Now it has all turned to a case of how much of the bullying are a matter of how they wish to handle a certain new boy that is me – it will never make sense to me of course as the case rather is that in my view they are thieves and cannot stop stealing things, so a little bait and they as predictable as ever fall for it all the time, which is where I stand i.e. it is not the failing of the Police they are talking about here, I ought to make them understand they are talking about my failings not that of the Police. I have never really considered them to be counted among what I may deem problems that I have – I mean it is acceptable that walking down the streets and meeting five of them that drive around cars that have panels in them that were not built in the last decade at least will always have only one outcome i.e. one will be after my anus and the other my penis and the other my head to hit and the other my tummy to hit and the fifth will be all about bashing my head against the metal railings on the roads and these feelings are so intense in them that they get to express it and make me feel what they express, it does not mean that I am necessarily incapable of reaching that point where I stand to get hold of them and bend them into very difficult corners and oppress them financially and socially and Politically as well – so they can talk new boy as there must always be an excuse with them whatever the reason and whatever their actions so they can carry on regardless, it will only continue until it reaches a point where they have to fear me as well and we all know they always say it will never happen until it does. Pound for Pound however at this stage, it is largely a matter of letting those who steal do what they do and steal, so that the Police can settle up on what is happening in their line of duty in the communities and neighbourhoods and so on, not a process of their dreams of bullying new boy coming into some kind of reality and for me personally each time it occurs the result will always be that of finding the twisted scum from high places that is funding it and so for the communities and societies that means the Politicians while for the Media and the Industries that means business men. I am only communicating here i.e. yapping new boy at me is something about which I simply have to tell them is not the failings of the Police but mine as it were and yes we know of the talk of Politicians and the need to squeeze the latest thing I ate recently out of me as it were – there is nothing new about it; usually I am supposed to work with Politicians to ensure an institutional way of oppressing them is in place but don’t ask me why I tend to fuck the Politicians all over and then use them for whatever I want at the end as well and have become really skilled at it too.

They do say I have difficult questions to answer of course and cannot seem to be free from them of which there are none; only twisted evil women that know what they want seeking an income only from my finances, sometimes they boast its cultural power but the city ones especially from fashion with men I should be scared of a derogatory abuse for me to extricate my beauties for their use alongside accusations of what I have done to them so they can get attention at my expense like to claim it is their spiritual powers. None of these things have ever been a problem, I had set out to accomplish a couple of things that I have i.e. make businesses and Industry people keep their problems away from the people of this Country as I don’t want complains and banging away at me anymore as a result of their activities, ensure they keep their own communities that are a mess because they were hoping to use them to squeeze money out of everybody else since government isn’t somebody else’s business in their view as it were – failure to comply will only lead to consequences they have never envisaged, hence the simple story behind whether or not I am to answer difficult questions is entirely a matter of the fact that when they want a piece of me they want a piece of me and there is no difficult question about that. We all know it will always eventually lead to those outcomes where this ongoing process of getting hold of their possessions and breaking it up over a period of time to extract what is mine and fair minded Christian leave the rest of them, is never going to develop into one where media can no longer save them from me while I have reached a point where I am able to afford equipments with which I get to do it as it were, so we always hear their bragging before we hear the complains – the story of girls and their boys who know what they want on the earnings of a certain man they can control and we know they have real difficulty when it comes to reading the signs and acknowledging the warnings as well. I mean they have a case of religious hatred or hatred for religion going for them which means that if they are not made to think my activities are concerned with anything else except religion then they will always predict my actions and the results and move into my earnings first before I do but I also have going for me a process where each time I see them around my concerns the outcome will always be an ending where they make choice between the devils wife and Jesus Christ and if they have no wish to do their business in that way stay the fuck away from me. It’s like the old story one about fashion people who cannot seem to make the connection between insulting and threatening me with their stupid self harming feelings of superiority and men I should be scared of because they want my income and the things I do to them of which will be getting steadily worse until I extricate what I want from them before they get lost as well and then the other about writers who like to make out people like me are a mess for the industry: for both of these idiots it’s all common sense if people want to be rich and famous to handle myself and or my possessions or any public place effects of me in that way and they want everybody else to reason with them around these matters in a completely different way, along with their fools on media who are very fond of a case of when told not to do a particular thing with peoples possessions make it their major preoccupation to do precisely those things every single day, while their Politicians still think they are better than somebody whose finances they pillage on grounds he shows it is easy to be