The idea of being rounded up to such an extent it is impossible for me to make a single move of progress in my life by people who claim I grab and sell their culture and will pay for doing so is a matter that is all blown out of proportion. I mean I am not suggesting I do not sell that stupid culture but the part where I do constitutes less than 5% of my work and therefore does not matter. However with respect to the matter of not being able to move on the other hand, we hear those kinds of yapping a lot at all times but they do not make a difference to or change absolutely anything – maybe what they are referring to is the long distances they travel to look for trouble if convinced by other fools like them, that it is completely worth it too, it is more likely that is the misconception they Labour upon and I am not in any stupid trouble with them where I am being rounded up and then they are making sure I cannot move, that would be their choice to see copyright signs on my work but venture to handle them still which of course is their new life of crime; apparently as I have mentioned before the Politicians know that the eventual result of their criminal disobedience is always gangs and crime and violence and death but instead of protect people from them wish to spend tax payer funds on them to move around with. I for my part have long held the position it has nothing to do with me and they have long believed that they can ensure it does to get some form of trophy freedom out of seeking a piece of me as well and I do not want to see them anywhere near my right hand side for it since they do deploy my property and finances to  make something of their stupid lives which does show that no body has to get hurt over those stupid ideologies of pure evil that they love to act around my market place like they can substantiate in Court. After all when people see them abuse people and make music CDs people want to buy that and when cone buying it complain of my actions without taking note of their complicity and so we regularly find a process where they want a condition where I the christian tends to live ina country where they can shoot off insults at me and seek my response so that when they get it promise me I will be a bum with a big mouth, which last we checked had done them so much good on the global stage as well. That culture is now my property and I am saving it as a reference point from which I can write my books and will not tolerate the idea they can get on media and seek to move into my right hand side – the state of their homosexual cultures which are as stubborn as hell when I tell them I do not want to be told about it or be told whenever they have sex should explain that very clearly – after all the idiots think I make people into criminals by not giving them what they want while they were born homosexuals with a big mouth and of course are completely determined to make a process where I come up with the ideas and another people deploys it to be famous for the rest of my life on all I own but while they are at it we hear nothing about the fact the Bible was correct about homosexuals all along, no, he hear nothing of complains the church is the bastian of prejudice.The idea on the other hand that most of these things that happen to my work happen because people like me very much is all very well; I mean the entire global economy has just recovered from a state of administration, so what will get it to grow is pop stars and celebrities and media, especially media where they like to size people up and seek out problems that match what they have when they refuse to share, looking for trouble they never complain about so that when they leave the owners penniless and still have their salaries to show off they are doing wealth distribution. Never clear therefore why people will understand an economy is to recover on the basis of people having products in a warehouse that others are about to buy and pay them for supplying so that they can have a job but set an example of somebody that as influential as myself by making sure they want information from my personal life instead of buy the books at the market place, which of course is one of those facts that express what is wrong with racism unless its purpose is to ensure that old idiots like these can play their politics and be as corrupt as they wish with notions that suggest you can live freely if you let people be which would not be a problem if they had failed to handle me or anything that belongs to me all together. It leads onto that story that my boundaries are easily pushed and that I react to things easily when in actual fact I am not counted as one of those that needs to get a job and live out their lives normally for an economy to do well, I am a writer who makes a living with my books from a half monastery office and it is therefore a huge distance for idiots like these to travel to seek these sort of provocation because of course I am such a long way off from their evil Politics that they know is safe if it is not found anywhere in my personal life and of course it is the same attitude with their fame freaks whom on the left I have not given permission to deploy their deviance to handle future prospects of my book sales and holdings business in anyway to get rich, which is something they do because they get around claiming I am a person who works for my fame and then stands aside from it because another fool has created a product, especially when they are insolent Americans and need to be made to understand my personal life is not a market place where the purpose of their insults is the creation of hustles and that I need to know whenever they shoot off their insults at me, that I have my energy to get around doing my job with otherwise there will be only one of that energy in the entire world and I will be the one that has it and this applies to all their stupid friends around the world as well. While those on the right have never been given permission to handle my equities and securities to do DJ during their parties with their deviance and stuff but seems to have become the meaning of their business and their only preoccupation – not surprising of which the stories they tell about how women like to interweave their lives into violent conditions abound but the whole process of without a provocation using my books to create causes for criminals and ensure they are never sold has become a way of life for them, they have been doing it with their media and more so all the way to the creation of new existences for jail birds; I do not complain about that and they should not complain about what I do to their Politics and media and businesses and cities as well. All