The trouble between myself and establishments such as the BBC is nothing like what most people who talk about it think that it is. In the end it the confusion about it all comes as a result of the fact they like to explain themselves away with my work every time they harm me, it does not necessarily mean that it is what the facts are or how it works. The truth of it being that they are simply a group of very violent and provocative idiots and trouble makers that have degenerated from human beings who know money comes as a result of paid work to waking up everyday to climb up a platform for fame and attack my income illegally and directly; they have been doing so for the best part of 12 years but not once does it seem to cross their minds that human beings ask the question of how I get by everyday. I do not want anything serious to be the result of it, all I want from them is a simple process where this simple matter that I director general can look into without making his journalists scared or too cautious as they like to put it but has not been taken care of at all is taken care of when I create the conditions which mean that have to gather their staff and address them to tell them never to go after my earnings work or income because it is never worth it and that is all I want from it. Otherwise I will begin to take conscious and straight decisions with regards to what my problem is what physical steps I can take to make it stop happening and they can go on about freedom of the press which only happens in countries with idiots who blanket attack entire establishments because one person in it offended them and of course in this case it is clearly my problem that all the members of an establishment fall within the category of those that like to attack me too as such. There are more serious issues behind the matter as well by the way, it has more to do with the daughter of the personal friend of the Emirs of Pakistan for example who cannot stay away from my earnings and the men she has sex with etc and the fact I will one day take that her father away from her as well for good measure. Then there is the other part where they attack my networks to force me to capitulate to them or cooperate with their desires i.e. I have a working Court and so when somebody has an interview with the president of a Country for example they want to keep such a connection, they get to me for security and they in turn offer me diplomatic help of doing something to help our allies and friends to catch up with the laws of their country and the government which is how we work to foster a system where governments can take equities if they want to aid a process where they are able to conduct the affairs of their countries in a consultative way, nothing like the war raging against me on media that we wake at dawn to on a daily basis around the world. Then there is the questions of what about the men that these my work is affiliated to in the industry and so on of which I can see what their problem is with the idea of men getting around the world doing their renaissance but those men exist in such a diverse group that the ones that come to mind readily are the ones that get around with members of the Court who are actually responsible for keeping what seems to have been my cradle, I am not therefore a twisted person and do not want to get back into my cradle as such of course, hence something they keep, it is clearly not something I can physically describe or talk about but it does not mean it is not something that I have a perfect knowledge about. The other matter about politicians and their reputation on the other hand is much the same story too; all of them seem to want to build this sense of history around themselves with the idea that I take one step to get around with them on things they have done wrong about which they can be given the benefit of doubt but will not take rubbish from them or their followers, more so that has got nothing to do with their Political office which would have given them some legitimacy to any actions they take with power that does not personally belong to them, bearing in mind I am a writer and technically accountable to my readers. However for American leaders in particular I am aware of what they say and do about their thoughts and actions later when they are outside of the Political life with respect to what they did not previously know and what my work has shown them and for those I will always be grateful too. So it is the new ones that wish to use this condition for the purpose of their new found power and it does not offend me for the most part because they basically think it has come to mean the entirety of my life, while I simply believe that they live on a need to know basis. Then again of course are the fact people want to divide up my life and work and get around doing it and putting it to their name with claims on media to follow that it belongs to them, even down to the supposed way I have sex when I am actually still a virgin, hence lends me nothing but pure agony. For these ones however I think there is a way their stuff normally looks and when it does look that way every body that cannot breathe currently because those actions are going on will be able to do so.

