So I have been told several times that the media will force me to share what I have in the world where it is known for developing a position in which it gets to ensure that there is publicity on matters which are meant to be discussed to prevent the rich being too rich while the poor have nothing but I can understand this position for the media where the rich are prevented from getting away with everything, half the time while they are at it, to undercut me where I am doing my best work, it will sometimes feature the late peoples Princess who was the Princess of Wales and I suppose it may continue for eternity if I am not clear about what my position on the matter really is i.e. it was insane enough with rich stupid people that poor stupid people work for while those in the middle will tear up my whole life at any cost to be sales operatives and managers but these popularity guys really are the lowest of the low and it might interest those who issue threats at me to know that Princess Diana, poor people and myself are not interlinked, in case the time occurs when they think they have got the guts for it. I am never really angry about these things without reason supposing the Politicians wanted to know – the reality is that these guys will attack and sexually assault women who mistakenly end up in a situation where they have lost mobility as a result of their cowardice and do not want to be affected by culture and society whenever they try to regain it but at the same time it is impossible for them to run their celebrity lifestyles of practical jokes without pillaging the backyard of Politicians and Royalty and I would like them start to running their celebrity lives on their own backyard ASAP. It is a very complicated issue; for the part where it is said I care about everything else in the world apart from the monarchy while the monarchy is the reason we have issues in the first place, they expect me to exchange the affections of the Royal family for their own because they are famous with criminal records, an inability to run their lives without stopping somebody else's existence and a strange relationship with parents that they keep secret and pillage other peoples own to feel good about, looking as though they are fulfilling what Nazis could not do the whole time as they plan to get me trapped somewhere while my whole life and property is spent to make poor people feel good. With respect to the firms at the Estate it is more complicated than that and we have heard them claim I am lowest of the low all the time while my main concern is a process where getting stuck with them in a condition that ultimately makes me some money and I therefore need to keep up a lifestyle – in terms of Fashion we have this process where people employ financially well off client employees who show up to perform terrorism shows on designer brands and so my help is needed; what we see is the reason fashion designers have mental illness, some commit suicide and some get killed in mysterious circumstances and some are an even greater problem for everybody. In terms of main stream industry we are looking at their alliance with sale armies giving fat cats a lot of power to play practical jokes whereby clinging to peoples incomes and setting out a stage where nobody ever does anything right is the main thing; so we have environmental issues for instance and I need to ensure my equities are looked after, a process where there is always a majority in favour of environment matters is maintained, lest one company will plant a forest Today and a few weeks later dumps chemicals in pristine wilderness at the same time; I am not saying the fat cats are the most complicated problem I have ever faced as such, the fat cats love money they have not done a lot of work for, with naked girls in big mansions to enjoy it with but I could be manipulative as well if I clear out the mess they make on social media where most people cannot see it and they have to help me out if they are worried about vengeance – however it is the services that Media provides and some Politicians like the German ones who create the safest haven for fat cats in the world no matter how much others tried to control them, services that always mean you had it sorted out in your view but you lost and the Politicians have gained access to what you were gambling and have ended up with at least 20 more fat cats to add to the ones you saw last week and it is amusing. All while they can see I have written my University drop out Prince Books with errors unedited since it is a matter of whether people wish to be concerned with those errors or wish to be concerned with the commitments set out in it, however which with media leadership and a hell of a service they want to provide all the time, so that big business can grab other peoples property which ensures they are never wrong when they speak of the need for wealth distribution, it is pointlessly tough going to get them sold to those who need them and we have ended up with bag logs of people who have worked at Industry but have not gotten their due for it as a result while they blow off their big mouth at me further of making sure I get to share and they were in a position to enforce it. If I said Industry involves seeing that others are tied up and taking up work they should be doing on areas where you were meant to get paid and then getting the jobs done for them, it would be said I encourage companies to encroach on peoples lives while reality is that the otherwise expects people to do the work and pay the business for the profits at the same time and if I said that the main issue with wealth inequality was the probability of big business whose ownership of property is acknowledged by large populations, grabs property and business opportunity which belongs to smaller ones while the media provides a service that facilitates it,. Consumerism would dominate everything I did until what was intended is completely destroyed and yet if I have companies that broker with me and have commitments with me, it appears that their interests should be the least of my concerns while stupid media tells me how to exist – we all know that as human beings I can read my Books to the world, then print them and set them out on the market place to find I am selling them anyway because there is still reasons for people to buy them but what we see here is a group of fools who think they are famous making that impossible without reason. Then we hear them speak of millennials having dreams that must die while they have not yet explained the scientific connections they have made between peoples body fluids and processes of getting rich, which is what all that pillaging other peoples backyard has created for them i.e. a means to obsess about handling peoples private parts all