Hence, I am required to show I have an opinion about Abortion obviously. The facts on the ground are of course that things only show up in Government buildings when they had become a public issue and when they show up at the Law Courts, decisions will be made only on the basis of what is fact of the event applicable; its never clear why a Man must be talking about Abortion when he is not paid for every occasion in which he is and therefore needs to make time to talk about it whether he likes it or not with that big mouth they have, all I know is that Abortion is usually necessary when the life of a Mother is threatened by her Foetus, otherwise there are contraception to be used when people are having sex. The other story around this matter has always been one about my disrespectful sexual behaviour towards women which is utter nonsense; we all know most of their abusive behaviour is said to be exhibited towards those who are a threat to them but most of the time tended to target me when I am not even remotely interested in them – we find every one of their behaviour, in terms of what they say and do is destructive towards my Books and that I have requested that they had put an end to it as well but this matter of my sexual behaviour really hinges on their need to get involved with relationships that have nothing to do with them and they do not like, such that the one that is causing the most problems here is when somebody with a five figure salary or more, shows up to think my activities are supportive of their career and they needed to protect me from sexually abusive behaviour exhibited by society, while I think that I have a duty to protect them from the worry of sexually predatory behaviour exhibited by men in the City – the talk of my sexual habits then is clearly that which they have evidence of me performing on others the last time we checked as it were then. So it is fair to say that if rather that stop this nonsense they want to show they can do whatever they like with me because they are able to make worse my tummy issues, they will be drawing those lines for a war on women on my part very soon indeed; I have waited for decades and we can now see these idiots will not give me a breathing space.

They do point out its an example of what they are worried about; Men like me and the fact other men may conduct war on women as a circumstantial issue but I would declare it and get on with it undisturbed; It is clearly not linked to the business of following me around to wreck the academic work, finances and health with abusive insults that mean they are money mad and cannot keep their hands to themselves, leaving me to appear I have the license to do whatever I liked as it were. It does not bother me in anyway, they are supposed to be purely evil and this is what they do when every thing concerning the process of playing up some poor gets poorer and rich gets richer gimmicks with the lives of good people they wish to inflict suffering on to a point where religion is lost, had bee detached from mainstream public living. They are not interested in the fact I am fully aware of everything they can do around here, they want to talk instead of the dangers of men like me being allowed to get close to women; I could not understand how I got close to women in view of the facts I have mentioned above and that of them threatening me on account Men that are bigger than I am exist all the time, as if that was their part of society, while it was always obvious that if I did the same things they did, the lives of those men would be completely destroyed on their account and somebody will fuck their arse before I got beaten up. I mean if it returned to its part of society it would be the one where women do the finger of power things to get behind people who are stronger and beat up those who assail or assault them mentally, they do not build it so idiots like them might deploy it to help men take advantage of other men who are a quarter of the size, then get on Media to facilitate their highway to fame and fortune – so what has been happening with that issue is the women beating them with the finger of power until they ran from that part of society, needs get back there and see what happens if it wants to get involved with bad people first before it does my men society one looking for more of what it is complaining about. They like to claim these women beat me up as well which is utter rubbish; that will be the Liberal society idiots who show up to pretend they were interested in jobs and careers everybody is talking about but were really interested in ripping up peoples families, finances and academic work, so they might secure some personalities they may handle to make themselves into Media moguls and it is not clear what has to be done when they support their stupid children who wear suits and appear in the City centre by having a problem with the very idea of my backyard and front porch swirling around in my head when I am in my own home, only for the idiots to rip up the career and blow off their big mouth about enemies that show up to take back careers that had been taken from them, then issue threats for the bad smell even when they have been warned many times that it is their family members that are responsible for it and they have made enough money to stop such behaviour – I suppose they think what I am talking about here is not a fucking war with that mouth, so all I can say is that I stand by my position whereby if I got my hands on that stupid society and culture it will be the last time that they saw it too.

Now they do claim I could have resolved this matter a long time ago but decided to draw it out over a long period of time and wreck peoples lives in the process which is perfectly fine by me too – the Books I have written have a Title, they have a description and they have patents on them, that these idiots who complain to Politicians and Media everyday are unable to tell the amount of distress it will cause you when they picked up bits of it to feed to the public as a matter of an improvement to their stupid personalities, then show up on Media to find the effects amusing, beats the imagination but so are we aware it usually means I cannot have lunch and they want to do it every day – the main reason being the facilitation of narcissism that makes people as stupid as they are happy enough to sell goods and be financially successful at Business i.e. what I mean when I make it clear they are starting to define that war on women lines very clearly of recent. The other part of the story being that I hate women which is utter nonsense; if they want a fight they should get one as part of the equality drive, besides most of the time their involvement with me creates the sense that I am inundated with problems when I simply have a tight schedule that does not allow me tolerate too much stupidities from hoodlums like these, if at all I want to be financially successful too – their involvement with me leaves everyday looking a sense that I am fed up with problems and a laughing stock, while I am simply tired for my workload, assumption being that I have no idea it will lead to mental illness and no plans to punish their stupidities intensely by mental illness too. It’s a very simple business of building a cluster of friends and allies, looking after a family and producing an Heir for a Royal Hermitage and what these idiots do by inviting their stupid selves into my concerns is wreck every relationship I forge with other human beings to whatever end, especially the financial ones which is usually easier to explain as something they do over matters of poverty and inequality, as stupidly as possible; I have made it quite clear that I have had enough of it, no idea why other conversations are more important than taking this warning on as it stands, before I got off building my own Public image on it too.

Its like the other story of Islam and female freedom thing, where those who hang around with a real world hope that somebody will beat up or kill a woman to make them happy do like to think they were the only experience of Islam that I have had – such that when I say the war on terror is too expensive in terms of civilian lives, I pass through hell and end up getting punished for the rest of my life by stupid American Liberals and when I defend myself from that the criminal feminists start their own punishment for the rest of my life and it goes on like that back and forth all the time; all expected naturally, I just want them keeping off my Books before it sets the stage for me to invent something that will be their undoing too. I do get told I may say these things but do not necessarily get along with Muslims, which I don’t as I know nothing about their religion and there is nothing wrong with what I do not know anyway; that said the main problem is still a group that behaves in a certain way which means they rip up my academic work and career, stretch my public image into some tool everybody may gain from as a small amount of Public image all can share on their doorstep to feel they were important while I was left feeling like I am nothing, once settled well enough of I had allowed it appear they had settled well enough, we then find that it becomes a case of gathering in groups of pass insults at me, backbite me and generally exhibit the same behaviour we see racist do to express their superiority, such that when they get their hands up my bum and I am sore all over, my chest hurts as well because they were trying to tell me that doing so as well on my part, will leave them with a need for Jihad, while I am left feeling as if the age of 50 was a luxury due to their stupidities are popular culture, Stock Markets and Politics – it has never been a crisis, it just means a need to handle hoodlums more seriously when it is completely pointless to get involved with them in the first place; so it will usually develop from a case of beating me down for achieving something they claim they should have, retaliation on my part for being beaten down over my own achievements and a tit for tart that eventually reveals what they are trying to preserve when they exhibit this behaviour and then I will likely get after that to enjoy some peace of mind as well.