I hear of this brewing masculinity debate, I have to say I have found it amusing since it is rather difficult to locate how it would be a masculinity debate if it is to do with a problem associated with Women that are beyond the league of some Men – meaning that she will never ever hear what the Men in question are saying and it can even go on to a case of marriage where a partner hears you speak but it never ever gets through for years and years, until death do us part or the day it breaks up etc. The case of Men doing dangerous jobs that keep society going is a valid point I accept that but I for instance do not have a history of being angry and miserable and yet I get out of bed to express such feelings because Women have become obsessed with finding Men that are going to give them a gift of seeing me get beaten up. Then the result of all that nonsense becomes that they fancy themselves bullies and my feelings are always prone to it – so the help I can offer at this stage where they do not feel like complying with clearing my space on account they find their behaviour amusing is that my life is basically about waking up in the morning to the last passage of the Bible I read still ringing in my mind, or even the last song I listened to etc and in that way if I carry on my daily concerns and it springs up several times, I will know that my mind is clean before God – I do not want to think about their corrupt twisted and evil feminism that wants to corner and trap me for the fun of bullying all the time, just to get on Media and find themselves amusing – while they are at it of which I am sure they will remember that some people actually do suggest the way to ensure that they never ever dare is to get hold of them and beat them up seriously without reason on account they have started looking the part at a certain age and then there will be no chance of their stupid minds thinking about knowing where people anus and penis is all of the time; it is a fact worth paying attention to when in my case they fancy themselves such a bunch of really dumb steadfast bullies. By the way of which a large proportion of my personality is what it is because British Mums have made it that way and a large proportion of the stupidities of feminists is what it is because it is what it is, so the masculinity debate does not actually adequately address the issue as a whole, which is what I am saying here. They do make out the problem to be that I crash peoples party of course, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that their stupidities want to be rich and famous and when it has gotten to that position, I end up with Men that normally beat up scum like me who are horrible to women because they have never really had somebody fight it out with them over the matter of kinds of justice until all the matters are resolved as it were – so that now that they have been able to get rich and famous at my expense, the more I tell them to stop is the worse they will get and that Popular culture has become something I have deemed to be my personal problem all together, so that I might find out what it is exactly they are going to do as a whole people too. the real problem is that they need to listen to what other people are saying to them, not a masculinity debate; when I mention that I put up with at least five times the pressure which causes them to be the feminists idiots that they are at present and causes their stupid Men to attack other people and end up in prison, it should never get to mean that I am inferior to them because that just becomes insulting all together and when they do, should not complain about the result as well – since I do still find the time to get out there and keep certain elements of social evil out of mainstream living so that they can have an existence as well and their insults especially from the none whites is a very tiresome thing to experience.

This has never really been a serious matter all round – it’s like the story in Europe being that I am the black guy that likes to pretend I know a lot about their great civilisation and now my interference is starting to pay off whereby I pay for the damage and am being made to, while I pretend that EU Migration has been some form of benevolence on the part of the British; which has nothing to do with anything all together, European Politicians have always been the most insolent scumbags in the world, they have the entire populous of their Countries on this lockdown of delusion where they think that by taking part in elections they are determining their own destiny, whereas they are only helping fools like these to get financially comfortable and control their lives in that way – so they think they have sorted out that Industrial power play to a point where they can blab a big mouth at me and create pockets of places where my property can go to vanish and are now complaining because that is not successful; there is always the sense nobody really cares but I am watching them and they can take this statement as a warning as well if they like and it’s not like they are not in dire straits at present anyway, concerning this temperament mistresses stuff I do where Women are bound to take up my thing and do it if they feel somebody is encroaching on their House, added to the part where I am completely insane as well – so this is all bound to progress to the part where I build a public life on it because their big mouth wags too often as well. They are usually to me a typical example of why Monarchy should not interfere with Politics as it makes things worse, I do not interfere here in the UK, the Politicians are the ones that have creaked such a myth; it is ever so difficult to actually work out what level of greed propels people to plan a life of getting rich on being able to access people income first and then working out what service they need and how to provide it later which means that the primary prognosis of their plans to be financially comfortable is always based on claiming ownership of the state of affairs of entire communities which builds this atmosphere of pure evil where individuals have no chance whatsoever, so it’s all very well blowing off their big mouth at this point like nobody has had enough of them yet all together, when they start. I had mentioned before it is the responsibility of the Germans and the rest to bail out the Greeks and they have always assumed I am some busy body do-gooder, that I am stupid but somebody will exhibit this kind of behaviour in communities where the richest person makes a profit of about £5000 on average every forth night and hence is a borderline in Economy for everybody there and expect that the result if he can manipulate Law enforcement to protect him while he fights people will be success in the short and long run all together with this level of irresponsibility, while he plays up his Politics of conspiracy against the poor to the fullest and thinks that he is fundamentally at leave to pass silly insults at me when he thinks he has profited enough to seek personal glory.