successful in the UK or is trying to get ahead of those who were here first or is a new boy and therefore tends to get more opportunities, when even they and their local idiots were unable to survive being treated like that for a single day, I mean it has wrecked their lives but I am getting only with it happening to me at the highest levels of government as their fucking equal or somebody below them as it were. So it is an old story about how stupid these idiots are, so that it is easy to mess with people and get to school when you are matured enough to make high grades and get the best jobs with which to attack them even further for example but it does not hide what they are especially when we look at what the poorer versions of their stupid insulting lying scheming psychopathic selves really are – they are not the stuff of my nightmares and I am not in any way beaten. So on the matter of equality to which these issues always lean, it shifts there so quickly when before then it was all bragging and threats as we all know but the reality about equality being that they are insane and have no plans to see a doctor about it if they can do celebrity and fashion and Industry in order to share it and seek ownership of the personal life of the Christian as it were – so why not? The writers I have a real issue with, in its own right because these are idiots that write books every single year; so them it’s a matter of trading and exploring and exploring markets but for others who are not real writers like myself there are fans whom we implore to change nothing about the way they are because they hope to do a professional job about the books, turning up here thereof to tell me I am not a real writer and a problem for the industry when they are the idiots that pillage peoples income even when the margins are secured at the patents, which of course we all know is one of those things about facts so great as the creation of a world and the putting it into writing so people can buy it for a trinkets price which behaviour from them can take a perfectly normal person and turn them into an animal as it were because it is what works and it is common sense if people want to be rich and they cannot keep their f8ilthy mouths to themselves until it leads to more serious matters which it most certainly will as well. As for black women – they do love to behave as though there are no conditions on this planet in which they would be afraid of me and we all know that is not actually true – so they are free to share their insanity and improve themselves and get involved with high society and seek ownership of my personal life, we have only just finished with my intolerance of their clubbing and partying politics and diplomacy and there are lots more I will not be able to tolerate still to explore as well: the story of how the British Monarchy views me with suspicion and regularly hates me is an example of their stupidities, the realities about foolish women especially when black who are insane on the basis of money talking nonsense on media - what really matters about it however is that I can rent apartments and homes wherever I like and the only way they can do their money madness business of wickedness in peace is staying the hell away from me - there are conditions in which they will fear me, that is the reality around it: I understand it is said I am entirely hypocritical about what I do to offend them of course, its always a matter of what set the trigger off i.e. in their case the trigger for me was a case of being targeted and I setting out the statement they need to stop wrecking my finances to expose my aesthetics to the low lives of the world because it will only make things worse when they stream line their anger and evil - this developed into women seeking to confiscate my personal life, women seeking to control how I lived so they can decide which part of me they deployed for fame and fortune, these stupid men of theirs ending up in the city centre to count pennies on me until they became millions and then when I ask them about mobility for racism they have created, tell me racism was the deal they liked in the first place and the news for me thereof is that the second world war was the immoral side of society which is their side giving moral scum such as myself a good kicking - I decided when it had happened a few times and more so from the black ones all knowing what they want using my earnings as it were that they were going to do their businesses of money madness somewhere they can hurt themselves with all the time - do it somewhere else: by the way of which I have never been beaten by them in anyway - just those occasions where I have nothing to eat for 24 hours or even more while engaging in these high powered talk giving them the opportunity to debut a nauseated me on their stupid media and pass it off as signs of a fear for them all the time and of course the help Politicians spend tax payer funds to aid them and their media spin idiots with this is making them enemies out of me too: - there is not one part of this literary empire that I share with anybody else and so the bit where politicians did get involved was concerned with the Tory stereotype of personality thieves in the fame and fortune Industry of which either way since society people cannot screw me up he will have fucked his life trying it once so I can spin him off as well like the white idiots they are and we are so used to seeing yap off with their girls friends by their side all the time - I understand speaking of such things always propels the claim I am beginning to pay attention to the problems of men, which is utter rubbish as men are people who had their lives wrecked when somebody told them once that they are making it look like it is easy to be successful or that somebody else was here first etc but even when they inflict those madness of me everyday they are still my boss in their view, how they are scared of their own choices as well and I cannot from frequently taking conscious decisions to snap out of institutional acceptance of these madness to being concerned about their problems, the ball is in their court and they need to fix the finances they damaged here first - personally however its me versus Sodom and Gomorrah here and if I see them anywhere near my concerns they will chose between the devils wife and Jesus Christ, get some complication into their lives and sell products on that basis as well.