the time for example, blabbing about millennials having dead dreams because I have decided I will never pay for publicity if I can keep them bad on Public and National Media for long enough for me to make sense to the public psyche and we see the same issues around pornography as well – such that the 6 foot black people and 6 foot white people who think they are superior will sell each other drugs and those who are a centimetre less will get stabbed and shot if they got involved and Mr Trump was the main problem all along, while for the democrats, they do National service for me and then pornography after that which I am supposed to stay away from seeing that these goons cannot do celebrity another way save the part where I am messed up by their absurdities and practical jokes until I end up with the same problems that my products solve for my customers and there is an argument about how I intend to sell it while I have the same problem, so that lots of people can become pornographers still, the assumption being that if I went off to the Pornographers and told them what I thought should be done in return for an army to take down the Celebrities, I would not have gotten one as such thereof. We see the same on government as well; I find that most diplomatic missions are done with en-treatment but what I get up to is mostly done in terms of who is providing hospitality, which indicates I have a lot of influence going for me and so apart from being aware of my age since I influence people that are older than I am is the case of letting the Celebrity know this is what is happening with me, only to find their reaction was to take up some money and get off to their local communities to assume a quasi government operative position that allows them to keep playing practical jokes with my backyard while looking forward to celebrity neighbourhoods where Police can make up stories and shoot people.  Same case we find concerning Gender pay gaps; they like to ask why I get involved with that anyway but what we do find is that since the last time bread winning was exclusively a male dominated world, the pay levels have stayed the same and we do not know the exact point at which women were paid less for doing the same work which has also stayed the same – forging this pillar of support for a group of idiots that have established a connection between hurting me and making money which I have implored them to change now that we have uncertain economic times, considering that when it reaches the part at which the government has decided on a sustainable economic Policy for the future, I will not be getting them stuck somewhere until they are past it as well. Its not a difficult matter as a whole, I just want them to do their celebrity culture at their own backyard, stay out of mine, get involved with me if they want my Books, not obsess with me for practical jokes and for what it is worth, stay off the backyard of Politicians and stop blaming me for the problems they court as a result of it; they are celebrities, celebrities make money from partying and revelling and setting out sales armies that destroy peoples lives and nothing like Royalty or Politicians (for the record), off the record, as I said, it was already a world of stupid poor people working for stupid rich people while the goons in the middle will destroy anything to become shop managers and sales operatives i.e. to me they are the worst of the worst, the scum of this earth basically, nothing of Princess Diana, poor people and myself of which are interlinked and their big mouth about getting into trouble is talking rubbish about somebody they do not truly understand and we are not talking about the getting them stuck with the bad behaviour so that they never make anything I say or do lose credibility while I have already written Books I need to get shipped for a service on the matters that have persisted for so long or indeed the Democrat led leadership of global civil rights movements over the last five years which have come to nothing so far either. I mean I am here trying to control Celebrity vandalism of my property and somebody has to show up on Media to irresistibly pretend to protect me while the rest look like they want to get killed by state provided security instead of go off and fuck themselves or something - so it apparently becomes a bit of a problem when it learns of the fact it knows nothing of what it is blowing its big mouth off for while it has not had to deal with fools claiming the part of peoples minds that does not wish to hurt others is a sign they need to start showing respect where it is due as scum make connections with Politicians and pornography out of peoples lives, which is what they do to me before we find them get on the same media to complain and issue those stupid threats that make their lives worse. I can still remember how it started off with homosexuality years ago and when I defend myself from being abused, I have stolen big brothers beauty because they want to churn my tummy and then when I say I am not homosexual it will become the main preoccupation of public transport operatives to make out that I am and keep it going a case where am likely to be if I say that I am not - outcome was this case where they wanted more freedom for homosexuals while they are more obsessed with claiming that somebody that was not actually is, where the outcome was that nobody is born homosexual and my case was to ensure that all the things which make their homosexual sex less painful especially those devised at my expense have been taken from them; its all part of the dreams of millennials that need to die as it were, since its not important I understand how my feeding works since they are in control of what my tummy does as a great big practical joke that makes their problems more visible - at this stage of which I guess the whole business of screwing up peoples backyard to draw attention to their happy narcissist civil rights money loving madness needs has become a faculty in its own right - they say I will be at a disadvantage for the rest of my life over that nonsense we know means they have never worked for up to 70% of what they need since civil rights and Politicians tend to make up for it over what others have worked for anyway but so are we aware that with every case where they need to care the way the guy who created a Company cared in order to create one, is a process where a mix of their evil reputation alone means that they can hardly carry on when the pressure is turned up, just like it is with their Fat Cats (the shoving peoples around to play up powers that be and make them more susceptible to being killed by racists of course is that which when you had shafted them as well, end up with a fear that you have become the same thing as they are).