world and are good looking but others seldom notice it thereof and had decided you were going to spend some £20 on each of those issues and got about digging them up and spending money on them - if we imagined you had enough money and paid for it all and everybody was happy and relieved and there was no more racism, there would immediately had been a process of the fools going overseas to bring more problems into the Country from what the stupidities of their Liberal scum overseas who want a fight with others all the time can do as an effect on human beings, so the claim that they fight against and stop racism of which is not based on fact as the racism tends to change all the time depending on whom the racists want to target recently.


So today the story is that I need to do something about Terrorism and of course the only thing I really need to do is administrate my Book sales as it does not make any sense to be punished by a collection of idiots for giving away details of it because it will save lives and ensure that the Wars they support whenever the Politicians feel like it does not turn into something far more perverted for everybody which their stupidities did not intend, while being asked to do something about Terrorism in the process of that Punishment as the reason behind it – there are few other things in this world that may have been as stupid anyway and all the problems I need to solve are solved through my Books which copies they can get and let me be. They have however come up with a tale about how my people bay for War all the time and I need to be informed and made to do something about it; the problem that stares the fools in the face of course is rather the one where a big idiot hangs in a corner and sends out a small one to get over the heads of Politicians to attack those who dare to have what they do not, which means I have to ask Journalists affiliated with me to help me pick up the slack all the time, what they want to do because every one of them has come to develop a habit of adding the fact they earn more than their Politicians and it gets to their head to the privilege of bullying me is that Male Journalists have come to fall in love with beating my body for me and grooming me for violence and sodomy all day long and the effect of course is that I get attacked by people all the time who say they have seen it before and that it will never end and I need to do something, while the journalistic idiots spend my time boasting about being the ones that beat up my health for me and set about selling it as prerogative to football scum and Industry fools to get more attention and yet if I start one as well my Government business will end up where it should not and the idiots will get killed for what their stupid ego is worth. So when it does come down to it besides my health on the line to save their stupid lives while they do not feel there is any reason for them to put an end to a behaviour; I wonder if my people are baying for War on their own premise or mine anyway, not that the fools do not get all cracked up when you ask them to do it as well and like to assume it is only a matter of culture and society which is where their piffling minds think the most complicated things develop up to all together as it were; I mean when you do think about some big idiot sending out the small idiot to attack those who dare to have something others do not and get over the heads of Politicians for it in order to secure lots of attention, it is hard to locate exactly what makes the idea of my people baying for war such an important thing to these scumbags anyway and indeed is also the question of what they hope to do with or use them trouble makers for anyway – hard to see where the case of my people baying for War really rank in the scheme of problems that need attention as it were.

Now the Politicians say the problem they have with my existence is a legitimate one and I agree but it does not make it any more legitimate to rip up my finances in order to make me look the part of the person everybody loves to see being bullied by those who hold government Office either and even now that my finances are in tatters it does not mean I am such a character either – so they do need to stop showing up in Public places to talk so much nonsense in my direction absolutely every single day as it were and try not to threaten me too as that will actually lead to much bigger problems than they have at the moment. In the end we see them do that and then show up to have conversations that concern processes by which they have gone overseas to dig up evils of African society to mess around with because I have been building an entire business empire by digging up the evils of the white man’s culture but I do not see how that gets to justify issuing spurious insults and threats in my direction for every stupid Public appearance that they make either. It’s never really been a problem, only the same story all round i.e. no matter how hard you try and how hard you work to prevent it an idiot will have two buttons in his Office at all cost and one of them will mean that when he presses it, he becomes the manager of a firm or a department of an institution, while the other is the one he presses if he wants to pillage my earnings for the day and then start to assume that when that results in a condition where I am always telling him to pay attention to the one that pays his salary to ensure he does not press it and continue to nurse the hope I will end up in a gang fight to use my fighting abilities to give me a civil rights he deserves, the outcome will not be a relationship with him that he can do anything about as well. So that this are the Political ones too and they never ever tire of bringing goons to stand somewhere and offer me help from the devil while making a mess of my life and finances to encourage it; I am a Christian and do not need any such help and it goes without saying I will cut up that stupid culture as well every single time I see it and they need to stop being so stupid as to threaten me too all together. I hear I have to take some responsibility naturally, which is utter rubbish; half the time people must do what Journalists want them to do because they clearly have no plans to make their own decisions, while the other half the time is the one where if somebody sits in a Media studio and is female and can therefore behave in any way they bloody well wish, then they will want my income and if they do then they must get what they want as well.

