Now with respect to the fact fame freaks have decided they are no longer messing up society so that I can get out of hand, I am aware it is precisely the sort of villainy that a new royal is meant to expect as such so it is not particularly surprising; however based on what we already know and what has already happened I find it really infuriating. The reasons are that the racism we have looked into so far is the one about how I come from overseas to corrupt their women and mess things up for everybody, while they corrupt the women, get rich using that corruption and send them out to take it out on me to restore their lives back to the way it was and so the main condundrum is why people would think another human being should be handled in that way. The  way they have dealt with what I have done to them and their stupid football insolence is basically so get on media and make it all up and now that they have recovered in their minds and bodies, they are off still to the next kind of racism and so are sitting up in public places to check their history and settle in on the ones I have stolen. Very annoying this is of course because everybody knows that they are the grime of society, along with their media idiots and that if they feel they have access to your safe or something like that, they will want to go there absolutely every single day – so it is not clear which they expect me to spare; maybe the ones that go by the name of Politicians who have this view that they want to collect all I own and hand it to the electorate and ensure I go without or the media where idiots set out to damage peoples livelihoods for attention or indeed others who play football and will have be beaten up with a big mouth as though I have not had enough of the myself. The next time since it is about to kick off never mind these things people do because they are the majority population and will likely end them up in a serious political and territory crisis, I will not allow the existence of any stupid media by which it will make possible to make anything up and thereby recover. They love that rubbish about being famous which they are not; only popular idiots who all have their own style of things to do to people because they have found out people do not want to be handled in such ways, so they can create fear and make money and fame from it. They are just popular not famous, whoever on earth told them they were famous and the politicians want me to be terrified of them, the football idiots want to beat me up and the media scum cannot stop trying to bully me; however it is the checking their history to find out which I have stolen and settle on how they are to seek a score to settle with me on it that is the real issue here – damn their stupid parents for children should be raised in such ways. I do not in anyway think that media is insurmountable, when it is clear each time economic matters in the country comes up, they have drifted already to stories like the power of china in the new world and will not give it a break until everything is wrecked and they are the same who report it as well – the reasons might be that somebody refused to pay them some attention or even something as insignificant as the fact they were not noticed at a certain gathering; there is a way you handle selfish people when the greater good is being considered and these sort of things ferment it until the day that you get your hands on them as well. I mean they think they are everything as it stands because their idea of economic recovery is when they are done with their media destruction and people bow to their will and they section people that need to be sacrificed so that others can get richer and make the government rich, which means those who have been sectioned in such ways will have no choice but work hard to scrape a living and then the economy will recover and it is or this that I am not giving back that stupid populous left hand side and need to keep a lid on their foolish popularity, so I can find out how I will indeed get beaten up by them. Their society idiots on the other hand and the violence they talk so much rubbish about is understandable, after all they are the big government goons that make it impossible for people to earn money they have worked for and then set out to attack me because I will not let them have their localities as well – I mean I can understand but I have the right to do it without suffering any consequences. The Politicians like to seek to see me terrified of them as it were but I am not terrified of any politician, except the fact is that when I am in no hurry to get rich because of these idiots that ensure people cannot earn money they have worked for, what politicians will make out of it is that they want to collect all I own and give it to poorer people to create social equality – I mean I can understand the reasons being that they cannot even get their head round it and explain to people that what I have done to them is deal with the wickedness of poorer people without doing it properly or letting anybody else take it up from there either, so that politicians can only win elections when they go down to the abyss and I have fun with the idea they have to go under to do their jobs but I complain about my stuff such as their economic policies of contraction because it is my stuff, I have the right not to be handled in a way that a human being should not be and those who handle me had better not complained when I handle them as well; I cannot therefore get my head around what politicians mean I am scared of them. Now there are two facts about their culture and the first of it is that it is violent towards me and it is not so with everybody and I cannot make out what is so special about those it does not treat with such violence even though I do not want to know and thereby simply do not wish people to get the wrong idea that I want to see any of it. The other fact about their cultures explain the reasons these things happen i.e. they have shrines that they claim can make them rich and so on and it has now reached a point where they are using it to do the devils work for him with their own hands instead of tell the devil to do it himself and like to turn out to shoot off insults and abuses me at me all the time that they are confident has come to determine what their stupid lives look like and more so during the times that we live in at present and in my view they need to go to church, get a job, stop complaining about women who steep them in that stupid violence and make it better. I am not giving back that stupid left hand side and I need it because I will soon stifle and kill off completely their ability to make money through advertisement and then I will have a public life and a person life and nothing will trouble my book sale business ever again.