I hear I am courting a lot of hate from Americans, I wouldn’t know anyway for my part – all I know is that when I write my Books, the single impediment to making a living goes beyond the need that talk show hosts in America have to ensure all they say and do is about passing insults at me, complaining about a lack of respect on my part for other peoples cultural Father figures and develops right into the case of the neighbourhood bully who is head of the neighbourhood hoodlums arrangement taking hold of my market place every day, simply because a certain amount of my services are free thereby attracting his attention – lay it out like a table cloth to take what he see and feast on what he see and have whatever he wants, every 24 Hours. They need to get off my Business Empire, otherwise become more reasonable about seeing that their hate for me is only making their problems worse. I mean it’s hard to understand what stage and point my Business, all I have worked for and built with my own hands got to become something the local neighbourhood hoodlum leader who thinks of himself as resident bully takes whatever he likes from and what kind of existence that is supposed to have been anyway. I do not think that it is a major crisis in anyway, it’s just that their mode of operation in my direction shows no indications of improvement and this thing happens to my income every day, at the end of which they say it’s the nature of a thing i.e. if it is British and Royalty it is going to have narrow minded views and fall in love with oppression but of course what we see is that when normal people are naive it costs them something and others get better off – when these idiots are nave they destroy other people’s lives and so when they speak of the nature of a thing as well as it were, I am sure they have heard me mention that there will be less trouble if they know where to keep their freedom as well. We see them at it all the time like an obsession on which their lives depend and its always finished off with checking me out to see if I am vulnerable to career piracy like other people really do have any sort of right to take my breath away like that every day and then start all over again when it seems as though any new thing has only just come along. The Celebrities are pretty much in the same area i.e. how this guys create process of getting on other peoples public image and public lives nobody will ever know but the celebrities specifically enjoy doing it in order to try and extricate a condition whereby they were more than I am and leave me this task of making sure that they are not when my time could have been better spent, endlessly.

Of course we do hear that I am a loser which is supposed to be a laughing matter of concerns on National Media but I wouldn’t know anyway since there is rather a link between having these seesaw idiots and their Politicians, who play with people’s lives and income running on Ant-depressants like it was air they breathe and blood in their veins, in order for other peoples livelihoods to be left alone by them but then again, the reality is still that they handle and destroy peoples income because they need it in order to get themselves together and get on their feet everyday and still they will damage peoples livelihood and come up with a new abuse for their chosen target every day, perhaps to show that when you try to make it straight if is crooked, the problem only gets worse – hence it becomes a question of what then drives you to that point.