The Company Working Court meets Covenant at the Renaissance 

Firm Business, emotional and sexual prudence

 The idea I cannot control anything that happens to me and black idiots with insolent women speaking of the sins of the fathers and where their insults are meant to be placed is not actually an issue that has any kind of foundation on fact; of course I can control what happens to me and the idea I have been massively exposed and is therefore impossible to with my beauties everywhere is utter nonsense - all I have to do is be as selfish as these such idiots and their media are with what I actually own and they do not. I mean when people make utube videos of members of another persons court which are supposed to be as insolent as they possibly can claiming sex  sells which is to apply they cannot get their own instead for example, it tends to conjure the idea that they have not got facts on how they set out to deploy what I do with my Court for the benefits of their stupid boys and girls to help them sell fame and fortune and that it is infuriating to see them so do with my work and my earning on a daily basis and more so on the basis of that stupid excuse that they employ members of my Court etc.

The same applies here on the coven as well and it is not something I intend to tolerate from the whites who think they can do whatever they like or the blacks who think there are things that my father had done to them and my mother that they wish to have revenge for and therefore means they can send me on any errand they wish and force me to do it. Generally the idea is that I can control what happens to me and all I need for that is to be as selfish as the idea that my work with my Court can be deployed by their bosses to make their own stupid boys and girls rich and famous but I will end it when I end it in the worst imaginable note there can ever be - BY THE WAY OF WHICH NO PRINCE'S MIND HERE HAS BEEN WITCHCRAFT TWISTED BY ANY GROUP OF IDIOTS AND EVIL WAY WHATSOEVER AND THEY WILL NEVER SEE THOSE STUPID CULTURES EVER AGAIN EITHER. The intensely evil desire never to leave alone me and anything I own will see that it turns out as I want it too. In the end the main issue I suppose, like the US economy page has more to do with that really evil, violent and abusive publicity the media love so much, which attacks me everyday and handles my products by the scruff for it with a big mouth, this is what must be stifled and fizzled out.


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Of Black goons, Familiarity Crime and Defective Royalty

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Talk of getting off in public to discuss your experience of racism is just as well but I have no idea what is so pleasurable about discussing it anyway; the facts are that when a white boy lets his laziness catch up with him and he becomes a frustrated person, he simply wants to take it out on somebody else and because he is certain of strengthing support no matter the punishment if he does pick a black person as his target, then that is what he must do. This is half the story of course as th...

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"2013" The Royal Hermitage Resident and Coven Covenant - Prognosis Updates

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The idea of being rounded up to such an extent it is impossible for me to make a single move of progress in my life by people who claim I grab and sell their culture and will pay for doing so is a matter that is all blown out of proportion. I mean I am not suggesting I do not sell that stupid culture but the part where I do constitutes less than 5% of my work and therefore does not matter. However with respect to the matter of not being able to move on the other hand, we hear those kinds of y...

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