So they do claim that socialists are a problem for me which I cannot actually deal with, never mind the fact they control my life as well and socialists do not control my life in anyway whatsoever; the first stage of the reasons they hate my guts is now over and they are blabbing again because they want a second one underway. I mean overseas it comes to an old story of how the British do not deserve their special relationship with the US and hence others want to take that spot all the time but we all know when Italians do, US law enforcement history will be filled with Mafia and Teflon Don stories and folklore; at the moment it’s the Germans that have taken that spot and US law enforcement is now filled with inter Community and Law enforcement murders and it has not even begun yet in the first place so far as we can tell. All they cling to me for is the fundamental issue of how every flesh Man comes from Britain and are all basically cunts who steal the place of Women in the world but of course they now know if they Cunt my own I will turn them over as well bearing in mind they are not good people anyway and those who look for trouble always find it.

The socialism thing does not bother me in anyway – they have only just realised that there is not a wealthy soul in the world that has not actually worked for it, except some of the stupidities that they themselves cook up at popular and celebrity culture – meaning that all else are the work for it clan while they are the come through and steal from when the weather gets bad clan and we all have to try and live side by side. In the end they know anyway that their socialist fundamentalisms are wrong but have now invented a very evil and vicious version that wants to seek our young person’s whom they can trap with their need to have nice little earners, in order to create Millionaires that will be poor while teaching them how to get rich and making sure nobody notices all the catalogue of human rights abuses that will be associated with it because they actually plan to keep their own and this is why we have ended up where we are today; starting with the basics whereby they want to share my life and property but without asking as asking will make them inferior, while the Politicians then show up to help them to government cash that provide financial gap between me and them, which I must never be allowed to breach.

Then we hear them speak of what we democratic people try to hide i.e. we always end up with success and no health but everybody knows that for instance if I wasn’t being followed around by them and my parents who rip up my academic work to invent nonsense about how they were not honoured by me and I am therefore cursed, which actually does not work unless they inflict enough misery by their own hands like we see them give to the frugal, only for their idiots to turn up there and rip up my academic work and pass exams to return to popular culture fame and fortune as a matter of how they normally make their own wealth, I would never have dropped out of University to spend time recovering over years in order to return at a later date after recovering from depression. So why they do the dirty work for the scum who decide that being leaders of family means setting out whom everybody is to lay their curse and problems by following around those who have been afflicted in that was using government Office, nobody will ever know or understand; however what I am certain of is that they know their socialism is flawed and having know that still want to pervert me and move into my right hand and will take punishment every time they express an attempt at it or show a desire for it thereof.

In the end if you do start to factorise them in the same way, you end up with the I hate Mr squander and Mr Beat people up and Mr problems and then your hatred with be fair and complete and the next question will be that of what you are to do with it. It is a fact they do not seem to pay attention to what the world around them is saying; since nobody knows exactly where they hope to stop as it were – its either black Boys build publicity for people’s property and get off to get killed by racists or somebody is twisted and provoked for such a long period of time that it goes beyond that need they have as in my case to detach me from any kind of sound mind and ensure I am steadily and constantly very unhappy so they might be able to play out their sense of evil and intolerance on my life and what people think about me, that such a person becomes a monster who gets off to kill some 300 hundred people like we saw in Norway because they are partying etc. It does not actually bother me in anyway; they are the violent version of Liberals – who basically live their lives as per if the Prime Minister resigns and we cannot find a replacement there will be a constitutional crisis – so how does that happen while another person’s life is used as plug and leverage so that they can see it all play out and experience what constitutional crisis is like; socialists are the ones that build gangs and violence out of it and then those threats will start to get you into a recovery state as well i.e. when they have made this mess and cannot solve it but because you can, the their stupidity is a tool that can control you and it starts to become a case of messing up the Country because somebody has a life and personal life that can take care of it while others enjoy an administrative buzz and your prime operation disposition becomes that of whose own is being used to do it as well as it were; it would have been more of a problem if I was unable to prevent them from taking advantage of me - although we have still ended up with a case of what is supposed to have become of the Royalty whose duty it is to ensure they do not rip up the Nation for us all, if not insanity, hence the never ending complain that no matter what I say I still never let them be whereas I need to become financially successful with the Books and they need to stay the hell away from me too (the claim that they make is that nobody ever gets peace when I am around and it is the same with the need their Politicians have to pervert everything and expect others to work for money if they are not allowed to honey moon with Communists while socialising other peoples Democracy but so are they aware its about their Women spending all day buzzing sex at me and then I will notice those moments when Men at work will be provoked and they will back off and become Women leaving me to face the music as a Man etc, which is only a level and kind of widespread provocation for whole communities that nobody actually can do anything about, just like I would want nothing to do with the blacks and they will tell me I do not have a choice and it will get serious or the fact if I lost my temper and got out to burn, the reality would still be that of giving into being made a useless person that gets out of his door to find somebody he can get into a fight with etc). They do make that excuse that the reason they rip up my finances until whole communities are able to push me down so they can feel they are able to take me on and set about threatening and abusing me for self confidence is because I want people to fear me, which is utter nonsense but can continue a fun until I find a way around it and then when I make it easy to come in from overseas to be financially successful in the UK without dealing with the difficult aspects and ask when what they intend to do about it and they have to tame their insults and see damage is not competition it will become a little bit more serious that that too - like that tale of why the British hate sex so much i.e. the fact every process is somebody infiltrating your life and taking a piece of you with them while you take some of theirs too; so that the ideal situation would be that you had sex with somebody that had a better life and career than you did every single time but the problem is that nobody wants to have sex with you, hence when you see them, the Men did not spare the Modernism and the Women did not spare the makeup and you are not interested and will try it only if they are using their own as well considering they have men in their lives too especially and above all they need to leave alone and let be; their usual excuse is that I mess around with peoples wives if those are journalists on Media but I do not discuss the fact they make use of my Public work and I need to find out to what extent they are bonded to me like I do with the Celebrities and even Politicians when I know I have power and capacity and ability to make people suffer too;   I had not wanted Women who cleared themselves of relationships with Men in order to be dedicated to me because I wanted them to have their freedom; if people do not like it they should not get married to it like that (I mean being bonded to me is a rather serious matter; its either she has a life controlled by Men and I controlled by Women or she controlled by Women while I controlled by Men, this is how our lives are and when broken cannot be fixed - people should not get around pulling us apart and feeding the gap with violent nonsense because he is support their salaries with the notion I sleep with peoples wives it would have been credible to say so).