that the fame industry has and depends upon now belongs to me since I will tolerate no further of those insolent death and violent threats because they want things from them and as for black people and the idea I do not care about black people, I do care about black people, I just think it is funny to ignore them as well when I am still finding answers which describe an insult that suggest they have found in me a man that will get of his Christianity and become homosexual so that women can be powerful and of course those their stupid modern churches claim to have history with me and it is all good and soon they will have another one too all together. As I said, I do not know why they like to send me on those stupid insolent errands and acquire jobs from politicians to round me up and try to enforce it as well, all I know is that when they pass around their insults I need to know I will have my energy available to do my job or I will go out and get it: obviously they have not yet begun to make claims of injustices levied on poor and ordinary people that they are, when we know they go to places like Africa and sit around being treated like Kings and Queens and so when they travel here want to be able to get the same treatment from me as well because I have a privacy that is so beautiful they want to make use of; ordinary people and poor people my backside – apparently the conservative side of politics these days is feeling its way through a dark corridor currently and soon enough might win elections again and it will cease to be as funny as they make it out to be too.  Of course it is an impressive degree of madness when you think about it as per the economy recovers at the very top when people are secure in their jobs where they have products at the warehouse that they are certain there are people to supply to in return for payment and of course they suppose that the powers of the criminally disobedient is the bees knees – I do not want them playing with me and or more so in that fashion either.Its the same as it has always been; evil idiots clamour all over my literary empire and their laziness and desire to see people do things for them being unfathomable have their own versions of wickedness regarding which there is some good involved which even if it did not cost me that much would never have been something that interests me anyway in the first place and like I always put it, when they start, it is the liking their cultural and social identities that will become a condundrum soon enough yet.It does apply of course that I am conscious of the claim these things happen on account I get around with media when I know they are hurting me already due to my royal work and will likely get worse; the truth is rather that it is all made-up. I do not get around with media, they simply realise there is no chance of that happening, that I could earn billions from my books regardless of corrupt priests in the Country and all over the world, without appearing on TV or radio due to my half monastery office and so set out to make it up for their purposes and think as such that when they have built up too many for me to counter, they will get away with it – obviously a way a person should not be handled and I will handle them as well in such ways for my part. I mean it has already begun the process where they express the fact they are good people by harming me in some insolent failed attempt to censor books they got themselves involved with which is of course a stupidities that are completely usual anyway. Its much the same with the Popular industry too; for those it is the matter of things like people feeling the coming actions of a Christian that will tell their children the wickedness of their parents is a bad thing and actions they take in the sense that the boys must be made homeless for apparently no reason by their parents to make a show of them and make it possible to split their personalities and pervade their thoughts, while the girls must be made to stand up in public places to gather attention for their various businesses in order to bring in the customers, the result was the fame freaks telling me like the do the female journalists that are my Working Court today that I exist to ensure I bring my privacy so that others can use it to be rich and famous and in that way I will stop being selfish and therefore do things for people, otherwise they will take it by themselves and the reasons for this being of course first they smoke rubbish and have little brains left or might just be a handful of tramps in dreadlocks; the outcome of these things was of course the generation gap war from which I am now infamous in their view and the purpose of being older than I am therefore is to get jobs through which to get money which purpose is to ensure I cannot earn a living, whereby when they started first they did not think things might become a major consideration anyway. It therefore moved to the education system all together as such while accusations got all over the place that what is happening to me is racism with a big mouth: hence at school the girls must comply with the boys and what the boys want while people like Simon Cowel find it difficult to learn their place around my royal work perpetually and turn up in Town all the time therefore to lead many off their academic work and offer a few a chance to be rich and famous, then talk so much rubbish all over the place which are likely to breed their own resulting purposes as well. So the way it works was that the girls that do not comply with what the boys want either refuse to because their parents are not friendly with people who do such things or that because they simply do not have the conviction it is okay to and so the promise they will end up at the Pornography industry by these fools is always the outcome; so some of them sign up to the fame thing and may be supported financially by their parents in the process where they sing about me to make a living and of course not all of them join up or want to and most that do never stay in the Industry for up to 5 years all together so I might move on too – except these fools had also thought about taking my life over like they normally do and we have ended up here at the basic structures by which that stupid Popular culture will become a property of my royal estate to dispose of as I wish, which it already has in a popular sense at present; made worse by all that noise making all over the country and all over the world, singing the equities and securities and intellectual property of my company, messing around my royal work and generally blowing themselves all over the place on how they will show me a score to settle by making me poor.