Now merry Christmas Politicians and I will like to begin with the issue of flood defences in the UK which of course is much the same as the issue of falling coastlines and public transport, except the Politicians think it should be left to the insurance industry. I mean they even suggest that I talk the talk about restriction of big government but cannot walk the walk; apparently that is because they cannot see there is something fundamentally wrong with a process where they cannot save a 5 bedroom owner, mortgage paid and everything from loosing their homes, being to the coastlines they can protect registered as homeless and ending up as a guest of a B and B, with the wealth of the British Government. The part I find impossible to grasp is how such persons who have no sense whatsoever of how to do things for people and how to handle people end up in politics first of all and then worse still, how they get to raise millions of pounds for electoral campaigns which are well organised so they can give speeches to these people as well. it is much the same with public transport as well when they want to charge people for using the roads and yet they know that if they had better public transport most people will use their cars on weekends and save on insurance and then spend money moving about by public transport, instead of being charged and punished for congesting the city roads which is not at all their fault. There is no sense in this country that politicians are prepared to handle public finances in any other way therefore but the manner which suggests hey I am looking down you, give me some. They will claim of course there are facts about things I do which they want to aspire to which makes even more sense then as it were since they have not aspired to anything more than less than a quarter of what I have done because of course what I have done is place huge equities and securities in the defence industry and huge equities and securities in the law enforcement industry and then set out to handle problems that followers of leaders in bigger countries who think their leaders have the power to handle any issue get up to, the result is therefore that the British government has the entire frontier for itself and should have been able to settle how they want to pay off the deficit while making sure people find it incredibly easy to earn money whenever they want, which of course is all they needed to do but clearly is the last thing they will ever be caught dead doing. They are not aspiring to anything that I do in anyway, what they do is talk rubbish about their connections in countries where people share skin colour type with me which makes the problem worse, which of course if they didn’t do, my work will have become so much more insignificant that I would be able to do marketing for my books without drawing too much attention to myself.

Of course men have been obsessed for as long as I can remember with perversions of and ulterior meanings to my actions, words and deeds but it has now come to a critical point. I have written books, titles of which leave nothing to the imagination and sub titles of which provide clear certainty about what they stand for and clear have been fact around my books of my intolerance for old idiots playing foolish games around me and my work but these books will never become what civil rights idiots want to buy whenever they need the help and services; for them, people can never be fed up being insulted and abused by them, not when the Politicians that support them are on a high anyway – what gets to me the most however is this pretence they seem to hold out on that getting involved with me when I do not want to with them especially and when we are not equals which does huge damage to my finances and equities and playing those games with me that they play, has a real chance of ending badly, despite the fact I have mentioned it anyway. Their leaders know how to use their insults for purposes that wreck finances of other statesmen of course and do not seem to be done it wither and I am for my part not giving back my hold of that stupid left hand side of theirs so they might understand a world where I get to play give something in return for something with them like we are equals does not exist. They do it all the time and complain about their lies in Public, old idiots playing with my work and my livelihood and my reputation and cannot get off public media for that matter too and I will break them and then it will stop, bearing in mind how impossible it is in the circumstances to work out where they got the idea I am giving people strength to love from, with their stupid relentlessly insolent and greedy primitive girls that do not seem to find their level at any time whatsoever.

They say I do the same to people and it is utter rubbish too because they know people in various industries wait for me to catch on once my work is finished but each time I write my books and put up anything to earn a living with, they suppose it and my office and my reputation is their plaything and they know we are not equals as well and there is real chance it might end badly but take that risk anyway. It is mind blowing how it gets to mean that I give people the strength to love. It is natural and entirely normal that it increasingly becomes the wrong thing to do, not to do anything about these things and of course all through history and time, their criminal disobedience has ever known no bounds.

I mean how far do you go to provoke another person and wind them up everyday because you are a big bully, turn their equities and securities they broker which is a very private industry into something of your choice that you manipulate on media to get rich and famous and then try to ensure that becomes what his business and property was all together, in order to achieve a process where you get on media to ensure the evil world is his privacy and his privacy becomes the evil world which happens to have been your domain and it will not be the first time either and just as it were before now the same statement comes through for it all the time i.e. a matter of their civil rights and civil freedoms and you simply cannot help believing that those stupid insolent statements are a cliche.