So that this point makes it the final stage on which I will tolerate insults about me and a thing I do with peoples wives in order to steal their husbands new jobs and career; I mean I would love to get out of bed and get to work with nothing weighing on my mind for a change but it seems they believe confidently that it is a dear of them that makes me think about the matter of whether or not sleeping with peoples wives or playing with peoples wives does have consequences attached – at some stage my Christian mind I suspect will be numb to that wariness and then they will end up with another problem but for now it is the need to ensure certain people as a result of their organised and communal covetousness and its powerful politics have a difficult time with jobs and careers because others are taking from it – I want to break that their stupid free market and free jobs market heart the way they chase mine around as well. They do think it is going to be a difficult problem to do so but I really cannot tell which part of them they suppose has been difficult for me so far; it’s like the story of a right celebrities have to make statements about my work without permission and spy on me to see what I am doing everyday to that effect too – these are people who know what intellectual property is and why it matters but they prefer to rip up my public work and Royal Commission in such ways and aspire to get out of bed for it and defend themselves with talk of a certain perspective on the left which will never be recovered until the source of my income is The Queen Royal Commission and they are nowhere to be seen near the Public life and income like they are at present – so I actually have no idea whatsoever at what stage I sent out the message that celebrities can pick up on my daily activities and get off to discuss them on media to keep their jobs and celebrated idiots when I took over their stupid culture and society effects on the left for the sole purpose of making sure they can only recover when my Book sales are no longer troubled by them and can only get it back when the Books have been sold; so obviously winding up has no way of making sure they never ever recover all together so we can find out what it is really that they can do as it were bearing in mind this was meant to ensure they do not secure any conveniences by damaging my work and finances and generally using me; it should mark the last occasion I am said to be messing around with peoples wives. Claiming my activities are the greatest ever trick there was will not suffice; it’s not a trick, it’s a matter of seeing that they are able to damage people’s property and peddle peoples public life and punish the person that does not let them because their own is too ugly for such things or is iron clad safe and if I have to spend money to ensure that it is sellable I will do precisely that – now that they can compulsively angry and are complaining we are even and as for me, the last time I checked this air was free; it is not a trick – it is an unprecedented level of abuse of a person and that person happens to be me as well. As for them fashion ones; I really have a need to teach them how to show some regard for others whenever they put on their stupid suits all together but I think that will come in the package with the media and celebrity ones all together anyway and I am sure this is gradually going to push me to a stage where my hatred for seeing their glossy magazines at the stores will grow and grow into something big because I cannot run a Royal Office and put out editorials and have a hotel room to myself for the Queens work and get around with my own Court systems properly and in peace without them interfering with the property and the finances. As for those who claim I have no Royal Commission, my Bloodline is actually settled on HM service and The Prince of Wales at the moment, I only have a few things to sort out with regards to the Family of the Duke of Cambridge, so it has to be my opinion that they haven’t a foggiest clue what a Royal Commission really is. I do not think it is a crisis in any case; we do hear I need to be concerned about Jeremy Corbin of course which makes no sense whatsoever since that is relating to a group of idiots who spend all of their time making sure whilst they depend on and are a problem for others people get to see why they should be ignored until they have a community onto themselves and start to feel they are invincible, by which time their disobedience had ruined the lives of a million women to secure them conveniences on the left and very soon we will find that their stupid civil rights have been reorganised from what they had in the 80s and 80s to fit what they want to do with women’s lives for today and because there are women in my Court systems it has been developed on my personal life looking for trouble. So it’s a matter of the question of why the Royal Journal of a Royal Estate needs to be damaged every single day, why the owner cannot write the journals and make enough money to secure a good privacy to get around with his Court systems without being disturbed on account such privacy can only be found in a top range hotel room etc and now into the picture fits that of what the fucking idiots think is so scary about Jeremy Corbin and it’s the same story at Industry where a website is acceptable for four months and then after that its hell but we all take them on and try to ensure society is tolerable for all and absolutely every single Industrial establishment has to deal with this matter and in my case it is much the same as the story of my relationship with the Princess of York causing trouble whereas she was already in a relationship with me before she was 19 until Mr Branson decided to chose her lovers by providing her an American that looked a good idea at the time; I can break up that stupid relationship if I wanted to, I mean when people want celebrity stuff they ought to get involved with celebrities, I knew from day one that this was about culture and society and having my own history with evil and being taught the prognosis of death – I was settled on the last one but not on the other three so I tried to run away. I want to put a stop with a full stop to it all; I want to stop them as a Nation from the daily theft and vandalism of my Royal Property which has now become the bane of their living and I want to stop it totally, I need to stop it dead. It’s a matter at the end of the day when it comes to my own irritation, of people understanding the way things work before they actually get on media to tell lies that cover their tracks, plan a  path and let themselves in on account they knew where an authors Books were; if I have an Industrial Court for example, unlike the Live Journal Court where I can interfere, they will do nothing but speak of my praises for all the exploits I must have pulled off and it is the only publicity I have to make my way in the world with – so obviously normal people graft their stupid music CDs into it and magazines and celebrity lifestyles on Media as well.