I can never gain freedom from those messages and developed communication processes with a Media presence about how a time for me to get into trouble and more so at Government and the Monarchy is in the works, but it is utter nonsense. The reality is that the only thing that is creating the idea I am stepping out of line is this sense that my need to please everybody had eventually created an outcome where people can evolve their position to ensure that it was no longer within the Queen’s power to decide who gets a Royal position and who succeeds her to the Crown, which is not truth or reality, since they spend most of their time inventing their own ideas about what I am doing all day long. It has been as simple as the question of what exactly it had to be with me if Police were putting pressure on somebody to join the force whether the person wanted to or not and that pressure was unrelenting – if the person wanted the rest of us to join in on his predicament for instance, I believe we deserved an explanation as to the reasons that Police Officers were doing so – which when mentioned will have given me a position that the father gods will love, as I had now gone about establishing reality while I had done no such thing. Their problem mainly is that they enjoy picking up my work to improve the lives of Royal Family members that want to spend most of their time getting along with Celebrities and this is what now needs to change – no matter which member of the Royal Family it is, should they wish to avoid the task of tackling me as well, they needed to stop making sense of involvement with Celebrities and let Royal Family members run their lives as they saw fit, to face the results accordingly. It’s the one problem that comes through again and again and again – face stupidities all day involving idiots with a penis finding how what defence sensibilities I could lose through some ego trip that added up to a form of gambling to them, with American fools and their overseas friends at the helm and it runs off at me all day, while they have not stopped once in 18 years, finding ways of making worse and worse the effects of the fact that all they ever do is put resources towards gimmicks that will facilitate a process where they got to live in a Country that was more conducive for men, only to turn out claiming that the Royal Family needed to adapt to face the future. The reality on the ground being that each time somebody comes up with these sorts of alternatives ways to live for instance, what we ended up with was a process where they formed an affront to the way that communities engaged with itself, which added up to a communication processes that facilitated ways by which people can evade or resist the people in Uniform or even develop structures that allowed them to stand up to the Law – if the gimmicks about building a country that is conducive for men ran up to the very top, then I being caught up with the abusive consequences of their popular culture, a case of idiots that are always out of my league, academic work and shit, am therefore responsible for the way that public matters are getting completely out of sorts, as far as they were concerned – an example of the fact they enjoyed inventing these ideas but if I had not lost something important there was no way they could be successful with it, tackling me all the time and blowing off the big mouth about impending doom to befall me.

They do claim there is confusion about what Americans are doing with my work as well and yes I suppose there is; it’s a handful of goons that have spent a lot of time getting gits who blow off their big mouth all over the place as though they were in need of services only an exorcist can provide, being given the privilege of somebody systematically trashing my financial progress and wellbeing to help them develop a disposition where they got to blab their wickedness and evil induced insanity around my earnings – then they decided soon after that perhaps if they got somebody to help them live with their hatred of religion, their problems would go away, so they got unto issues at my Office that concerned the popularity twats that were out of my league, the society gits that wanted me for a private army academic work and shit, to make sense of their gimmicks but they were the ones that historically suffered the bottom hurting consequences of such nonsense to an extent where they could not stop blaming the Russians for it. It all sets off an understanding of how little they know about me and what they mean when they suggest I needed to make more of a public show of myself which is never going to happen without the improvement of my finances and a process where I found me a spouse first.

