They always say that I am a coward who does not seem to run out of ideas on what could be demanded of other people’s courage but the truth that has been revealed since this began to show up in Public, is that I am better at it than they are save the part concerning actual Military activity which is their job while mine is to spend time in a Hermitage and support the Crown – the effect is that since service Royalty directly was a social promotion, this is not a behaviour that can be promoted, it’s not a matter of cowardice, it’s just that I do not require their service.

So we find most of their time is spent on this gimmick where their young people make a right mess of my Bookshop and they hung around with some Media exposure to get me complaining in search for some justice while they tabled accusations I got through hell to clear up, as per the reasons I deserved it, then either way I got justice it would not have mattered and I was screwed anyway. The way that the young people then do it has something to do with me being unrelenting in the manner that I handle their attitude towards my concerns, thus incurring support from powerful people at the Monarchy, while they made their position quite clear as one which concerned me being a talker while they planned to teach me a lesson. So, the outcome is that they have made a mess of the Bookshop and I am still unable to understand what the appeal of doing so is, besides which I set it up to pay off my invoices and not for their practical jokes. They have however explained that I do not stand a chance which is rather quite stupid as we know the chances I stand is a matter of being caught up with society fools who make themselves out to be people that can get young people into crimes and riots and will therefore take whatever they wanted from any person they wanted, with an imagination that gets up my bum and a businesses they have set up to make profit on the basis of practicing very abusive and hurtful narcissism on me, while they on the other hand have come to enjoy making a mess of my Bookshop in order to get their imagination up my bum the way that society trouble makers do as well and it all goes back to the fact they always tended to have a problem with other people’s personal space on account they deserved some peace with respect to where their personal decisions have led them and especially if the personal space people had was used for thinking purposes more so, it then goes back from this to the very beginning when their politicians started out with being part of societies that are kept out of sight, such that they regularly gathered to pretend they controlled the City and can hound me until they got narcissism and satisfaction from me, whether or not they saw I was persuaded by a religion, right up to the point of making it quite clear that my personality was taken from an area of endeavour that they should have gotten a personality from, on account they were the ones who made decisions which affected the lives of convicted criminals in the Country. Clearly which we can see that they have no wish to allow me a breathing space now that they have found a way to get about damaging my Bookshop and then relying on me not to do a thing about it, so they might position themselves to get me complaining about repression, which has so far taken up 15 years of what is actually my time and not their own. I do get asked about what my fundamental view of these people is but it’s an old story they are a handful of very stupid individuals who have so little clever activity going on in their lives, that they leave it at home where friends and family are and show the worst of their behaviour in Public where I have to deal with it all the time because they had become addicted to inviting themselves into my concerns and we see it play out in the sense that they hate getting involved with Public matters, while hanging around attacking those who do endlessly and then at the end, there is a story about a treatment of women that kicks off the violent activities associated with acquiring what does not belong to them thereafter – then they say people like me love to get hurt with public issues while reality is largely a matter of what we think we can do to support others with respect to what we will have left to carry on with our lives if we did, while their own has always been a case of some extreme forms of selfishness where working for money was the first problem and now they have to deal with people who think unpaid public issues had a meaning and yet the entire time they are the biggest beneficiaries of what has been accomplished all together – should I walk down the streets with a body language that says it is all crime and criminal activity like it really is, the outcome will be that I get told that I do contribute to processes of getting people hurt and killed and do get away with it but these sorts of practical jokes carry on garnished with threats if they have not get received a response.

