I am not in anyway unable to cope with the idea that people feel the need and pressure to be successful and financially well off, the fact behind it is that some people are so determined to ensure I end up in a place where I have duties of leadership which are then made to be as difficult for me as possible with no financial leverage whatsoever so that I might look weedy and be the guy who has things people want but cannot protect it from those who want to take it and this of course is just half the problem, as the other half that creates the real problem is the people who turn up to feel really fortunate about it by banging away that these goons are good people and it is the same with them over the Politicians as well, those think of nothing with their time but a process where I will have no financial ease so that the pressures people feel to be financially well off might hurt me in the most unimaginable way. I have said it in a sentence of course but for the Politicians this sentence will be broken into components, each of which will carry a certain policy that will affect me and co-ordinate with other policies that will to create all together this one sentence and so of course the way to deal with it is ensure success with it takes up all their time so that they might explain themselves to the tax payer on election day, except that the media turn up to change their fortunes for them and try to control me, with very filthy cultural nonsense they claim is power while they intend to keep riches on the other end and make out the same culture describes me as their property which is unfathomably infuriating and really seeks an act of reckoning from me as well. Eventually things like the expenses scandal crops up and they complain and I have to ask them if it is indeed hurting badly enough yet.

In the end there is a real issue on this matter with respect to the fact these people cannot get on with their lives if they have not found a way to travel off long distances to find peoples problems and personal matters that does not concern them in anyway to get involved with i.e. you walk around the streets and somebody trips you, then another runs off from a distance to arrive where you have fallen to wee on you; you have to ask if he knows the guy that tripped you at all and his answer is always the killer i.e. he doesn’t but he has problems he wants people he can take it out on first of all and then that there is nothing you can do about it because which ever side you go after which you are no match for, the other side will get away with it and retain the status quo for the other side due to what he feels like taking out on you. So technically if one side runs off for the distance of a mile in one direction and the other a mile on the other, the reason you think you will be free from their intrusive and daringly physical insolent witchcraft which ensures you can never has sound mind for one second becomes that you should do nothing about it as it were in their view. So I have to decide I have to set out matters within the radius of the distance they have both run off and that is how we end up with witchcraft fun that is against the law but cannot be quantified by law becomes something that I have a set out group of policies with respect to how I deal with the filth it causes me, to make me ugly and grab fame and money. We are not talking about black people here either, with respect to black people the story is that the parents tell me they are more rooted in the land than I am and when I do not respond send out their stupid kids that claim to beat up gigolos with a big mouth, to do it as well. the idiots cannot pass exams unless they have a hate figure and the country changes of course while they are at it, so they have those really stupid mothers that cannot stay away from culture and cannot stay away from other peoples children while they are at it – so even if you have allowed them take advantage of your work at some point, as soon as they had gone and made money from it you are in trouble again with a big mouth and that is why you wait for them at the jobs and money market to get it back. My point at the end of the day is of the simple fact the market is a complicated place and people should not like to go along with witchcraft activities of insolent and violent croons who think that the idea the bane of their thought despite the fact they live on government assistance as well is to do with nothing other than chasing around a younger person who has been detached from his world by Political idiots so they can have peace in the life that everybody wants to live in – the idea of pervading my faith to get rich is something I want to see them shut up about and get off to piss somewhere else but here as well because of course the market is a diverse place and not all there are for sale nor are everything that appear in it are for sale for a profit and all those things have their choices and there is no reason I should physically be caused to feel like excrement on my body by peoples croons because they want to have money and be important; for as long as those insolent croons that are older than me and therefore means cannot listen to reason about putting their Satanism and wickedness somewhere else is as long as I will not stop hunting them and I believe I have mentioned before I don’t want to see any of that stupid culture. Current state of affairs is that those their stupid mothers that cannot stay away from culture and at the same time away from people children because their stupid children will not make the grades if they divide their energy to deal with matters of power they want while trying to study will not stay away from the culture no matter how much it harms their stupid selves and their stupid children still cannot pass exams in school – so we see where I am coming from with all that noise about what I can and cannot do and those their insults hurt too so this does not mean I am stopping the process of hurting them everyday to pay for it everyday as well either. The idea I cannot enforce anything takes into account none of the fact I don’t want their witchcraft around me or to feel like excrement everyday because they are passing exams and getting rich and famous and that I intend to wait for them at the global economy in general to get my stuff back due to the fact as long as they have it is as long as it will continue for they cannot be reasoned with especially when they have age advantage, better therefore if they don’t challenge me about what I cannot enforce so it does not become something really personal as well. I mean for them they complain in public and boast in private all the time but I don’t see myself being audacious enough to claim a persons faith operates against what I think is ideal for my desire to be famous, therefore set out to get rich with the use of the persons followers and fans because I will use their own to fulfil my desires because he messed with mine but that is their definition of celebrity and I will break it too and them along with it. I mean there is popular claim these days I am one of those people others love to hate who ensures whenever there is trouble anywhere he must go there and help people and then grab what he can of fame leadership etc later which no body notices that he is but of course the fact of it is that they enjoy deploying my friends and allies and followers to get rich and famous and even when I have made it clear I want them to get off areas of British National Interests where my office is concerned it gets even worse, from those things they get off to do especially in the US of deploying my work for things I have made quite clear I don’t want people to do with it, for the needs and purposes of their stupid girls to something violent and financially destructive all together and that is before they complain as well. No body knows what exactly has convinced them that I have been helping them as such. I am a copyrighted work being abused in that way is something you hope to allow sort itself out and blow over with time