So they claim they can only see a future of real pain for me and yes I understand but it’s an old story that likewise each time I woke up to poor book sales numbers because of the way their stupidities were making use of me over their foolish popular problems, they will feel me all over again – I mean it started out stupidly enough when they were just following me around to make a mess of the career and then when I wrote a Book all hell broke loose, same as following me around to get me dropping out of University because they want people in the neighbourhood to know who they were and pay them for being popular while getting imagination up my bum instead of theirs, but after I had dropped out, they continued the abuses every day because everything I had become thereafter was created by them, the claim being that they own me. I mean it would never have crossed my mind if I were asked to write an essay on what I thought added up to public stupidities, so this is quite the revelation as they never really look the part. We are here by the way because the number of years that I had not responded to these abuses had developed into something of a means that allowed them build a crowd that will make me do what they wanted, so they are now making decisions with abusive behaviour and a means by which all I had ended up in a legal and social no man’s land, with respect to what I can say in their direction but the problem festers still with that big mouth blabbing about how I complain while I am big on the insults, yapping all day, the ethnic minorities especially cannot make use of their freedoms of expression, be it during conferences, Union meetings or political engagements without making statements that suggested their stupidities were superior to me. I do get told that I never mention the part of all that is my failing and the fact that I suggested I could handle the matter comfortable; of which in terms of the former there are no failings, just good looking people showing their good looks in public to build a crowd that helped them antagonise me and make me do what they wanted without reason or purpose, the claim they are celebrities then must have shown that the stupid crowd that works this nonsense with them is currently having its personal decisions made for it apparently. The business of handling it comfortably then fits into the way it plays out in a social context of a handful of unbearably stupid people showing up here to blow off the big mouth about a future of pain for me as though that is something they would say when reviewing a Book that they paid for in this place – an example of the reasons that the ex-convict big brother that gets imagination up my bum and builds contact between me and criminals to serve their cause, will continue to cover their arse while they made money and increasing contact with either myself or my concerns by Celebrities will lead up to a more difficult future. It is never clear the reasons these idiots believe that if they were able to take advantage of a person’s career to make their own work for them, bearing in mind their popularity stupidities is usually an unproductive venture that a git with money to make trouble for others with loves to spend money on and show up somewhere complaining later when done, they had to complete wreck the career before they set about taking advantage of it and then they will get off claiming I am showing my real colours as well, while the real me is one that thinks it has always been them the entire time – fools that are out of my league showing up to make a mess of my studies and career all the time, society gits performing abusive behaviour, academic work and shit the citizens advice, we know they bring it into the academic environment because they were popular, because they wanted the neighbourhoods to know who they were but I always end up paying the price for it; this is the real me and we know the gimmicks they blab about endlessly involved the abusive behaviour of society gits whose activities only ends up on a media presence because it wants to get you making sense of insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, even though they knew you had been given a royal commission to spend your time on and will have to explain such things at a certain point but we see it show up where a handful of fools that co-operate with it originally could not stop issuing threats at everything that is not their mate about what will happen if they lost their precious media jobs, pulling me into a different direction from the one I got out of bed to follow every day, while the same society gits are responsible for this reputation of complains their foolish popularity idiots and children were talking about the entire time because they have been bothering politicians about my attitude. I guess then that the business of getting imagination up my bum was not just an expression of their evil men gimmicks but is also their history in this place – it does make sense all the time naturally when handling me meant their bottom hurt i.e. handle me and you cannot go home but any person would leave it at that, they are simply not any persons, such that when I say they need stay away from my Books and keep their big mouths off my social life, we find that they have been trying to decide what I said and did the entire time because it got on their stupid nerves when they were trying to share my personal space with me. So, I am told that I needed to stop hiding the real me as it’s a very beautiful thing but it is not in their view and they do not get involved with it for agreeable purposes. Take for instance the question of how people saddled themselves with consequences of excessive and abusive social behaviour, which if they did without a benefit of hindsight, should their tummy give up on them at some stage, the fact they did without a benefit of hindsight will come to their aid, as opposed to people who carried on while deciding that other people’s tummies played the tricks while they never had to worry about the consequences of excessive social and abusive behaviour. So when we do eventually start talking about the benefits of trashing the Celebrity culture which is the only way to ensure they were keener to sign up to National service and do the Monarchy favours in order to tackle me if they are not dead, in terms of the fact it never stops getting involved with me to pick up and sell bits of my life over its plans to get rich, which it has done long enough to shut down its own personal relationships and its involvement with me is now shutting down my own personal relationships as well – the benefits of ripping up the Celebrity culture weighed against the benefits of not doing so; which is the real me.

