I am not harming any American relations like they claim, it is utter nonsense; I am simply somebody that has now been official labelled as a tortured soul who is attacked and has his boundaries pushed by other because his reaction always solves and fulfils their life problems and resolves their stupidities, he must be made angry and kept angry by community croons at all times so that it might be possible to do this which is why although few politicians will accept I have the right to do something about it, he must be institutionally kept away from earning money and every criminal activity we carry out on his possessions are things people have done to somebody somewhere in the world which we take out on him to make him do something about problems, then spend his earnings on ourselves with our problems as tools for it. Americans are at the very forefront of this nonsense and that is what it is all about; they speak of science and logical thinking and a hatred of religion but since it does not apply that a society of consensual adults applies to everybody else but them, I do not seem what they are complaining about either for my part, I don’t want anybody dissecting me and laying me out and studying me to find out what makes me, me on account of anything and that should be good enough otherwise the consequences are things that will happen to me to make me react and attack them and one of those is their popular culture idiots having need for a hate figure before they attend school and so on and of course they really need a talented tortured soul above everything else that will come up with ideas they get to steal as insolently as they might like to. This then leads to a process where one of their major social pillars are at risk whenever they do it to me, otherwise mentioning something about their tolerant society should be good enough to deter them; it is not a new story, its the same as socialist in the UK; the big things always turn up to buy time and hold you back so they can get used to it. they said they live in a society of consensual adults and this is what has prevented me from taking direct action, so it apply to everybody if it has come thus far, or else there is no point to their complains.

I am just clever enough to settle everybody’s needs so I can do whatever I want to do with them and yes of course they always say I speak of their actions but for each occasion my people will be out there making a lot of trouble for everybody and by that they mean feminists they work with to ensure brainless idiots like those seek female preference over my earnings and stifle my books until they have a thriving business, not women in my Consortium of course because that would have raised an issue about the fact they cannot stop building their nonsense on my literary empire which is the sort of thing that their socialist idiots bring government office that is their personal property to cause delay and buy them time to get used to and turn into a new civil rights thereof, about which we have reached a stage where they must now get unused to it as well. I mean it never stops happening and it was like that right from day one when I got my books published, the books turned up on National television all over the world and sales got even more difficult to accomplish everyday and yet they do not smell somebody planning a course of action to put an end to that on account they are invincible, I never got published on TV, I got published online and yes they say that creates a weakness they can exploit but we all know it is the same insults; I have my own problems whereby I have to deal with unemployment and contract work and temporary work on my way to permanent employment but it is the fact they want to be famous and understand the sex industry is where they will end up if they are not which means I must always, always be insulted to desperation and kept that way in the eyes of the world at least everyday. The part that does not get discussed of course is the part where I am not innocent in the matter i.e. every black parent in this country exists in my view to fight racism for everybody because I am really tired of the insults and so do their children exist to show us all how nice the homes they live in is and hence do it for everybody as well. The whites are just the ones that have it in their heads that anything there is in this country exists for the taking where they are concerned and so they tend to move really fast and you tend to have so much to pillage when you want to. If hurting me physically in anyway becomes inevitable I will try to make it very nasty indeed; I am just really tired of them. Simply goons that love and get a lot of pleasure from manipulating things that are so vastly accountable to so many people for the purpose of being able to play games with others that they know their chosen victims will not appreciate. They say I never hit the nail on the head about the things they do and that is why they keep doing them on account my activities are a distraction and I have hit the nail on the head many times over on this feeling I have right now of being burgled several times today alone which I know I will wake up to on the morrow, I have hit the nail on the head many times over and it is not hurting badly enough yet and will do it again come the morrow.

The other talk they seem to like so much is that old matter of how I show gratitude for every little thing I get all the time which of course never really happens; I mean right now what I do over this gratitude story skips my mind but I can still remember the circumstances around my actions to be that of the attitude of black people to members of their race who have something unique and how it fits with the fact that it is perhaps not a good idea to attack them as well when they bully you because they are giving you responsibility or showing they would support and fight for you if the need arises but of course the reality is that they get into league with Politicians and set about wrecking your life and they always do it with women who do strange things with transferred violence that works along the lines of insulting you to tiredness and using it to warm you back up to change your entire person into something they want with a big mouth, so if you think about it and put yourself in the shoes of a woman for example, you see a life where you have a body without a penis and understand those transferred violence are things they carry around without reason or purpose and there is no need for you to be a victim of it every single second as they see fit that they might boast as well and feel special for it. the matter always eventually runs into the issue of how I turn up on peoples country and refuse to go along with the status quo so that stupid women can control real men but their status quo is of no relevance to me nor are the issues raised; they have always known all I wish to do is sell my books and raise money to go away on a holiday from which I shall never return, severing all links with my family unless I wish to call somebody on a phone that they have access to and one talk of being a cunt or that thing they abuse to secure preferential treatment and a future for their stupid girls will see me return and when I do we will find out if those black communities are their personal and private property as well.

