The most recent idea is one in which it is suggested that the business of getting round to the reasons my person was such an issue for Celebrities and Media, lay in the fact that I had complicated the entire problem. I have done no such thing on the other hand for my part; the problem is that they are always so abusive and so disrespectful, so it had since grown into something very large to say the least but the core of it is that they claimed my Books were substandard but each time we ended up considering issues associated with meeting people and getting people to read it, it turns out I had not written something that I human being could not read and none of it was any of their business to begin with, then the facts shoot off on another angle where they got involved with the Books to make sense of the Book I should have written with media presence setting out to ensure somebody wrote the Book I should have written or they did, leaving me with a career piracy problem that a stupid crowd had decided I had to tolerate. I do not think it is a crisis as such, they are simple people who have a problem with public authority, the difference shown between me and them due to involvement corruption on their part and they are not the only variety – most people who have a problem with public authority are usually mentally ill in some way, so if you bothered them, they would easily get off an angle asking you to figure it out, this does not offend public leadership as such, what we have here is a group of idiots who are very good at starting a problem they think they can bully people who are more important than they were, into solving it whenever it gets out of their hands and is never paid for, furthermore, the celebrity and media version of a problem with public authority involved clinging to my earnings. So if this problem had to be solved, we needed to get on with what really matters, starting with the fact I do not write their Books in this place and have not written something that a human being cannot read.

Further more, we had to tolerate those gimmicks where they claimed it was all due to battles I claim I had won: we know that such nonsense is used to explain their narcissism, Labour Party Politicians inventing ideas that rip up my University studies because it made sense to secure good looking men that community croons do not usually have access to for the abusive narcissism that such women spend most of their time on, then set about tackling and insulting me each time I came up with a process to mitigate the problem whenever they complained to such an extent their narcissism had begun to take a sexual turn - the same is used to explain the dream of getting me to hand my social life to women while I got a life that was difficult enough to fit my state of affairs as a man, which is social problem that a human being could really do without in all cases - same is used to explain their need to play off gimmick at my expense where the poor got poorer and rich got richer and their stupidities were beasts with a big mouth, the list would go on endlessly but we know that one fact was obvious i.e. that they knew me and could predict what I was capable of, giving them the disposition to be so stupid as to start each time and too stupid to devise a way to stop when they end up complaining too much. The blabbing is that they would crush me if I went up against them, reality was more a matter of the way they get rid of single mothers with jobs and mobility to play with being a good look i.e. does not have a problem with authority, cannot keep a relationship for obvious reasons, has a child from one of those relationships, has a job and is able to travel around looking like something you would want as a mistress from Government office, the tendency to get you into a scandalous situation - it is then replaced by a bunch of idiots who did with bottom chasing insults to issue threats when they were currently so stupid they started out stifling my Bookshop and are too stupid to figure out where and when to stop, a proper famous stupidities threat to my mobility as a Government operative, clinging to my earnings for maximum provocation.

They do suggest I had this good ideas about security but am chicken, which is fine save they never listen, I have no enemies I can get about fighting which is the way I am organised, such that the main issue was somebody picking up and building community leadership from a handful of gits who planned a life on developing a society that will help them afflict people with sexual context insults and claiming that I should be bullied because they have been fighting my wars, such that his main problem was that I would then begin to tell people that he was telling the truth, he really had been fighting my wars, which developed into a gimmick tit for tart with respect to what he did to make such claims credible. I do get told it is not as amusing as I have set it out but it is not – if it grows from here, he becomes a character that fights my wars, decided when I get bullied and how my concerns got funnelled into his life, building up to volatile gangland activity, although the prognosis I have to admit is amusing. The other side is just as funny, where they decided I was a coward and their civil rights involved showering me with abuses all day but I had ideas about security while I am chicken. In the end people who had an understanding of security which is this dirty should keep it out of mainstream living – reasons are that it’s a different world where public service is concerned i.e. in private service we are talking somebody who sells a product, people buy it and a house is bought, amenities provided and a good life developed, in terms of the Country, what the person who pays for his product does with it is also part of his picture and feeds all the way back to other services he must have paid for as well, the only way to make sense of what is lost forever being to go down the sewers – so it never stops doing the Nationalism until it meets the real deal and then the more security it provides is the more trouble we got into or they claim they were upper class. For my part they think it is a huge matter but it isn’t, like when they speak of some people who get away with it but what such persons did is not Nationalism, just a process of being so concerned about their civil disposition and looking into it to such an extent if they faced a threat it was easier for them to decide what they were going to do and it is not easy to churn their tummy – it is easy to churn mine they say but that was because these gimmicks were incredibly stupid, shows up here trashing career and finances to make statements about which battles I never won but it does not know what the inside of a Police station or military barracks looked like after ripping up my career for a decade and a half having Office space insults fun and celebrity popularity gimmicks, then when it wants to find out how much I hated their guts, made those stupid statements that I will never get out of the predicament unless they wanted me to, clinging to my earnings, then there is my party piece where it all feeds into the fact I am single but they did not respect a reality where that was all there was to it. The Celebrities were a case of statements being made about those photographs they make, such that I will pick up them as well when I needed to.

It is never true that what I said and did about these matters made it worse. The problem is still that these goons had a need to pick up my PR – first it was the well kempt gits with parents that can talk to anybody anyway they wanted, who are now fighting my wars and want to make me braver, now it’s the others who pick up the business of me having responsibilities as an excuse to jump on my body parts every time I fulfil those responsibilities, then run off to get rich on a story where it found a way to build a place in which it could claim that my career was its own, with financial benefits attached, as unbearably stupid as possible. What is going to happen when they fail to comply will likely go beyond building up the younger people popularity to churn their tummy and this time there will be no ageist fools in Hollywood claiming they were nice people who were hard working enough to make money and buy show business while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with others, which is opinion widely held only in Hollywood and then it will have to play with its own career or I will start my own business of ending it very badly too. It is not really unusual but it makes a mess of my finances everyday and will not stop making the one particular mess of it- their activities really mean nothing whatsoever, something probably of my social status and position driving them insane, from here it will show up on some premise which only comes into existence if I took leave of official position to engage in some frivolity that got them involved with my concerns, build up to a disobedience that involved handling my earning margins to blab about its problems being greater, runs off into a case where it was surrounded by a crowd that had seen it become a victim and will attack me if I tried to make its stupidities a victim again and when it starts to blab which careers I deserved based on battles I had won, it must have hit the jackpot. I did work really hard to ensure their silly practical jokes did not catch up with my career and that foolish need to corrupt CCTV and jump on my body parts everyday worked really hard to ensure it did, no such thing as me being driven down and dragged in the mud. I do get asked the question of the reasons they loved to target me but it is an old story about a recession that was finance based, all money in the banks and money in the economy pipeline sort of thing and I picked up issues I could handle and securitised them, ended up working for the Public, members of it who improved their lives and finances set out income to engage with my business, some having conditions with respect to my behaviour and now the idiots and their famous fools want the money – it never stops running it off everyday, those sexual context abuse stupidities that will help it make statement about the success that needed to be made from finding a place where they could claim my career as their own, getting on my nerves by shooting off its big mouth about the implications of what I did on it – needs to get a Book whenever it shows up, they are not important people, need get out of it and stop getting on my nerves, quite incredibly stupid, needs play with its own career.