The problem people tend to have about the EU on account of me is said to have happened as a result of my interference, the reality is rather that of theirs of course; we are talking about a process where it is not okay if you are involved with the daughter of a millionaire who regularly shows up at Malibu in a Private Yacht nor is it okay for you to have your life the way it is when the Queen has a conversation about you with for example the Dutch Royal Family which offers you an alliance which you have to work to preserve and look after but it really comes to real trouble over the social aspect which is that your Royal Order and the disposition and juxtaposition and statements and securities deployed by Government security operatives to look after the Country and protect it from enemies is something that anybody can handle provided they play tyranny and homosexuality and abuse of you to show the shit that comes out of you when poor people in poor places in the world need money with that stupid access to your privacy that Americans especially love to offer them. Hence I know what they like as well and it is secret societies, they really like the ones in Italy and the warnings about a letter turning up at the addresses where they gather over these insults and abuses does not do anything to deter them, so it has come to a head and they can pack their bags and leave any place they bloody well wish, it is never as much of a concern for me as they love to make out that it is and more so on the basis of what I may have said and done about it. The part about banks is of course that there is always this mix up people love to conduct over my duties and so when I write things about matters and duties people tend to get themselves into this condition where they are mixed up and everything; the duties of Industry and duties at my Courts and duties of Politics which are in effect the only three that I have got, so that whenever they do the media turns out to have a field day as well and they get confused and mix themselves up for the day mostly – bearing in mind the powers of idiots with access to my privacy who claim to touch my penis and anus and play games with every aspect of my private parts on account they are trouble maker shareholders who claim not to like me and so on, along with their poverty African friends of which either I or them one of the two was always going to get the charity done anyway, only I now have to supervise and watch over it to ensure they do it my way and with that stupid insolent money of theirs too – for example. Hence they can pack their bags and get out of anywhere they please so I might get a break from a condition where a point at which people give public speeches from a public office always ends with violent insults brewed from those stupid social rumours and violent gossips of theirs on that stupid media. The part about how what I say ends up in the hands of those it should not is mostly an issue concerned with popular culture idiots and their girls; nothing here ends up in the wrong hands at any stage or rate whatsoever – the reality is that these scum are social and political and financial paedophiles and want to be able to satisfy their perversions on the basis of being able to extract the benefits and feeling and gains of my work just as I have done them before I have and so when you had warned them and their stupid girls and boys and their popular culture bearing in mind they want to collect enough of that to make beauty that will allow them get somewhere to sing nonsense about you to make fame and fortune and want to collect even more to create alternative lifestyle and have homosexual sex with and it continues still, it becomes very clear what they want from you as well. In terms of financial work

In terms of the specific duties however, I had a long time ago completed what I had set out to do which was to completely eliminate financial inequality to stifle corruption and abuse at the financial industry and banking system and now we have such an equal level playing field that we regularly see people turn out to prevent the government from printing money into the economy which will cost a currency devaluation but will ensure everybody is financially secure and hence help the economy recover and of course the prognosis is that they said we suffered a catastrophic economic crisis and the money was gone never to be recovered so unless the money is stashed away somewhere and will lose value if the Government does devalue the currency thus, then they should not be causing this regular delays that must be made to happen until they have found a more secure way of making sure their money and at least its value is safe; the main issue being that employees and small businesses have not got that sort of time available to them. Now the threat it is said I pose to financial businesses and industries is actually a truth for a change; the facts about that is that this is The Queens realm and not their own and since I am The Arch Prince can do what I like and that includes just looking around and reviewing peoples company equities in order to write blogs and sell books, it is a privilege I deserve in the sense that I too can look around and stretch forth my hands and take anything I want. The importance of mentioning it is not just the violence that is so insignificant I should do nothing about it and the media insults but also that they check me up regularly to see how far I will go on the matter so they can find out if they can still create areas in which they can sit down and develop their finance anomalies with which to carry on in that way making fortunes a penny of which there was no work whatsoever involved in acquiring. So I believe they understand what I mean when I say this is The Queen realm and not their own – I will go far enough alright, by the way of which I get all these ideas from the things they do to stifle my company talking nonsense about their money freak wet dreams that involve medium size leverages chasing high risk assets and high risk investments – something like that anyway.

