Of course it is a popular story they run with, that I create spoofs into other peoples businesses and call it a process of making a living and I am incredibly lazy and have not got a clue what I need to do to earn a living – it is much like that old story of a weak link Christian who then decides to set out time to live the way they want him to hypothetically which has created an entire cultural ecosystem with a global reach while they have a serious problem with somebody that gets out of bed every day to imitate their history and regularly call it his own and if he does not others will anyway – hence not so keen on rising what must certainly be their mates as it were anymore. The reality here is on one hand older men who behave towards me like Fathers with businesses that I have an equitable relationship with on one hand and on the other a collection of people who seem to have become convinced that the way things are going to be done will be a function of their insults and their rudeness – so that once they had wrecked their stupid lives, because they have money they want mine which of course is the source of all that nonsense in the first place and I do not care if they have money or not either – what I do here is a matter of running systems with people who share memories with me, some of those are business memories and others are industry memories and others are media ones and entertainment ones and so on, as a result of that it was always obvious to any normal person that any form of rudeness or insults or abuse or problem shooting and derogatory nonsense would never go unnoticed, except them that is of course because they can do anything they want with anybody on account of that stupid money, looking for trouble all the time which is just as well that they do from a distance anyway; I mean they are nothing and as far as I am concerned will always stay that way too no matter how much millions they dispose of all the time – I am not interested, they do not matter and if I have not brokered equitable involvement with them they have no right to make advertisements or run businesses and industries and companies with my work, which if I have expressly mentioned does not exclude anybody whatsoever and besides which even if I did, when they have not bought any of my books to read up and acquire parameters for the equities they are supposed to have brokered, all they do exists only at the freebies level and does not go anywhere beyond that as to suggest they own anything here or have any rights here as it were. Even now this very moment; the fact I do not like the celebrities and I do not like people goading me into a fight and I do not like their media and Politics idiots doing it and talking at or talking to me and so on and I do not like people addressing my God consecrated self without permission and I do not like people handling my possessions, extracting an income from my market place, deploying my work to get rich or work business industry politics or media with it or making a show of them and so on, that is precisely what they want to do, so I can only imagine that their complains do not necessarily mean that my messages are getting through to their stupid heads anyway - not even the part where they are pragmatic about how much they do not accept me as though their opinions are needed around here; it is the same way they turn up to handle my possessions and then extract my memories to look the part with all kinds of nonsense they can extricate with those evil violent misogyny cultures by building atmospheres of intense abuse around me that community idiots who fancy their stupid money can run with, then expect it means that either they or their stupid wives and really insulting children have now acquired a new life at my expense due to my none commitment to violence, their commitment to it and the loss of their own as a result of their insolence due to that madness they have and claiming it to be wealth - all of which I think continues because I am only that close to reaching the prognosis that insults and abuses from millionaires and Business people need to be punished, however which it does seem that the debt is accumulating indeed, which of course is actually the only one single problem that my livelihood faces.

In terms of what I have it is said given up for all these, we all know they are never interested in their own problems as equally as we all know they can never be satisfied, its shopping channels and more shopping channels and it’s the need for a new country because no existing country is ever good enough and more need for it and even more need for it and a constant appearance on media to abuse those who have something they want to own and more need for it and more need for it and of course I believe I have made myself clear about the fact I will soon had collected those businesses and industries and handed it over to somebody else who will show them how it should be done before I experience any improvement in their behaviour towards me, they have continued to make noise about how ready they are for it and all I have to say is that they need to stay off my books which in the first place do not do them any favours anyway - they always say their stupid children were born snakes right from the very beginning and I always say I am certain they will be sending out the ones that are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions to turn up and piss me off all the time as well.