We have to endure those stupid stories endlessly, that I am on course to pay for the bad things I do which normally would not provoke anybody in a wider sense but this is happening as a matter of being informed that the practical jokes I tell them off playing with my career and public image is not going to stop, I had done some bad things and I will be paying for it rather soon. The source of all the problems if they are looking for advice is that my Books are the only way that they can do harm to me and the only way they can take their revenge when they get a response from me, fair to say I could do without both and their interest in the Books is set to end badly, it is where their one stops after a University fiasco 10 years ago upon which their entire stupid popularity lives were built at my expense. I do imagine it all the time that if there were no instances where Celebrities picked up my work to weave into their show business gimmicks and make a case of their money while trashing mine until I had need of it, going off to meet the Royal Family and showing up to express the stupidities that indicated how much they wanted my possessions, I could easily walk down the street and tout some Books if I felt I had run out of money but clearly their interest in me meant that will never be successful and of course it also meant that since they were not paying for what they were using, it is a destroyed opportunity. The rest of it is the gimmicks that are set to continue if I had not picked up the careers of celebrities to weave into what I am doing and torture them with practical jokes that will express my powers, finish off with a war on them and the communities that support their stupidities, so I have no idea where the effrontery to tackle me and issue threats at me really come from, I only know they cannot be told off making a mess of the best work I had done for my career over some excitement on how they plan to use me and my work at Popularity culture, getting imagination up my bum in the process as well, so it’s a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals that know how to begin problems but when their lives relied on a dialogue their brains will have gone on a trip, civil rights squatters issuing threats all the time to cling to my income margins and talk rubbish about their size, not yet a case of picking up placard to complain about civil rights near Buckingham Palace, so they are seeking such an opportunity from what I can see here – damage to my Books, reprisals from me and damage to my Books because the reprisals hurt, going round in circles of which the characters who told them they were famous must have been just as insane. There is nothing for me to worry about on the matter as such, it simply needed to stop bashing my Books, hanging around dreaming of starting a war in which its civil rights stupidities had access to my resources because it was trying to express the idea that it imagined I would not want to win it as well, having spent the last 12 years building their whole lives around the business of tackling me, I suggest that it was clear for all to see, that bashing the Books will likely bring about an outcome where I stopped them handling me and they plummeted to obscurity thereafter, hence it is not necessarily the case that I am unaware of the reasons for the desperate need to handle me either, just being clear that no part of it was my personal decision, should not have to put up with it and certainly will not tolerate their insults and threats too. It is where their gimmicks come to an end a university fiasco, followed by gimmicks about fighting me, to handle my income margins and make statements about having obtained permission from a higher power to do so as it were.

They do make those stupid statements that I think I can do anything but what really happens is that my own financial matters are being used to restrict my work practices and my movements due to the way I planned my career and how others prefer to tear up the market I had built in order to make statements of what they were entitled to because they had enough money to feel as if their stupidities were superior. They do not believe me when I say that I will burn their world on the matter, needs to stop bashing my Books and or feeling entitled to my career, nobody is entitled to my career. They started it in 2012, such that to say they were entitled to my career, it was less a matter of abuses associated with a business of deciding for the Public what to think of me and what I did for a living like we see them do all the time currently, more a matter of having reached a realisation that I was at an age and a point of career development where it was impossible to control my financial wellbeing, so they set off to the vandalism instead and have been doing that since – this does not mean that I can do anything I like, it just means that I am going to end up teaching them a lesson they will never forget, especially on those results where the character they complained about were the same they said I did not deserve a career because I had discriminated again – that part came off a need to express those stupidities they picked up from mentally disturbed twats at the Market, where the best way to improve market was to make a mess of aesthetic aspects of other people’s lives, claimed I had done the same to the people who were doing this through my Books, set about a campaign in which I was betrayed and now cannot run off their show business without clinging to my Royal Office income margins and a need to threaten me on Media, never mind having mentioned before that they knew there were consequences to these activities but did not think I was important enough for those consequences to have applied and it cannot be that difficult to get the Public that shows up around your work every day to engage with the Books at the Shop if Celebrities and the society idiots thereof, could never stop picking it up ad an addiction.

They do claim my position is now in question and it is utter rubbish – what is happening is that the abusive use of my personal space and the smell issues had since given way to an effect where they encouraged local community criminal scum to erect small businesses on my Public image and the personal space itself, while I had decided they had more of the society gimmicks to spend and I wanted more, of which somewhere in the middle either side will be entitled to some form of civil living that was in agreement with what the actual law of the land said. Beyond this their country ownership stupidities are something that the hard work I am willing to do to beat them down well enough were a match for each other. The rest of it is that I had business with those who employed the pillars of their communities and so emerged the need to wreck my career and finances over you, me, employers and bottom chasing practical jokes, which end with a business of media presence that helps them pass off what I do about it as another person’s career, while I am unable to concentrate on anything I did due to the sheer level of abuses from Media and Celebrities, such that I abandon the career to respond to it because it had become that invasive, goes back to the University fiasco, talking rubbish about starting a war with my resources. They do claim they wanted to be able to predict what I am thinking which does not make any sense – it is never what I am thinking if three years of abuses gives rise to walking down the streets to find low lives improve market share from access to my personal space for abusive reasons, so the ageist idiot that loved to hang around somewhere and send out his minions to run me down has got more to spend as it were – likewise the women after wrecking University studies, something about Celebrities and Media every day and they want to be able to predict what I thinking while they were performing all sorts of nonsense at the heart of what is really a point where if people engaged with my Bookshop they risked their jobs on account that their foolish Celebrities existed. It is as they say that this was very difficult for me but I had decided I did not need assistance which I don’t, as it is a matter of the fact if I am saying my problem was women ripping up my health, social life and career to make stupid statements about their lovers, children and celebrities, I needed to make the most of those stupid convenient equality gimmicks that had since become a trend – likewise the other gits who will then tell me that I will run my Bookshop on it, meaning I had to explore which one wanted to shove it up their arse, its where their own stops I guess which it soon develops into the idea that if I am going to say that I got out of bed and cared for a Bookshop, then they needed to suffer for their interest in me. They do claim they hated me a lot at this stage but it had to be so difficult to speak with some professionals who have deployed creative equities you developed, about a Book that you wrote on it, cash strapped with a history of such nonsense following you around while you worked on the career, you had since arrived at a point where the career does not mean anything to anybody, while the insults that the ageist parents of the twats who were very clear about what they hated is the main point at which their stupidities provided me a feedback all day – they do claim it’s a matter where my impudence stops and we are looking at the point at which their own does as well.