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Now there is talk of how I try to take on internet moguls of course and how it will lead to unpleasant outcomes but that was way before I started kicking their arse on account it was perfectly acceptable for people to take photos of themselves on posts which suggests it is people like myself should be shot because she shut down aspects of our lives that actually belongs to everybody and serves as market for fame and fortune on account we think it belongs to us now that it is everybody’s property besides which we generally have no right to shut down market for fame and fortune and more so by wanting normalcy in our lives, perfectly okay of course because people like me have got everything and decide to keep it to ourselves and therefore deserve such treatment, they seem to suggest I started kicking their arse recently today as well hence the idea of unpleasant outcomes because they cannot shut it. when I say so I am not referring to what I do to make celebrity scum comfortable either, for those I am not giving back that stupid left and intend to dig up their lives for everything that is embarrassing for them and put it up on that left hand side and manage it for them as well which should define their insolent civil rights for our times as well. I mean like what is perfectly acceptable that when you serve the Country you have less human rights, not something that is really possible of course, its just being explored, like temporary human rights abuses that they deserve and I deserve to happen to me on account I have something people want to have. 


It will put in perspective the fact Americans greatly overestimated the extent and size of their National Interests when they went about collecting debts that will cater for the need to get corrupt with it so others do not take it away and now get to feel that what they want as a result of UK interests of the thousand and one countries in the world, which is a typical example of how the idiots that live in that part of the world find it so incredibly difficult to live in reality over that old matter of their wickedness and greed; what they now term fiscal cliff and how they will get on top of it is a matter I am going to enjoy greatly because it is all very intensely distressing for me which is why they want to build a future on it and it is about time they learn their place as well.

I am aware some people think there is a need to do something about a process where they have worked so hard to engross my life and business with violence, especially when people have raised the need for me to protect my work and royal estate on the other hand. I do not think it is a matter about which I should have a lot of conversation either; most of these people are still from very primitive and violent cultures, especially Americans and as I always put it; we think of New York as the big apple and have friends in the US but it does not mean that the reasons the US is the biggest economy in the world is down to the activities of the modern, civilised cosmopolitan section of their society either - the world is not blind, everybody can see what they bandy about is my property and every can see how hard they work to link it with the criminals in their society as well in order to try and own it, hence no huge conversations needed, as for the rest apart from the US we have history between us as it stands with those stupid cultures and the obsession their homosexuals have for my personal life and privacy, which they love to tell people is all about their civil rights.

We see in an overall generalisation, answers to these matters as considering the abusive quest for fame and fortune with enough temerity to hold conferences and brainwash people on the importance of going out to vandalise peoples lives and properties to get rich and famous and buy things and show off and cause trouble and lawlessness and criminal disobedience at an international level, which they practice with threats and extreme false confidence as that which needs to be curtailed by collecting the fame of the popular culture industry for the Established church and of course that of the Media for the established systems and process of Political affairs - otherwise we cannot successfully gain normalcy in the world if we continue to beg them for it nor will anybody have safety and security of person and or property as long as they run riot at will.

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