It then goes back to the way it started when people say I have contributed to making them that way which I have i.e. started with gimmicks where it was part of their civil rights to threaten me over money problems while moving into my right hand, to claim it was not bad if I smelled of what I ate because I am stupid while it was for their cracked up out of my league superior selves to, only to hang around somewhere telling me what responses to this behaviour they think is unacceptable and likely to earn me more reprisals. So I did get them chasing their own lives lest people took it from them, so I might move into their right hand and make them smell as well, irrespective of how bad it would be on grounds they thought themselves good looking, so the answer to the question is that I had made a huge contribution towards making them the way they are now – the outcome is that they want an exit and will get it from me in hell. On the matters of how clever they are while people like me are stupid, we all know if we attended school like they did, the knowledge base would have vanished all together – always important to find which talents you possess and push the boundaries of research without losing grounds on the bits you must do according to the Book to get the qualifications but for them, it is more important to secure publicity on the violent aspects that existed in other people’s lives without their subjects knowing that part of their lives existed, then run off to pass the exams in school and take their abusive behaviour to the next level with respect to those who got past it and became millionaires in the past – it says I am stupid but I do not think facts will run out in terms of studying the fact they are a bunch of educated idiots. The main case here still being that it continues to drag my career into a condition that allows society and culture trouble makers to work their practical jokes into parts of it where I have done my best work with its stupid Media, then hang around somewhere telling me that size matters too, while I keep wishing that I might be able to look after my Bookshop without harming them seriously and time is running out, so I think it did get serious the first time and will certainly get serious again as it were; we know if Celebrities grind show business into my life I can stop it if I wanted besides the fact that it happens on grounds they were approached by an Industry trouble maker who wanted to spend money on them if they did, should society trouble makers link money making to hurting me it is possible to ensure they knew they will be the ones doing the riots when I am really interested but there isn’t a handle for the Media yet and so this nonsense happens every day without reason because they are getting an amusement associated with power from it and are just bullying me on a provisional basis, in case somebody with money wants to spend money on them while they did, hence not so unusual that I like to think their case will end very well all together as it were – it’s an old story about a bunch of low lives with a certain attitude that says they can make a mess of others as much as they liked because the fight will not last long, never interested in Public matters because it was a fight to keep a job in the first place, just like the society bits know I don’t like their culture and society because they use it to make me smell of what I ate which makes it impossible to keep the career while we have never seen them practice the hurtful parts of it on themselves and hence need keep off my Books and stop following me around, soon we find it has set out how it wants to defend some women whom the rest of the world require you to part with property to help with their decadence and wants a stupid confrontation – thus whilst that is going on, should they handle me for the smell I am going to make my own changes as well and they will never be able to keep their eyes away from it too. The Bottom line is that these fools have made a mess of my Bookshop for today, they have shown how much fun they got from it and have informed me that the main corner stone behind this behaviour is that size matters – so I should pass up the wrecked day and plan for the next one and one more occasion of a person’s Media job being responsible for getting these idiots to perform their stupidities around parts of my career where I have done my best work, will see me begin an attack on their prized careers as well and we are not talking about the part where Politicians are no longer claiming that religion is the source of all wars since the purpose of such claims have already achieved an outcome where these gits may play up their gimmicks on my mainstream living all together – feeding into the idea that it is the reason such things as Scottish Nationalism is required while the English are doing very well without Nationalism and we know it’s the same tale of their insolent girls seeing me at an academic institution and running off overseas to grab more stupid boys alongside whom they may play practical jokes with my career and make their insults profitable while other gits at the Monarchy supported them years after, claiming I have been relentless. I have even been told that my Books are the problem while the business of imagining what Books I could have written is becoming profitable for their Media jobs again as it were but everything I do rather matches the Books I have written the last time that we checked.

They do claim that hand on heart, I actually have no way of backing up most of what I have said and it is utter nonsense – the one where somebody handled them once in order to chase wealth equality issues and civil rights, making them look like they wanted a fight endlessly while making them too weak to win any fights, made them into the discriminative pieces of shit they are today while I have been tolerating their stupidities making the one that chases me every day for the last decade and a half to show up where I have done the best work for my career for years; it is career criminal activity that gets people doing these activities, while their own part in it is plain idiocy that makes sense of its incredibly low existence by knowing where I kept my anus, if I felt a real threat from their stupidities I will certainly handle them like one as well for my part. They do say they will run me through but it’s an old story of the things we don’t talk about as people beat us down in our bedroom because they are trying to improve themselves, the constant battle for air and personal space because their bad behaviour spreads them around for all the wrong reasons, the wickedness that gets completely out of hand with the personal spaces and personal lives of those who endure it once they had made the money and the fact their families, friends and health are not affected by it all; so it’s one of those matters where I think I want to devise a bullet to shoot their stupidities with, such that when I do their friends will crack and smell and do much about it thereof. The hurtful part is when they pick up my work to make money knowing there are proper clients that broker and invest the equities they have deployed abusively without authorisation, to tell me that size counts.

I do get asked frequently whether what I say is a prelude to something serious, like it is suggested that I spend time antagonising those who work State provided security, both suppositions are wrong – the reality is that what I say is not a prelude to something serious but the fact that these gits tend to know secrets about women, about how women wet themselves when people get the imagination all over the private parts, which plays really hard into German males with a need to beat Girls panties because they think they are good looking, talking nonsense at me that feels like they think they can exhibit a totem indicating of being my Father all the time, while the British gits had taken advantage of somebody else to get the trendy community living they have presently with an antagonism of society people, so have found another person whom they may take advantage of to move left and I appear to be such a person this time, therefore always a matter of trends they consider to be most meaningful, the destruction of other peoples lives thereof, all meaning people ought to stay at home and not keep a job because their stupidities were very important and should I make a case for it according to these facts, I risk a reality where not everybody was as tolerant as I am. The part about State provided security is that they have picked up work concerning my duties and since matters had arisen that caused them to get such a job done, I must now follow up any outstanding part of my Office associated with the job that has been done – my concern is that these prank lobotomised goons will get off and do a copycat version of which would be incredibly provocative.