There is talk of course of how I believe that Police stop and search Policy is a good thing but of course everybody knows that stop and search Police Policy is one of the social commotions we have to live with and those who end up in it and put themselves in a condition where they do are never really content with messing up their own lives unless they mess your own up as well which is why they like to seek a discussion of it in public. I mean when they are nice they are stealing your finances through market systems and media on account a girl asked them to and when they are all out its guns and gangs and drugs, so the Police will risk wrecking my life if they stop and search them. The sympathisers who stifle my book sales for personal gratification on the other hand will say I am heartless and it is entirely normal for scum like me, the reality of course is that this commotion is their problem and not mine. Heartless is when you idea of going out to strive to make money to pay your way in the world involves a blame culture of taking frustrations out on others to feel better and determine if you get jobs on account you are happy and can communicate and not whether or not you are good enough because that will come later and when you have both you can wreck the finances of those who do your blame culture on in order to dominate and be powerful, I think this defines heartless better than if I think stop and search Police policy is their problem and not mine. A typical example is the Labour party banking proposal that contains stories about the forcing of big banks to sell their branches and the creation of challenger Banks, the idea that you own it does not apply, the idea you earn your money unlike them and their popular culture idiots does not apply, the idea a certain amount of your income is dispatched without reason or purpose on social problems he is paid by the state to deal with does not apply, it’s just there and can always be shared if it is with a big mouth and we are not yet living in a Country where the economic crisis is so bad people turn out on the streets to stab people to death yet which is why they are having their socialist party as it were for the time being. Then we hear them mention how it was something that I proposed, when we all know the reality to be that I mentioned something about plans to create a spare stock market that will ensure whenever we feel economic crisis looming in the air one can get up and gobble up the other, I however fail to see which part of what I said suggested they can get off and do my stuff for me – those stupid insults. In any case of which what I said had to do with my alternative stock market existing alongside an alternative economy which most likely will also involve getting hold of that stupid socialist party an twisting it so badly it will have to become a capitalist arrangement by the very nature of its social policy, but my alternative economy was to involve small businesses at my Estate and benefit claimants and a market specifically for these kinds of consumers and producers – so that every idiot who feels when people tell them to waiver their bonuses on grounds it is only fair to speed up recovery in such ways considering that they inadvertently created an economic crisis which has resulted in people taking pay cuts to keep their jobs, they make out it is people attacking them for being successful and turn up here to handle my property and talk even more nonsense about their wet dream being medium leverage chasing high risk capital and high risk investment or something like that – nothing said which means that Labour party idiots who were in office while these scumbags were getting out of hand can turn up, handle my work and do my stuff for me as well. That great idea that what I plan to do is impossible is something they brew off of course, largely not unusual since everybody is aware of a constant attitude that means that in order to ensure people consult you to do anything with your person or your work and property before they claim that action you take to look into a problem that is them happens to have been a process of not practicing what you preach is supposed to take up all you have including your health is a socialist invention in the west and its purpose is to ensure they are the ones with strength and health on whose side businesses and rich people want to be – I did and said nothing that suggested they can turn up anywhere to do my stuff for me and it is not unusual that they start and should expect the trouble they seek as well.

It is not a major crisis; the simple fact of the matter is that it is my property, it is my possession and when they want some they ask and the answer can either be yes or no and I don’t have to give anything to my own detriment – we have had this lesson whereby Christians are not half the persons they were supposed to have been over and over and over again and instead of going away they are still here ready to talk about how much of their own lives they are unable to move on with which I must ensure an otherwise situation is the case but of course what I am really thinking is that they have not yet gambled away that stupid civil rights to a point where they are unable to discuss their stupid problems yet. I do not think the matter is of prime concern either – it’s a lot like the old case of not doing only the male journalists and then calling it a day since the rest will be up to all sorts anyway and the popular culture especially; these things are brewed by a collection of goons who think themselves haters of anything orientated with Monarchy and that is why they do these things and enjoy stifling my book sales and sitting on it to that effect with that big mouth by which they are making me slave over something for pleasure as the books do not seem to have been hurting badly enough yet as it were. I don’t think there is anything to fear about them; they hate Monarchy because they think they should have been Monarchs and so if they cannot be then they will be rebels and everybody else will be below the two with a bigmouth; hence such things as Police stop and search Policy being their problem and not mine for example. However when they speak of how I have been hammered with over-enslavement and it is time for them to build a high life and a decadence and a means of making happy money and taking holidays with it, the reality remains they cannot stay off my books during their holidays and cannot save those stupid insults for a better day either and that is why they will have none: I mean wrecking my academic work in order to dominate me and pass the exams and run off to do nothing putting their feet up beside the pool under the sun in South America is a regular occurrence, they cannot have or continue to have those holidays, so that these things are a desperate concern is a laugh, they are not.

I am aware it is not just said I get around gathering other peoples culture and then deploying it to serve them with, these are all things people say to spread rumours that constitute a barrier to employment for me so they can boast about power and some vengeance for an old case of oppression, it is clearly something they will not stop alongside that claim I am more concerned about their social problems that one’s associated with my faith but I am sure they have heard people say before that a young man had been doing well until he met a certain women to whom he feels he is in love and things have been going downhill since while he will not give her up in hell – they rather think they can do that to me without the sex and this is what we are putting to the test. The male versions are supposed to have been the tyrants that ask you for things you cannot give so they can hound you and play sociopath games with an end result where you are in a part of society from which they can take anything they want and so the idea that you can determine what people do with your possessions when they turn up in public to grab your attention and have a mouth full as well which is supposed to get violent too does not exist in the scheme of things at all; these are the issues I must get on top of to get my books operable and they know that but while complaining cannot stay off the book sales anyway; they always think it is a game with that popular culture and fame and fortune nonsense that tyrants use to hound others because they want a mouth full of their property and will have it anyway but do not wish to play when they wreck people’s lives and wind up for good measure to a point where they seek redress.