The part where politicians claim all I do is tainted by sexual infidelity is all very well, I mean it will not be the first time that hatred and attack of a Christian they claim to be the problem of the world, while they want democracy out of him as well will lead to a process where he bends them up the other way as well and kicks their arse seriously too. I am so very tired of all that rubbish about how they have more money than I am but I have no respect for the respect they deserve. I mean people who have more money than I do in a legitimate way do not say such things but they will let no body be with it when they are aware that they are personally responsible for the fact I have no money at this point and some of them being they were born before I was really did take their time to have that money too and since it has become and advantage I will never be secure from it seems I will have to wait for them at their retirement because I was born later than they were as well. The point being of course that these idiots especially the American ones like to do such things and then get on public places to climb up my market place which is my property and start to treat it like it is their own, bearing in mind of which they were never asked if they are more important than I am or indeed do not take into account that without their insults towards my royalty I will be richer than they are as well and everybody knows it, it continues and they will not get off it until I have to take steps to show them that the property is not actually their own. I am down and out and finished they like to say all the time but in reality they are such a handful of really provocative idiots that want fights all the time when they think they have everything they need to cheat with and in this case it is my right to earn money on my work and we see where it is going too. We all do things like make sure people do not run out of how to be nice to people to get rich with those stupid notions they will always win when they attack the religious because people will simply join them on account they hate religion if not for any other reason, then get off to use our religion to be nice to people to make even more money in a half/half way, so that we can learn to live in a tolerant society and it is important they leave me alone as we are not mates. They do not have more money than I do in anyway, I am just so wealthy I cannot release money from my royal estate and they think that because of that they want to be in a place where it is their money I will have need of and that is my property, my market place, my livelihood and my business, not their own and I am fed up with those talk about insults pertaining to their money thing. So if the message engrained in all I do and own suggests that I need to become a millionaire in order to fulfil a Royal Office by selling books to them and thereby collecting millions from them which I make my own in order to be royalty, that the only thing standing between me and a royal office where I need to show I have a lot of money is acquiring their money by selling my books to them to make the millions I need, would they handle my products abusively at the market place illegally and abusively and more so anywhere they see it? They say they would with a big mouth obviously and now it is the insecurity and the consequences they don’t want to live with as well and more so at my expense and wish to use peoples’ laws and peoples’ government for their purposes as well. Hence I should stress therefore that it is not so apocalyptic either, just stupid Americans. It’s a risk that is entirely normal as well bearing in mind these guys like to make millions by looking at demographics all day long. I for my part wonder what the importance of their money that I am supposed to respect is all about. Its a simple honesty of the market place issue for me not the drive for perversions and as I always say they need to stay out of my book sales to stay out of trouble. It is a simple matter of market honesty and not whether the entire world should get together to contribute millions towards me via my books in order to help me fulfil royal office, in any case of which even if it happened is none of their bloody business. Like the old stuff about disparity between UK and US Policies which really are naturally expected as Russia for example is a status member of the EU and of course there are communities and communities in various countries that have this relations with Russia all over the European Union and they get to vote for the government of the day and determine how Political Policy operates but such things were supposed to have been figured out when the US president toured Europe and the world at the early part of his first election but never was and now he does not even know those communities exist and likes to come through with really silly Policies all the time, while his fans nurse these strange sense of him being hard done by in some way and we are not talking about the fall out of these things and the effects it is having in the Middle East either when we say that. I have been helpful and forth coming in the matter for my part as well i.e. the US is the biggest economy in the world but not necessarily full of cosmopolitan civilised people who mostly live in New York because a lot of us go there to trade. They know the power stuff but now do not seem to understand the women who like to control weak men bothering Middle Eastern Leaders and Royalty thing, what they think they should do is support freedom lovers as usual etc and then think they have me over a barrel on the special relationship about which the question is whether they have finished it yet and more so with that mad media. They like to say it is a matter of how there is this lack of respect for them and the fact they hold a lot of power because we generally just like to; I for my part believe that it is up to a certain Mr Obama who wants to sit on a throne in the white house and get the rest of us to pay homage to him and his south Asian women who hate weak men that steal the beauties of women and stupid black girls with a twisted sense of their value etc, to live up to it. It is all a mess at the moment and there is no reason we are paying for it either. For them it is some kind of fun, hence they mention such things as a condition where I am the starter for their plans etc, which if I mention I am their worst nightmare and not their starter will mean they get to claim they are not recognised, whereas they think it is fun to suppose that somebody who is first of his blood line and in 7 years fulfilled all duties relating to his royal commission and settled in well on the religious violence and extremism as well as the cultural and criminal ones should be their starter, it makes people wonder what they have done for anybody.
People normally wonder why it does not bother me they are gutting my work to make tens of thousands of pounds; it does not because there can only be so much money in the world i.e. these are all equities and what they expect to do is exchange money among themsleves, bluff for years on end on media, have a rich hate figure for it and through him create the rich and powerful side that most people should want to be on, in order to increase the money you have and of course they will increase that money over my property somewhere in hell too. For their Politicians the last thing you hear them speak of is the things people really need, for example when somebody speaks of government interference or big government in the US the big questions are that the first 20 years of a persons life can make or break them and should the govenrment let them go it alone and remarkably it is the republicans that have a better and more progessive Policy but it isalso discrimiantory at the end so it is not necessarily Political material. What they want to talk about instead is that it is my really helpful books they want to destroy in order to gain power and its just a dare for me as well that they could not destroy it in hell even if I lived overseas. There is talk about my apalling negotiation skills of course but I am not their mate and will tend not to tolerate the fame thing anyway, hence it is utter rubbish.

