I know it is said I have no sense of respect for ministers of parliament and regularly pass off insults at them but these are individuals that turn up to hang around me to follow every move I make with an insult and get me stuck on the path to making my books work for me so they can ensure that a literary empire is built where the money ends up somewhere else. They speak of insults when they know the ones that take income away from other statesmen and have never before done public work without being paid year on year out in their stupid lives to know what an insult is but it is the part where they turn up on parliament because there is a boy they want to beat up that will make things go horribly wrong all together, it is a sadistic insult I intend to kill dead and perhaps them along with it as well. As I have mentioned before, I think the two lives of their personal lives and work lives are enough, the one they have acquired that involves harming me needs to be shut down unless they live in it in which case there is no point complaining. I am not talking about the already settled matter of access to my parents they have either; the thing with my mum is simply some strange thing I get from her I will never have until I behave in a way she wants and on my part a fame she will never have over my dead body as well; so it is likely she will ever get any attention if people give it to her to insult and spite me and this therefore means she will need to hate my guts to get it, so I think they are doing well while I hold down the bad guys and it is all together the same with their population where they claim I offend the people and do actually need to find their corner as there is nothing they can do about me even if they stood together for a change as a Nation in their foolish little lives. The other side of black idiots is very well understood, all I know is that being insulted by peoples children whose communities I have gone into with no respect for those who were there before me has cost them everything they fought racism to have and I will set out the part where racism is their biggest problem during their retirement as well. Apart from which the operation of matters is not just that I want to control them like their insolent wives and children give me ideas all the time and are a threat to my freedom therefore about which the easy part is over and the harder part where they will want a normal life and it will be too late is coming up as well, so they can come in here to adjudicate over which kids are the stubborn ones that end up in violent ways but get to gain from their violence which gains I set out to steal because I think myself to be the obedient one whose side people are likely to be on. They can come here to get that stupid culture and society as well if they want and it will get a lot worse. Yes I know I am said to threaten people when I have sorted myself out but it takes somebody that can kick their arse any day to sort himself out with the evils of men and sort out the evils of female society and leave all he owns to get work for money and then sort himself out well enough to issue a threat in the first place and their big mouth will get them into trouble especially the politicians beating up a boy, so will it blow up over the book sales as well. Until then I will never tolerate any populous nonsense around here and the idea of them getting famous and or important will not happen in this life or the next. So it is generally advisable they continue to turn up like that at parliament and back stage media. The back stage media that is where stories are rife these days that media hates my guts and its much like the case of their public and this new sub culture created from that third part of their lives they have recently created which is involved with a sadistic and pleasurable mannerism of hurting me everyday which I want them to change as well now that it has become a sub culture but in the case of the media I am still sleeping with peoples wives and still unemployed and it is still what they need to threaten me with when it comes to telling racists I sleep with their wives and then there are the women as well who have to get in public and have cameras trained on their bits while all that is going on to create more problems for me – they never listen and this is definitely not the worst I can do yet either. What I do on the contrary is not some gruesome and painful suffering in anyway; anybody that is able to catch them all, left right and centre and put them under control like I have will certainly show off as much as I do, it is their obsession with handling my books and property that will take it all to a whole new level. 

So this talk of government benefit cuts and more so in the US as well is very well understood i.e. the idea that it should have something to do with seeing me get involved with some process of campaigning against it. The reality is that it is utter nonsense to expect such things when they will never happen, however I have only this to say to the benefit cuts i.e. when Politicians who really need to decide now what they must do, speak of stimulating demand, what is their idea of who the demand is exactly? I mean the millionaires have their millions but do not spend all of it in a day on the markets so others can have jobs and if they  spend a quarter of a million for example in an Hour, such an hour is imagined to repeat itself at least in another 10 years, if we are to omit their use of other things like the second hand market. So what do the Politicians mean by stimulating demand if they also believe in cutting benefits for the poorest and vulnerable, which is basically nothing but a process of making people desperate enough to work their hands to the bone to make the richer, richer because it is assumed they will create industries and therefore create jobs, three factors considered of the last time they did very well on tax evasion, the fact they will be mad to try to pay off National debt by giving more money to the poorest and hence the need for benefit caps but the third of which when they do cut the benefits nobody knows what they expect to deal with anyway, the inflation and the deflation all at the same time which would have happened if they raised benefits during a period of austerity but on this occasion creates a lot of suffering in its wake as well and hence a humanitarian crisis thereof. I don’t mind the wickedness especially when done by foolish American republicans but they should not get into a habit of hiding behind me while they do it through such nonsense as the sense I am supposed to run some campaign to oppose them. I mean I know that the problem here has more to do with peoples family low lives who want to exist in a condition where their parents can never tell them they will be getting no more pocket money and business and Industry menaces who either come from that same root or come from the poorer versions, so I know it is bad thing to cut benefits and that is why I oppose it.

