So am I a victim of racism? Of course not, all we have these days is a group of idiots that spend all their time and inadvertently my time as well grooming me for the bad things that are happening around us and that includes racism too; so I need to have my finances wrecked at all times and that needs to be followed with a sense I look like something a prepubescent psychopath will want to stab by being flustered all the time, so that when it now works alongside a case they have of a daily need to peddle my personal and public life to help society feel good with its daily grind in order to appear to be using their own to get things done when they sing songs and become homosexual, it becomes something they really do need to explain as well. I like to see it as an opportunity being one of those people they like to groom claiming I look really good and would yield a lot of dividend when sacrificed to the evils of what is happening all around us, all about the things they will lose as a group of people when they are made to stop it – personally I have made myself clear about the only collateral damage to morals and religion being a fear of them anyway.

I understand they say my so called public life is debatable but it really isn’t – its the whole package of what people do with me when they see me and the primary prognosis is that I don’t know them and they don’t know me but they are affected by me; when others are handling it and owing it and making use of it, the result is always that I can never tell whom they have provoked on its account and how that will affect my parents and my siblings and because of that I am unable to have any relationship with my family as a result of these idiots clinging to me for their own reasons, so unless they are unable to have a relationship with their families on my account, it is not one of those things they are used to people living with around here.

In terms of whether I think its a fight I can win, I said nothing about a fight I can win, all I said is that they do like to think they are Gods gift to the world and that especially the American and African ones, it never stops until they are on the blue corner and I am on the red corner and whatever it is that tickles their big mouth will now be settled as it were. So the story of how hysterical I am is a popular one but I think that I want to do will be publicly proven – so its a question of whether I am hysterical when people want to peddle my personal and public life to help society feel good about its daily grind and garnish it with ripping up my finances and making me look flustered so I might be a target for extremism, then chase my anus and penis because I have encumbered areas of society that was built by a Mothers pain and of course the last time we checked the records I was not the one of the losers in need of media salvation or the one complaining. So it never stops until they are on the blue and I on the red corner so they can tell me I feel I am more good looking than I really am.

There is no racism, only the fact that we want bad things to happen to those we hate and good things to happen to those we care about; these fools however have a task ahead of them to explain how they get to make sacrifices to deal with racism while I milk it and restore everything they have damaged in the last 15 years around here and that is what the problem is. For these idiots however we are now in a place where each occasion they get fucked shows I had taken everything but their bragging and insults have not improved because their foolish mothers are busy paying a gamblers price around here and have no wish to calculate what the real cost is, which part of this sordid affair is none of my concern. We hear of those that cannot really back up what they say talking of course but it is not an emotive issue – the case is always what they gain from what you do about them and I am not going to have them believe I will get off a Royal Office to commit murder without making sure that they actually lose. It always has to get easier; rather than provoking some drugs or gang operative and escaping with their lives to make rap music, they chose me but the attitude and behaviour will never improve.

It’s much the same with the claimed fear I have for black women which actually has no basis on reality; the reality of which is that I have now taken steps to ensure celebrity culture is beyond their reach and so is popular culture and so is media and much the same with pornography even – so it’s the generic story of certain evil women that feel they can do and undo with others if they wanted which seems unprecedented but it’s not a problem here; it’s about their evil that needs to end with an outcome whereby they got rich and it never will, so we are stuck with their sense that when they want money they are supposed to go to work on me and get relentless about it in order to be successful but I am hard pressed to locate where that also meant I am afraid of them. There are other variables in the matter like white men and Muslim men telling me this is my place for these black women do these things to everybody and somebody had to sort it out but I don’t mind if they will let me show them how their Muslim women are doing it as well and likewise the white men and their media and fame idiots too but then again for the Muslims I do like to tell them I am more deserving of their parents in inheritance than they are so we can see them become compulsively angry as well. It is ever such an incentive when this process is cycle is allowed to end in wealth for them. They do say they are still making money anyway but that is because there are Industry goons giving them money and I am happy for this redemption to occur, ensures they stop bugging me.