Another of their big issues around these matters largely concerns the education system and of course there is never a thing to discuss about it except public education and private education; I don’t mind personally a process where MP try to create a system that means that lower classes can tag along with upper classes which then means they can takes steps to ensure those lower classes are their children but we are talking about an entire education system, so if it is not a case of a problem they have with the idea a good teacher can be employed by a school and also by private individuals giving them the chance to earn more than an MP does, then I should guess that their problem is that they cannot do a job properly for once in their entire lives. In the end of which it is a matter of people getting training they need when they need it bearing in mind the social classes are locked tight, so that if somebody from the upper class introduces you to the upper class and you refuse the offer it can lead to complications and if they don’t and you attend their parties it can lead to complications as well; so that no matter what you own upper class is upper class and lower class is lower class. For me personally it is the same old story of the man that got a royal commission and dropped out of his first degree and it is their stupid children that turned out like that honestly, I did not take them seriously the first time, I failed to imagine that my dissertations will turn up on parliament so people can dissect the revolutionary ideas for governance in it and help their mad children to savage my academic work, it will never happen again and I was not published on television by the way. They always say I play around and blame others for my failures of course, omitting the part where their foolish children want a cat and dog fight all the time knowing their parents support them while they study in order to ensure they only succeed if people like me tend to have failed and now they are robbing it in as well; it is what you have to deal with at an education system as it were and I don’t think it a problem either since it is a matter of resources you have – if you have enough money then you buy your private education but if what they have left you is just enough money to buy a public one that is what you do but look at other resources and in my case I have a Literary empire and can hold them off at the jobs market and the Industries with it while I study and so it is the process of getting to parliament to detach me from my studies and push me out of it with heavy distractions that end up in stock markets and go global as well that led to a process of dropping out and not some foolish way of play around and blaming others; a matter of how much time you have left when what politicians do with your academic work leads to a process where this plans to take up or destroy your literary empire creeps up on your entire career and life everyday while you study at a tertiary institution and how much time you have left for your full time study after you had settled it and that stupid media as well they know has a mind of evil. So this is me on the education system and the fact I am fed up with the class story about it when the real issue is that politicians wreck it and spend public funds doing a woeful jobs with it that they can then blame those who can afford private education with and if they mention it again as per where I fit into the picture, I will become their personal poltergeist. They say they have read my books and that it is full of rubbish but I don’t know if that is a rating anyway since they have not got a copy of their own the last time I checked but just in case it is they ought to know the books were about them and so I suppose it is full of rubbish because they took a mirror to their faces and that nonsense about handling a boy I had warned them as it were happens because they want real life complications that I will then endeavour to dish out; they never listen. It is the same story that keeps running and running i.e. the education system is about the fact every manifesto that a new government comes up with comes with its own problems, every generation comes with its own problems but Politicians must barge into your life and create you as much distress as they can with as much problems as will disfigure you on account they wish to make the Parliament last forever and we now know at this stage that British Prisons are full and cannot tell how many will end up there before their parliament feels eternal to them either so we will carry on and I have made myself quite clear. I mean if you do want to make changes to a prison system that the legal system can work with the changes you would be most proud of is the one where the existing prisons are full and there is need for new ones. They say my story of tutors that teach privately and publicly is an idea borrowed from Africa but everybody knows it is entirely possible that having your academic work ripped up for you could mean dropping out, working hard, selling your books and going back to the University to hire the tutor you liked to teach you at home, so that a Parliament might last forever. Of course this is the last occasion I will put up with insults from their civil rights idiots telling me what to do, holding to my book sales and getting rich while they do, as they themselves get to chase industry fortunes and so I will finish off here as well on the note of how I talk too much and nothing I say makes any sense, again a mirror held up to their stupid faces so I can have some peace.