Now there is also talk of the matter why we should be concerned about Tories and their relationship with businesses and of course my point of view is required too; perfectly as it were since I do not think it is a problem provided I do not end up being stuck in a place where the Prime Minister feels he is hard done by when his salary is compared with that of his Business and Industry counterparts, so they can get around doing the civil service to wreck my finances all the time. There is an institutional limit to everything as it were and I have paid too high a price here for a process where some people have no respect for it; take the civil service for example, where you go there registered unemployed and therefore the governments unemployed client as it were but every time you turn up in the company of those who work there how you would look at Popular culture becomes more important than anything else and it never goes away for years and years while you continue to fight it to make employers listen to you – of course if you told the employers to simply shut it and listen you will never ever get the job and so my point comes in two forms i.e. Tories and businesses alright but if they do my stuff for being unemployed for too long I will have their Hyde bearing in mind what I have to put up with here and the fact it never ever stops and the other is that if I am caught between Politicians comparing their salaries to their industry counterparts I will do their own again very cheaply like I already have. Of course the journalists do complain that my actions distract them just as much but it really does not in actual fact - the reality is rather that they think their corruptions of involvement and the idea the US hates those who do not lead from the front is a power that can subdue and put absolutely anybody under their control; so they feel my presence like my Working Court does just because they share offices with them and so because they do violence in my Court everyday and its a no can do policy when it comes to staying out of my Court, it is clear that when immigrants come into their country they disrupt the idea it is their country which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on academic work and jobs and so on hence I am not necessarily innocent in the matter but it must be seen that it is when you must be unemployed until they can dominate you first before you can even start to get an education and you sleep with peoples wives which entitles them to your income and so on, provoking you and changing your story for you with their media everyday that there really needs to be a reckoning and it is not clear why they complain when they have no plans recently to stay outside of my Court and of course it appears to their children I exist solely to be insulted and abused by foolish British girls and women and it is much the same with the boys as well and they all have a seriously deluded idea of what I think about them as they travel all over foreign relations issues getting involved with exotic cultures and never getting a job because I exist and only when it is added to them after everything else and of course do really need to leave me alone before they cross me the wrong way as well and stop talking nonsense of the things they do on account of what I have forced them to desire or need; its not unusual either, this group do this and then another are just inbred and know about violence and know how my thing was done for me and how they have an obligation that not very detached from their civil rights to help enforce it and it is all very distracting and they are unfathomably stubborn too and never listen and then the ones that are simply destructive take it up from there and five minutes in the job centre means you are traumatised and so because Politicians want to see what they can extricate from your personality while job centre staff imagine how you would look at popular culture to make them feel good and you can never get employers to listen and it is a condition that runs for years, while they expect to get out of it and live a normal life of their own as though I am stupid, stupid enough to assume they are like that for 24 hours at any given time.

That idea that I need them for economic security is one of those things Politicians do which I find very infuriating since it is never clear why they continue to insist people do things around here the way their deviant idiots want them done; it is the same old story where people want things without going along with the rules and I am therefore notorious for being selfish while they have become notorious for stealing it and are seeking some of mine for that sort of insults and abuses as well – these are the fools that leave the homeland to ensure I cannot enforce this policy overseas, not something I need. Sacrifice tolerant society because of them seems to be the idea and of course I will rather kick their arse all the time as these kinds of nonsense is not what my tolerance was meant for in the first place.