We call it Political correctness, I have simply settled in on it as filthy tricks of the left where if people are not currently doing separatism, you know when they do it or commit crimes the Politicians will take the matter up but if the Politicians do them up when they have done nothing then you can do that your stuff that you always planned to do and this of course is always the time the left turns up to claim you grab their country and or their stuff and then try to fix it for them and they can never mind their own business. My warning is that it is really difficult work dealing with that fame stuff with all the government and economy responsibilities at hand and if it does not stay away from me it will go horribly wrong for them as well, besides which there is the added provocation that those really physical insults are incredibly painful too. Maybe this is what they want to push out of my system; now they have as well they can knock themselves out with it. It is not as much of a difficult thing like they make out either for my part; it is a simple matter of the fact they all of them from Obama in the US to politicians in the UK and all over Europe and even the world, want something of my life that they put out in public as belonging to them as their own deeds and style and want to get such things everyday too; it only damages people who are not aware that is how it works, not me, for me there is a way their stuff normally looks, all of them that is and when it looks that way I will sell my books and live a more normal life and by the way I certainly do not need the help of bloody clowns to figure out what my relations with the Queen of the United Kingdom is like either. Those their girls who pillage my work to earn pocket money however are part of a whole too; they all need to leave me alone; apparently society they say they have got and that it is so powerful they can get money without working for it and we will see as well. The claim I interfere with their internal affairs, for the Politicians that is, is utter rubbish too; I am only aware of trying to sell books to people but especially democrats in the US always believe once they eye ball other peoples lives those people can never get normalcy out of it and I like bets too as much as they do and then there is the part where they claim to be fans when we all know they were twisted from day one. I am not suggesting it is a complicated issue either for my part, it has always been the old matter of the fact they have a twisted sense of what democracy and freedom is and always like to operate it on others instead of themselves for common matters from which they get the lions share and preserve themselves therefore at the same time using media – the problem here is that they use it on me out of hate, malice and violence and their yapping will eventually likely get me to take away everything that puts distance between me and them to allow it to continue to they can prove what they want, this is the only matter there is to it. I mean they can never just take advantage of their advantages and get on with their own lives, they must make noise about how you come to their country and take their stuff and do it for them, looking to satisfy their greed; so the worst they can do is the worst they can do, I for my part think they are irrelevant and have no right whatsoever to be heard or seen and I will certainly drive them underground to have my normalcy once they shoot off any stupid real threats, so they can find out the way it will work which is that they plan their worst I decide when and or how they do it. I know those things in a way get to abuse their human rights of course but now I am not doing any of it, it is clear ideas cannot run out on the oppressing of me and the establishment of bullying through culture of me, so when I ask them what it is about they tell me it is the way their country is. Hence they say what I am suggesting is how we do our stuff in Africa which they would not tolerate, I say good for them and they have not seen anything yet now they want to do culture and it is taking over my life. It is the Politicians and media that give it the attention it uses for its wickedness of course; by my standards it is unaffordable and maybe I am clever enough to find arguments that cover for the human rights abuse claims as well.
the nature and character of these individuals they want to know but we all know it is the lazy guys that get frustrated and violent very easily when things are not going their way and their parents may enforce rules on the rest of their siblings but always make exceptions for them and they have some duty to criminals, especially taking over your life with media and running it in the interest of female criminals, hence are doing culture and it is taking over my life at present. It does not mean I have changed what the country thinks about it here or the plans of the govenrment to use force to take care of it on my behalf, I am simply stating facts where they are relevant to my work; I need my wedge between big and small businesses to hold otherwise big businesses will not get their funding or shell their shares and acquire other reliable structures too and it will all be broken up on media and used to make big business rich through advertisement and they will have to lay off workers thereafter in a little while.

So they say these are things they do because they are liberal; rubbish – we all know it has only been liberal recently when they feel that their destruction will pay off as powers of good irresponsibility as would be applied to it therefore when they want. My view remains as it has always been that there is a wickedness that nibbles away at them and they make it Political when they destroy people’s property because they want to get away with it first of all and because they want to acquire power to protect a process where they can do it without any control as well; as I mentioned, they do it to me out of malice and straight cut hatred and I want to know what it is about too, nothing like Politics about it, in any case of which if Politics was involved I fail to see how liberal parties that consistently fail at the polls are really parties of success or successful people; I was there when it happened because it was about hate, then when it happened because it was about sharing, then when it happened because it was about Politics now it does because of liberalism; of course the excuses will never run out.