so you can start trading but in their case they have found out that I expect it to blow over in time and so have decided it never will to gain power and so I have no choice. Of course they claim its about making me fight for things that I can fight for in the US but of course that is no new story, we all know it is born out of my love of older women, so I can find out why people leave their husbands and children and cling to me in the professional world like they do with their stupidities and fame mad insults – now they know I fancy older women and there is a heightened sense of men they have dominated before with a big mouth it was always predictable they will be doing more of that stuff they do with men on the right hand side of society when somebody else takes all the fame and those their stupid fame freak children on the other hand clinging to me like they do and insulting me all the time to make themselves irresponsible riches are starting out early of course with processes of dominating me with what happens to be music industries owned by men. These facts will remain regardless of which giant fight I get involved with, none of which is their business in anyway. The idea I am brewing rebellion therefore around here has no bearing with reality what has is my state provided security and the fact those responsible cannot breathe on account I am black and black people exist – so when I should explain what I am doing with a working court on media by signing away books to fans I am doing so by dealing with crime and the underworld but why of course, the reason that black people want to know what I am thinking and what I am writing and in a condition where their children will be the ones to have my future and so it was always the kind of problems that were expected due to the issues that end up at the MOD from the common wealth but their connections with manufacturing industries in Europe and all that rubbish they seek intensely at my expense is what has set the stage for the war and I want them to leave me alone in an absolute sense in everyway imaginable. Of course I have left out the fact most of these things happen because I mess about with their Pornography, which I do because I am too lazy to pick up my criminology or sociology texts, bearing in mind they can pretend to be something else for the first five minutes of the sex but thereafter once the ten minute mark has been hit they cannot anymore. It is not true either that I think Pornographers should live in infamy, they are immoral not infamous; I mean there are many ways they do it anyway, most of the ones that are available on the internet has to do with corrupt parties Politicians hold for themselves where they have orgies at the end and cannot do it without my books, so the end of the orgies leave some girls scrapping the bottom of society while the others live the high life and so some make pornography about the whole story as well but there are also those that are specifically dispatched and usually by their insolent women or even wives as well, to make videos of themselves having sex which has to do with me and I think those are completely vile and will soon ask whether I believe I can stop people from making videos of themselves having sex which of course I can when they start. As for the part where I am needed to fight and to be seen fighting I have no great issues with it, I believe I have mentioned they feel like their immoral stupid wickedness 24/7, it is a honeymoon with oppression for them for what I did mention seems to be every second and of course they believe they are animals and I am some kind of carcass as well – I don’t think it is a major issue, it is just that it is happening such that I cannot complete academic work or hold together a job because they are so determined to make me like them and make themselves like me as violently as they can as well and it will clearly end very well too for my part. I can only say the diaries are full and they may be advised to get out of my life, especially the Politicians. I agree with the idea that I am lying, truth being that I watch Pornography because I want to not because of the excuses I make, fact however is that this prognosis is right and then wrong as well – it is right that I watch Pornography because I like to but people will have to believe the excuses I make for that or else where it concerns making pornography about me, stirring the scandals and getting it all over me and my career on media, then twisting my nose intensely over it, spinning it up over my earnings to get my attention and continue until I react and discover that Americans were behind it and I cannot do anything about it but where it comes to the Europeans and the Pornography from there the excuses will have to do by themselves or else. So I am aware some are concerned I have stepped out of a Global Intellectual space I own and head at the same time with people having very little power in it etc, to stoop so low as pornography in order to court some trouble which I will certainly find but it does not work that way; it works like I had already stooped low enough with my female journalists working court thing occupied by women that lie to me all the time because if they don’t I am never going to do anything they want and the corruptions of involvement that men carry out which means my life is a social group they can join if they like about which the reasons is social equality and the prevention of discrimination in society; so from there the girls follow them and the mistresses follow them and the Politicians follow them and they know they should never be where they have found themselves but intend to mock me when I have an opinion about it because they have media and I can be ignored due to the fact they do. They know this and I am not saying so because they don’t, I mean do they not consider those things they do with Internet videos and reporters to be soft pornography anyway? I mean if somebody happens to have flashed their knickers at them, they know if they do something about it the persons husband will get some fame but will do anyway and that is before they complain.  The intrusion has gone as far beyond far the far it can go and it has gone far enough in my view as well. the obsession with their connections which enable them to find what is happening in my privacy before I put any books or campaigns to sell them out in public in order to deploy it to get rich is perfectly fine too as it were; I mean when you are tired of doing the selling and tired of doing the advertising for them, then you are clearly fed up except that civil rights idiots that have been working on the matter do not recognise your right to be, so that when I get off and mention it as something to take into consideration over the matter of waiting for them at the National and global economy to recover my property and those books and Royal Estate they cannot leave alone, it means they have acquired power over me of a recent nature like they do with everything else – so they will have to work really fast with me on the matter now as it were and those civil rights idiots will have their civil rights stuff and that stupid media the way they normally do, I am rather certain when they do, they will move on too. Recent outstanding matter with their Politicians here in the UK is the election of Police commissioners of course and they have already determined I am to be most badly affected than all else and so I guess it should be made clear they are supposed to communicate to their Political party originated Police commissioners that the work of the Police is dangerous and involves putting themselves in the line to protect the wider society from very dangerous individuals on one hand and on the other reaching those who find themselves in very difficult circumstances before it is too late for them and if they are doing that I cannot understand why I should be worried but if not then it is clear they will have to Politicians take up the Police work and do it themselves, hence nothing for me to worry about either.