So I get asked if I had cause to be unhappy all the time but I don’t and I am not; what happens from dawn to dusk is a Celebrity that had over the last 7 years showered by Books with a history of insults because their stupidities would like me to serve them, now they have dragged my career and finances into a legal and social no man’s land that gets them making statements on everything I did to recover it every day, stupid statements that suggested I had provoked them by interfering with their fame idiot incomes again, which will likely lead to outcomes where I was attacked by their silly children and other fools that work for and serve their money. I mean I have not responded to these matters for 18 years, the part where they realised all plans to rip up my finances and control me with money had completely failed, so they resorted to damaging my Books itself began in 2012, we are talking about this still happening every day in the most abusive ways in 2021. They do claim they had support of Politicians which does not add up to what we are talking about here either mostly, however the abusive and insulting behaviour of the Politicians especially the females who clearly had connections with my ancestors to facilitate their stupidities being exhibited at me every day, is that I was naïve of the sexual impropriety associated with their female political treachery, so I assumed most of their stupidities was aimed at educating me but if they are tired of complaining about the way I take it out on their careers as well, I suggest they got scarce around the academic work and the Bookshop. Eventually is talk of mess that happens at the Monarchy because of me but there is really none – what happened is a process where I picked up a bad neighbourhood to write some Books in and probably set up the Office in while I made residence in another, looking into the future, so a handful of Royals who get along very well with the Celebrities for obvious reasons of seeking sexual pleasures from people who were too much for them to handle when they chased their various ambitions, which is the reason they have ex-convicts educating me about finer points of homosexuality every day at this stage, decided that it was an opportunity to achieve something they claimed they would not have been able to achieve in the well-off neighbourhoods, building up to a sense that the Commission was better in the hands of another person, entirely for their world and the gimmicks they exhibit in it which shows up with a media presence to get on my nerves as stupidly as possible everyday – they will now tell all the lies in the world and perform every deception they can imagine to avoid the consequences apparently.

So they do claim if they found me in the well-off neighbourhoods I will end up in a lot of trouble and it is utter nonsense as well; what will happens would be a matter of how quickly the problem of chasing their own finances by needing my social life, property and public image ran off and ended up in the Law Courts with the parents on feature for it, not the culture and society gits bits where over 70% of people require mental health assistance and if you were interested in civil living not hurting people, most problems are solved when they didn’t exist in the first place. It’s an old story on issues that lead up to such matters where I need get around trading business in a Royal Property by specific means – sometimes I am told a property adds up to broker, other time its adds up to equity, other times it adds up to actual market and this happens within an arrangement where I had already done all necessary to facilitate mobility for instance, such that only the part that adds up to market is the one I can use if I seek to make money but I cannot because the Celebrities show up here to pick up my life and sell it up to chase a fifth mortgage and they have not stopped blabbing a well off neighbourhood idiots, statements of how I get involved with industry to mop up potential income sources where relatives of those who held top positions could get rich too, so it’s an example of an assumption that I have not had enough of them, especially while the celebrities entitle themselves to continue the behaviour and follow it up with publicity to say they were happy for me, which maintains the narcissism and ensured they didn’t have to feel that they had to let go and move on disobediently all day. All in the abusive corrupt civil rights crowd that wants to solve financial problems by seeking equality, while leaving me to the dizzying financial complications associated with the stupidities and an idea that if I showed up in well off neighbourhoods I would get into a lot of trouble. They do claim it’s a matter of the futile sense of superiority that is exhibited by me which is utter nonsense as the real problem is a gimmick that started years earlier with that stupid corruption of popularity involvement being convinced it can get involved with the concerns of any person that it wanted, if it had need to use the social life, personality and public image of such a person; the outcome is that it did start off with stupidities about the way some of us were meant to fight for civil rights while others were meant to get famous and share the money after, by which what I have spent a lifetime working on has been factorised by characters that are so stupid we do think they needed some form of medical intervention for the way their famous idiots minds work but we are past that now because we are now working on the business of celebrity trashing the market takings of my business over claims if I co-operated with them, they would share the audience they took from my Books over a 6 year history of insults with me and all I needed was love, while what they needed on the other hand was a colloquialism that was best left unexplored with a big mouth. It is this need to ensure I am some sort of punching bag when they have enemies and made decisions about which persons have some form of Public influence they can turn into the enemy that their famous stupidities could beat up, which is at the core of all their problems and I think that I have to make a decision between the success of my Bookshop and the existence of their Celebrity culture, just so that I might act like a grown up.

They Do claim I make it difficult for Celebrities to stop this behaviour, but it is supposed to be difficult for everybody – I must do 30 years work in 18 years to catch up with financial setbacks systematically caused because they considered me to be harmless and an enemy of their stupidities that they would have preferred to have, so they may keep the money but are done with the rest.