The idea I am really concerned about matters of the mental troubles of young people about which I am the person with temperaments they want to take it out on to feel good is not actually based on fact either; what is about it is that they cannot be caught dead doing one thing at a time nor will they be reaching for what is not beyond them at any given time and then turning out to live a life that is not their own at all, bearing in mind the kind of society that they build alongside it too. Where they ought to be concerned about what I am likely to do however is the matter of why that their city identity they have winds me up so much, which is that even when I am older than they are they are still seeking to groom me for sadomasochistic abuse by which these problems transfers are possible, then do it for years and years and years on end and it is the reason for things they say about how the Church is the centre of prejudice and Christians are the problem of the world etc but at the moment I am going through a lot at their hands because the process of using it to get politicians to collect jobs and property from me for them is has not yet created the intended results.

The major issue in conversation on this particular date for them seems to be the last presidential debate for the American elections, about which they will find my opinions are completely different from what they expect to hear i.e. no candidate won outright; the US President had toured Europe and Asia and the Middle east immediately after he got elected but has since never once spoken about problems that arise in the midst of people whose career path works in the same path as his own which then makes them his fans and followers, what he prefers to talk about is my problems and the challenges my people face as well, he has not once spoken of their own successes or crisis as a society because he has my side of matters to talk about for the most part and so such failures as drone strikes in Pakistan with less results of taking care of Al-Qaida coming forth from it, such results as uprising all over the middle east and of course Japan China tensions does not actually suggest he has done very well. His rival on the other hand visited Israel so it is normal we expect he will talk about economic vandalism coming from Asia and the friends that the US has in those parts of the world. For me I believe I have done my part commendably with respect to setting out third party communist diplomatic relations and where we stand over the economic issues whereby the US have a major rival in the form of China and Japan and politically a major rival in the form of Russia and the test of whether or not I have achieved is to be measured by how clear to understand for everybody my actions make matters in the world and so if they did speak of their matters most of them time instead of what I get up to such clarity would have existed for them as well.  I mean do not get the wrong idea, nothing changes about US/UK special relationship as such but it is the clarity of what is happening in the world that is important because it will make it much easier for everybody to see that followers of the US presidency really do believe they can do whatever they please with other peoples lives and property and it has been responsible for a lot of instability, especially the Asian ones who like to think of themselves as strong women that hate and can handle weak men such as myself and the men that benefit from their actions making noise about creating wars in every place that my books have become relevant; I do not want them to play with me in such ways of course but can never say so on account they always get round to stirring up the extremism first so that if I dare say it extremists will pick up on the fact that I did as well which by the way does not actually really change anything about when they suppose they want to stop it for the most part. So of course they do claim I handled their culture in such ways first but of course I am certain too they can substantiate that in the Law Courts as well because of course they might have to.
There is no such thing therefore as my parents who have access to me and my work without my knowledge and more so in a powerflul place either; I am not of the opinion that the child of my parents looked anything like I do or that the designated property of my parents were to be found anywhere near me which is why I want no sharing on their part of anything that I own and the cooperation and help they get from the media is just as well, those always do until it ends in the least way they planned it.

The claim I think extremisms are things people who are victims bring about is precisely correct, I find it difficult to distinguish which are victims of extremisms myself; I mean if technically I have no control of where my parents raised me and someday somebody is going to say there needs to be an exodus of none whites from the Country and it is something the Politicians of the country will never stand for because it is not what they want the country to be or become, then who are responsible for getting the racists to appear everywhere? I am not concerned about it either, I mean they normally like to think that they are incredibly clever each time they think they have pushed you down into it to the path of no return and we are not talking about football players that do not wear the kick it out shirt. No body knows what those kinds of violent and other human beings vindictive forms of intense irresponsibility are meant to represent, all I know is that I have had their fill of destruction here and if what I say and do mostly is combined with a threat I confirm which suggests that racists are everywhere, then they will understand why they must stay their stupidities considered to be wisdom of violence, my irritation, away from me. Otherwise they can continue to think they know where the racists are and that I will get into a fight with them because they say so, otherwise leave them therefore to do whatever they like with me or anything they please with their big mouth. Hence it is still the same old problem; these gangs and extremist groups know perfectly who they are and so do I, those that mix us up will soon have to answer my own questions too bearing in mind, of whether this is their own lives and with respect to having sex with them and that big mouth along with it, if it is their own body I wear as well.
It is meant to have been sustainable government policy for the bottom to fall out of the means that are supported by these kinds of activities because it is the only platform on which sustainable education and training for the workforce is built as we no can obviously recognise.