Its still the same problem i.e. it is not victimless to get about peddling my personal and public life to abuse me in sexual context and tell people I cannot stop giving, to make money by helping society with its daily grind and they know it. I understand I am not making a head way according to them but it is ridiculous, they have always done these things, the problem here is that they have forgotten their place and do not seem to know where points at which their western corruptions of involvement can get away with things really are. Its not that much of an issue especially the tale of being unappreciative of brave people fighting for my interests – in the UK the Police are under fire if they recruit the trouble makers to help with the job, in the case of the US they come under fire for attacking the trouble makers; I for my part have made myself very clear that they need to stop peddling my personal and public life to help society with its daily grind on account it makes them famous so they don’t get to end up on the blue corner and I on the red.

I understand its a tale of free people fighting me as such but there is really no such thing – the reality is that of such cases as the need to make use of my faith and religion to feel good without going along with the rules which they think is actually rubbish – so if they suppose its all my personality that they can buy if they wanted to but I have made up religion to keep them out then they can hang around and find out if they are correct and stop complaining. So of course it comes down to cheeky merciless bullying fun which I should have done and in their view completely unaware I should have – so it is actually a matter of the crime of seeing them get out of bed every day to spend mine by turning up on media to exclude me from earning a living until they succeed before the day progresses the way they are comfortable with which then starts all over again in 24 hours – hence what I mean will lead to an outcome where they are on the blue and I on the red corner. They do say I have brought it on myself of course and it is utter nonsense; we human beings are always pushing boundaries and aspiring to something and on this occasion it was a realty that people get involved with an author if they are interested in his literary work otherwise he can also easily explore an outcome where he wrote the Books and told them all about the contents then made them buy it his way or their way and in that it ends when we prevent ourselves from being reduced to animals by the stupidest of our fellow human beings. It was the same with the National economy for they had come across economic text books and it was time to see what socialism could do with the distribution of wealth when it made up its own. Getting involved with these guys is like walking down the streets to see three guys smoking weed and then invite them home for dinner without reason or purpose; so I had to use the method I have because their involvement with me was organised by the men and the Politicians in society – so they were already starting to make use of my aptitudes instead of their own and the last test was University where every year I passed through meant somebody else had graduated first – I had to write the books and I had to make them read it and I had to make them wait for me to publish it so I can get back to them over which copy they have purchased considering how much they know about it – they are really not as destructive as they love to boast that they are.

They say my sense of discrimination does not go hand in hand with getting involved at Government but this is not discrimination at all – it’s the reality that they exist because they wish to ensure moral people cannot complete any project without losing something they did not deserve to lose and that is how the world has always been unless they specifically want a piece of me like it is at the moment. So it always leads to that outcome where it is said I am not actually making any progress with myself which is utter nonsense – I am the one accommodating them and not the one serving them, it is the reality that explains why it is true that if I want my Christianity to be the way they live, it will be that way because I am leading and they are not the ones that are in that position; so the bottom line is that when it comes to accommodating them, I can do it very well indeed regardless of violent attack and abuses from freedom freaks; in essence they are evil people and each time I establish my Royal normalcy they get involved with me and get off their own social class looking for that trouble because they want people to get killed and want it to show they are powerful and I don’t want bad people to get killed because everybody deserves a second chance and I don’t want good people to get killed because it is wrong – so when it comes to accommodating them I can do it exceedingly well. The normalcy we speak of are things like the chance somebody can get killed by others who want what they have or that sense their American friends like to play with that the rest of the world wants to be the demise of the British Royal family and then we hear them complain about my activities concerning what the rest of the world wants to do to them as well; so they can either prove their point on my TV or they can get off my books to facilitate an actual meeting. It’s never really been an issue – only I am part of a Royal Village in Europe, does it mean that what they think about me there changes according to what Media goons do? What it is about me then that has courted enough disrespect as a person to actually bring about a condition where they are so pragmatic as to touch and suggest touching violently too with a big mouth – the hate for those who like to pretend they have been there when they have never been will not suffice.