I mean let us try and account for what is the exact usefulness of these idiots to us as a culture and a people and a society anyway; the Men on the left cannot do half of what you do, so the reason that you do it has to be your sex and body type and because they do not have that they must have a certain amount of money which compensates for a lack of it, meaning that even if it is your income they have got to have it anyway – hence the sort of behaviour that through a pathological fear of work causes productivity to occur by mistake as it were. Then there are the community croons; half the time those claim that society they build up based on gossips and abuses is designed to ensure they make use of my life to do business and because they know their methods will hurt me, are taking steps to see to it that I am unable to stop it which then sounds like a sacrifice I need to be seen making – but scratch the surface and they will have their stupid children and spouses at home that they cannot abuse in sexual context all day long if they want to have that pleasure at your expense instead- which then alongside a pathological fear of work while wanting to get rich and famous causes productivity to happen by mistake. Then there are their celebrities and the question of where my anger with everything will come to an end, which answer is as simple as the fact they need to lay off the one last bit of the puzzle that will allow me become more important than they are, as per the position I attained by magic, hence their problems with respect as it were – I need it and there was never a world in which they became more important than I am as such; it has never been a problem as Celebrities always need to borrow people’s lives and property to make fame – just the problem with the bit where the money makes them tycoons later on and therefore a real problem for others and the latter is never going to happen, starting with there being no atmosphere on this planet on my account by which it is possible for celebrities to become so wealthy they are no longer approachable by those they love to bully. My point is that celebrities are a product of gangs and drugs culture and because those have been messing around my stuff and I have ruined their drugs and gangs, they are having revenge with the use of celebrity culture on me; the usual game is to sell Cocaine alongside a small shop, preferably a restaurant that Celebrities attend and set out some Boys and Girls that need other peoples Public existence to make fame and fortune with which money they will buy the Cocaine and so on – the result of screwing with me of course is that they must now have the money equivalent of my sex and body type which will make them invulnerable to the problems of society that I am immune to and anybody can be famous as well these days; to turn up here and tell me what to do about racism again if they have the gut for it as it were.

The other part of the story is that what I say and do is a matter of utter fear of which it isn’t – just the idiots in question loving the idea of others listening to their stupid conversation when they want to claim that it is. What happens is that the reason a black idiot will feel he can handle your income if he wants for instance is that he is certain of what the society and Politics will do if he gets murdered by racists and that tends to mean that he has a way of hurting himself which means he can get from you anything you do not want to give him – so what I seem to be good at is to ensure that I build him the same problem too and their problem as a result of course is a fair fight with others since they would rather prefer somebody that is weaker and even if would want to fight back, couldn’t, so they can clear out their image of being losers, of which there is a name for people who behave like that and it is ‘bullies’. In the end, when you think about a goon that has no idea what it means to have your parents put their foot down on something and then the look on his face after he has killed some people and a bomb is about to fall on him, then you understand these are goons that will hurt another human being if they had guns and knives, prefer a mean of killing and hurting those who do not threaten them mortally to build an image but really know nothing about it and there is no such things here are a fear of them. The celebrity ones are just starting to understand that other people live in this world as well and they can live in it alongside or they can die in the knowledge that others live in it alongside, I personally have had enough of them and need them off my earnings so I can finish the puzzle and become more important like it should have been anyway.