Now it’s never true I am in trouble with global leaders anyway nor is it the case that I am the guy that used to get around solving Global problems but have been reduced to this point; I have not been reduced, it has always been a matter of what happens when peoples wealth are tied to their human rights and when those who speak of wealth distribution becomes unquestionable because no matter how much they have not worked for the millions they have, they still got it from somebody who have got it and can always do so again while encouraging others to have a go, so that had to be a different thing from helping out those I thought I could. In terms of trouble with global leaders its largely peoples fundamental interest in my concerns and concerns here in the UK all the time – they like to say it is revenge for our interference but we all know that it is always a matter of money women and evil for them every single second and when they meet women who tell them how female society works we all end up with a problem and it gets better because the reason men annoy them is because when push comes to shove men react like men while they react like women. So we hear Mr Obama speak of the chance that the Monarchy in the UK might be on its way out considering the unfolding of recent events and it is an example of how they look for trouble all the time because those who are not Royalty have to be unemployed for decades as a result of their faith getting on other peoples nerves and its like that – I was there when it started and I am still here when my problems are affecting others and therefore building violent intolerance in my direction that is financially beneficially – so it still comes down to the question of whether the guy whose life and career is used to clear the air to find out if ugly people can get famous and used to do other peoples own for them, is the name that their parents gave them. We can talk about people keeping an eye on me to notice every single move I make and ensure it is followed by an abuse and some mockery of a violent nature which turns up as prerogative for idiots that appear on media and turn up at Industry so they can chase my anus and penis all the time or we can talk about whether or not the guy whose career is used to clear the space to make evil people look good in the eyes of the world so they can be rich and famous and ensure good people are not because they are take it, is the name their parents gave them – so contrast that will suggestions of getting into trouble with Global leaders. It has always been as simple as the fact they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space or they will complain yet again when I have trouble with a relationship with my parents and siblings and hand it to them the one where they got it too, so they can tell me I pacify extremists and racists when they are killing each other.

They claim I speak of relationship with my parents but I prevent them from having any but that is only when we are not seeing them extract an income from the perks of my job or turn up on media to talk through to me and get involved to ensure their superiority that politicians bank rolled at my expense is preserved and I am really, really, really tired of it – which is why they are now working so hard to ensure the rest of us understand they are working for their money when they really shouldn’t be – the one that kills me all together is that stupid phrase thereafter i.e. ‘beat that’. It comes down to the old matter of building an empire with a certain amount of providential equities that I myself have not been rich with and so if they can just own it they will have everything they could ever dream of but nobody asked them to get involved, they did because it was from here they could gather spare resources considering how superior their Politicians really were. They do speak of how nice it would be to live in a  world where people did not build a business on equities so others can want to control it to fulfil their dreams then get kicked out and kicked all the time but they will want to look into their insults and the mobility it offers extremists in society as well and then  nobody will have a run a business that ensures he does not sell his hear to make a living since they never ever listen and clearly don’t like it when they know disobedience is tiresome anyway. It happens all the time where the best need to be ruined so the stupid can turn up on their public lives to count pennies until they become millions and then get on media to maintain the superiority with everything the owners do to recover handling property without permission in a certain bubble that means justice is being delayed until they rule the world – it just got to a point on this occasion. It’s just I have never signed a contract with them to handle my Books or the markets in order to maintain their superiority to me which the Politicians paid for while paying to wreck my finances at the same time like we have ever seen them all give to the frugal as it were, so they can be free of people running business the way I do.

It’s about putting an end to being as stupid as people have already said that you are – where you have five customers today and then they waited hours due to controversy and violence and went away and it took hard work to have another and the same process repeats itself and then it starts to become the norm that it is how the day is supposed to be spent and it seems people will not do their fashion and popular culture and Music CD and News in any other way save your public life and personal life and everything they see that you do – then finish off with calling you names to ensure it becomes really easy. I am not running this business any other way as such, it’s just that they complain but do not want to stop being the reason that the sales here cannot flow due to that stupid media and those foolish threats and we all know it also means I have to play some game by their rule to get by and I have this history of expressing what I think of men who feel I look like fighting material but it seems I have not expressed enough of it yet; it is extremely annoying but they like to say I am being bullied wherefore it does not feel like it as we can all see they are the ones complaining.

We do hear them say when they know where my Empire is they can better avoid it but it has always been as simple as shutting down everything from fashion to media or even Politics that may involve addressing me and we are not talking about lies of what I have done with their society having a meaning they have made up either – we all know that one started with the fact if that Christian does not control that his God and his holiness I will murder him big mouth and community croons sexual abuse from a distance story – now it’s time to be real – if they don’t shut them down I will shut it all down for them; now they know where my Empire is and can certainly avoid it too. They do say the Industries do not need my products or services anymore but the first occasion from which we are all still reeling and I have to ensure I am more responsible with the use of my abilities is the bit where they will involve my company property with theirs right down to my aptitudes then decide at some point I was unable to do the job and was therefore taken over – this time nobody knows what will come of it except that we can tell they have no plans to be seen elsewhere but my Book sales and that they have products at the Market place as well.  It all comes down to the consumer at the end of the day, so much time wasting, wasting their own as well – this time I have to guess they have products and there are perks to their jobs that can be handled by others too, so that we can hear I don’t have anal sex if I can build up a global atmosphere of it to make people nervous.