I have been told that the pressure on me continues to get worse and it does naturally since what we are dealing with is a condition whereby people had decided what I am doing should be the preserve of those who work in Government or poor people who had nothing and each time Politicians get along with them, they did because they had taken the means by which they accomplished their own achievements to become Politicians and turned the entire Country on its fucking head. At which point they will tell me to stop using swear words as though I don’t know what swear words do when it is easier for their stupidities to tell me how to exist rather than keep off my Books and stop peppering my public image with comments to build up controversy that creates sales – the total destruction of my property by picking up my property equity to build products, sell them on market I created for my Hermitage Empire and advertise them through controversies built up for Royalty to facilitates sales.

On one hand I am a Hermit and we are placed in an environment that allows us to be conversant with all forms of evil and theirs needed to stop telling me what to do whether racist existed or not. On the other their abusive behaviour from Americans telling me what to do and telling me I am their servant which serves as a provocative undercurrent that decides my temper in this place every time their stupidities were entitled to my support as well, to financially well off psychopath hooligan scum in suits who have gone from a sense their Offices and the way it links to home is the bees knees while mine is a dung heap are always picking on me because their stupidities chased money to a point of having bad social experiences like we see each time I turn around following my achievements, they were behind me working on me to collect my earnings for Celebrities who are clearly living on foodbanks to say the least and the Media and Celebrities who go on an on the way that culture and society goons who tackle me go on an on all day because of what I have done to them as well, a process where they got imagination up my bum because it helps to control me – all are unbearably stupid and they do these things because there are things they needed to find out in order to stop being so stupid which the inability to keep away from my Books and stop peppering my public image with comments that create the stupid controversy for them on media and meant I will never stop getting targeted by it will find out in order for them to realise why it needed to stop.

So I am just a little off following up the excuses they make being what people said to them at the security services in order to protect me, to a process where I enforced my position with the powers of the state like they clearly dream that I did all the time thereof. So we are clearly where we should be i.e. stuck between culture idiots who never stop destroying peoples property and Celebrity scum who never stop making alliances with society gits in order to ensure none can stop them while they destroy peoples property, both have needs people must prioritise and they have ever listened to what others are saying to them – I want them keeping off my Hermitage and my Books, as I have had enough of it too. They love to point out that it is German influence and some history of unprofessional private security industry work I had done for a German company while we know it never stopped abusing me while I did that job and it continued to grow all the way to a point where Area managers were affected to advance its stupid self; such that what we see when it gets imagination up my bum was a statement that it was deploying my personal life, my family life, my social life and my property to seek its own connections and I ought to bear in mind consequences that will follow, alongside the one its stupid minions especially from the middle east will inflict, if I tried to do the same with a big mouth, now telling me if I did anything about them, I would loose all my Political and diplomatic alliances on the global stage, as stupidly as possible. The smell issues have looked goon on the efficient pricks the last time we checked all together.

They always claim I have been brought into the world and given a sense of what it looks like which is utter nonsense as the women had always said that I needed to avoid them because they were likely to do this to a certain extent and then expect others to fight their wars for them too, so this is all about their lives and I am aware the smell issues do not look good on them but it appears to be the preferable choice to the insults channelled at me and my Bookshop operation processes being handled by Media fools for industry trouble makers, Celebrities and fat cats. The other case is that it is hopeless but it isn’t – these activities are a product of never allowing others peace because they had bad social experiences and criminal history, since their activities are producing the same effect on others, they will have to rely on media salvation a little more intensively because it is about to create a mimic effect. We are here because the Obama Administration picked up all these nonsense and put it up somewhere; the problems of the black race, the problems of the muslims, the problems of every group of people that have been oppressed by those who  have what they don’t and now life changing insults about working for the USA will resolve all these and ensure their stupidities were reborn and its all in the interest of my race – while what is clashes with is work at a Royal Hermitage on stopping those characters who hang around somewhere killing people on our behalf, to create the short overseas wars we believe our security relies upon and there is trade and diplomacy and a process of getting to know the people they kill on our behalf involved too, so the question now is that since I am a writer, whether they have read my Books, of which not doing so while blabbing about which ones I did to serve them is really not progress if their stupidities are complaining about me as well and of course they do claim that my Books undo everything they thought they had forced me to do but I wrote it years before then, which expresses how much their stupidities were the victims and there was never complain at the Monarchy that it bangs away like that endlessly until the bad things happen as far back as history goes.

Every issue here was avoidable by a simple process of peoples abuses and insults not developing into a direct handling of my Books when all means of wrecking my career and finances and playing up obscurity on my personality and public image had failed – the fact it is putting me in a position of nauseating financial complications show that they are spending my time on their stupidities if they are going home with their salaries without being interfered with. They always say the fun bit is that I am losing everything I had while the reasons these issues have taken such precedence is the constant banging away at me by culture and society criminal characters which their stupidities have gotten involved with to facilitate media and celebrity careers, about which we cannot make sense of why they would unless we had accepted the deduction that doing so decided how much Celebrity endorsement the idiots involved got. So they always say that we are hated because when it comes to Celebrity we really love to pretend to be something we are not and its utter nonsense as what really happens is that deduction from their bread winner insolence means that based on projection if nothing was done about the mess made by the Obama Administration, the City will be inundated with fighting gangs – where it affects me is that making a mess of my Books is a statement to say my Books are a book of problems and they love to play practical jokes on my career because my responses are exhilarating, so I wish to push them into such a difficult situation they ended up making friends with criminals to produce Celebrity products and media which harms and attacks me – we know the drug addiction and suicides from here on are usually generic but they will as such also end up with one more enemy. Their part of the story is that I roar but Germans are handling me rather well and it will likely continue as lies and insults to attack me and impute some process to cover their tracks and ensure I never did the same to their stupidities, until the outcome was my career and finances on one side and everything associated with their Hedonism, especially the Celebrity culture which emerges from its schizophrenia on the other and then I will have to chose in order to show the assumption ignoring people solves a problem is usually a terrible abdication of responsibility where Germans are involved.