As for the women that manage my life to create vandalisms and connected parties that make fame and fortune that the celebrities use, they will say I have said something complicated when I say it will all especially the obsession with making a mess of my book sales and seeking out things from my privacy with the help of community bullies I rent home with, in order to put them out in public places to secure a process where I am not as famous as I really am so that another person can share and there can be financial destruction for me and irresponsibility that create parties and thereby fame and fortune for them, eventually lead to a process where I tie them up somewhere and cause them enough pain to distract them from thoughts about my books. For now I am not the one complaining about the destruction of homosexual societies and gamblers businesses after I tell people alongside with Liberal and free Politicians to shut it when they are being taken advantage of by the well to do, so we are doing the little bits for the time being. I really don’t like it, I don’t like a process where they cannot get past any day without sitting on a table to work out fame and fortune that can be managed using a process of causing me intense distress, especially with making violent scandals out of things they dig up which they know will be embarrassing for me from my personal life and I don’t think they are so stupid when I finally say I don’t like it, they do not feel as though there is a need to stop it.  

Of course they claim my actions are outright Political while I claim to be toeing the line of Political none-involvement required of those who work with and or for the Queen at the Monarchy. The fact of it however is that there is no way of making a living after I finish any work associated with Black markets and organised crime and that is because Politicians are really fond of a group of their followers that like to challenge me for a fist fight in public on account it makes them famous, is good for their ego and they get a lot of energy out of it. The question now is how to make a living while these things are happening and what decisions my allies take as a result of them and the options do not look good for them at all while they love to brag on public media and all over the world like they are my gods or something.
Now it is true if it appears the case that the current UK government wants me to confirm to people I am receiving employment support from the government for a living. I do not think of it as something serious, only the government and its Politicians do and it serves them too for it I guess. There are facts to the matter however and all of them are developed around the politics of insults that can create people serious financial difficulties, insults such as the quest for age based privileges with and by handling other people’s lives because there is certainty they will end up on things like employment support. So the facts are becoming clear now about the difficulties those who do such things face and so even if I am cash stricken and on the streets I will kick their arse for it yet again so they can understand it is difficult to raise children and pay their fees and make them professionals so that somebody might think that on account of his Political fame he can suppose the ethos of his or her existence is to handle those kids and make such a mess of them that they become peoples plaything in society. I am going to get hold of them and bend them up the other way as well again, more violently than I have already done. I do not think the employment support I get takes anything away from me, I mean it is horrible but the issues that got me there were worth it i.e. people think they should be able to make a mess of me and pick a fight with me because I have faith in God that they wish to pervade for power and profitable laziness and so they get into trouble I have cooked up for it and decide to ensure they stifle my income by being around me and then send in their stupid children to complete the job, which then extends to other older people like them as well, to make me into the young adult that protects the older ones and hence develop this process where there is always some means by which all I work for should be squandered very quickly. So with the ageist insults and the desire to make a mess of me until I become people’s plaything, the result was always going to be their pervaded sense of being in the right over it and then unemployment. However it seems that handling my books has created a new problem now i.e. it is the same old story of what makes you think of rounding up Politicians like animals along with their insolent mistresses and to push them to a corner and hit them so hard they are in such pain they get distracted from your livelihood. I have felt for some time now that their insulting media scum and the claim they are supposed to hold Politicians to account while I continue to make a mess of the country and the world by interfering was going to kick it off but it seems not, rather the Politicians with their obsession for the state of my finances which they know they made the way it looks now are definitely going to. I do not think the matter to be that of great consequence, in my eyes the real issue at the heart of these many hatred based matters is that these fools have gone off to handle my work to create me a cash flow crisis for a decade so far, that has developed into something that involves political and financial progress for their followers in the sense that they need to mop up all existing jobs at the jobs market to round me up and ensure I am stuck in their net and caught for their purposes, on account that I have a faith they want to pervade for power and so therefore with their veteran lesbians playing games with every application I make out to hunt for a job and their recent plans to attack my unemployment financial support, they are so confident they are now telling me that they intend to keep it that way for the rest of my life and so I wonder if I am supposed to let these things happen until I realise I could have done something about it when I am about 50 years of age and it is way too late to do anything – so we will see as well the way it will happen too. I intend to ensure that they live in this world with the understanding that now we share the same life there are choices, either they get stuck where I want them to and move no where whatsoever or I am able to write whatever I like about them without being challenged, complete with a sense to those I sell the stories to that it is a matter of opinion – I intend to determine what their tolerance is used for as well and I really have no other way of earning money at present; as I said, round them up along with their mistresses and hit them hard enough to cause enough pain to distract them from my livelihood and then keep it that way for the rest of their lives too. Personally I would never understand how it is that my duties of state are split between church and state and on a personal note I am bias in favour of the needs of the Church and with respect to the state I must do what I am told to do but if I spend time to write a book about a story of myself and my work, Politicians and media become to preoccupied with it for perversions – the distance between the conditions in which those books are to be written and sold and where they are supposed to be of which is unfathomably huge but then again if they have the effrontery to handle my property and stifle my finances over  decade to tell me they want to keep it that way for the rest of my life with a big mouth, it is not so far fetched either. The process of marking it out by making it clear to them that what I want is to be able to write books about them in which I write whatever I like and people read them as a matter of my opinion, is where I have been beaten is utter rubbish as well – it is not. The fact of it is that it is their civil rights and political stuff that if I wrote books about them they can tell me to shut it down but clearly I do not write books about them, they want to ensure that I am which is mental illness abusive for me and damaging for my physical health as well with a big mouth and then when I write those books they make me shut it down in order to have power; this is the condition in which I draw them back into it so I can get an agreement from them that I will write whatever I like about them and will not be harassed as there isn’t anything they can do about it, not a condition where I have been beaten. There are three properties in this matter, one is their property that they buy with their salary, the other is public property and the third is my property and it is the thing with material things I suppose; they can never be yours unless you pay money for them. I am not a fan of anybody's freedom thing bearing in mind also the declared willingness and confidence of their fools to kill and hurt people because they are immoral and greedy.