I am told it’s a matter of some comments I have made about Islam which I have no idea what they suppose they want to discuss about it anyway; we all know they get around killing people for me or claiming I am an infidel or they claim they take over the world and then I steal the accolade from them – all of which add up to such a weight of iniquity that my mind does not belong to God anymore; I used to get into a period of prayer when the first thing that came into my mind when I got out of bed was not a praise song to God or the last Bible passage I read but since last they started their fight with the world and have been spewing these nonsense everywhere, it is no longer Pop music I am praying to rid my mind of, is murder and genocide, as stupidly as possible, while the continued claim I am an infidel when they have several wives and I am still single does not help in anyway; so when I point out Christ is still alive and therefore responsible for my actions according to my Christian believes but it seems the fact Mohammed passed away like every other Man means they can do whatever they like, it becomes some blasphemy that they are unable to get themselves out of and so it takes the problem with the fact they need keep their hands off case as without Holiness none gets in contact with God which I need to, right up to a level where they are talking nonsense about the violent abilities I see them exhibit whenever they want to inflict me with their stupid daily discrimination. In the end they say it stirs up the case with people who serve what is purely evil and yet their actions bring these people into everybody else’s daily mainstream living; assumption being that they want to make a show of themselves when this happens and they spend money on those who have nothing because career and finances have been blocked and shut down, as desperate people usually make very good devil converts but what they do instead is kill the sinners for everybody else, heaping more iniquity on people, this happens because it is out of their hands, it happens because they have not got the money, happens because they cannot keep their hands off other people.

It is fundamentally that which is growing into a matter of the ways I can ensure a bunch of famous and Media idiots only had conversations about my person and made comments about my career, if they were talking about facts, real facts and not consequences of what they had contrived or created, to do so by making myself one of the biggest problems they faced with respect to their personal and professional relationships, in a bid to develop a sensibility conversation for my family and then we can assess the state of the 7 deadly sins that currently appear to an obsession which facilitated the main motivation, for the sorts of stupidities that have now trashed my finances and claimed thereafter that not only does it not wish to find the trouble it seeks but also adopted a public disposition through which it could assess whether its House proud insolent popularity stupidities, had determined that I was not worthy for my Office.

They do claim I have been abandoned by the British Monarchy - reality of course is that when University drop out happens, the result is that I have to worry about homelessness and then start to think about which help I am to get from Government after and we all know the Government help is a vicious cycle of which nobody knows how long I should expect to spend on it and what the idiots in it will decide should be the lasting effect on me as well - all topped up with the Godlessness of political operatives and their Media fools. So that since the way out is work, it is through working while looking after a Royal Duchy that I get to make my exit and return to normalcy. If people fail to understand my anxieties and turn out to use me and my person for stupid purposes, I make them squirm for it, if they damage my property they live to regret it and no University drop out would have happened if I did not postpone action on that all together in the first place and if they insult me I make them pay as well. 
Its always a better option to giving away a Royal Estate to an idiot who expects that should be his lot because he is trying to help me sell my Books when I did not actually ask him to - whereas if I waited, and created a business and a product, somebody could offer me a deal for my products and buy into my lifestyle, thus the results would be the same. It has never been unusual, all stems from whatever reason is behind the claim I play around with Politicians and Media, then complain about it - whereas what happens is that they build their version of my personality and make a mess allover the place with it assuming when they do damage I will not force them to restore it; apparently these days they take over peoples film and Music and entertainment and make their own version until people lose jobs and entire Royal Commissions, while they gratify their stupid Minds with media; with their black friends who have created some African peerage with me that has respect for nothing and is taking control of me because it is being responsible as a people and showing me what I am doing to others when I join up with the British Monarchy.

 I understand it is said I have an inability to compromise with others but that is actually not true; what is true is that they have worked out a condition where I am supposed to suffer for every single occasion in which they are incompetent at public office, then set about being as incompetent as possible and top of the list is the US President; so there are three points to it and one of those is that there is money involved somewhere, the other is that it has nothing to do with me and the third is that I will break everything about it which interferes with me. So in terms of a general matter the reality is that they speak of the British making some kind of peace offering for the fact racism and slavery and slave trade existed because it is a point they bring up every time they want to do black culture on other peoples possessions regardless of what the owner has publicly expressed to them which is what the US President is now helping them with as well and I don’t see that targeting me helps them get their plans working anyway, all I know is that they need to stay out and cease this massive effort we see them make to create the sense all black people are like them around me all the time.

The part where I don’t know when women are beyond my league is very well understood but my idea of a woman I can spend my life with is one that is prepared to get out of bed at 6 am to pray with me before we begin any rigours of the day so to speak and I don’t see them giving up that much time for anything in their lives. I for my part have only been duly informed that a process of looking into the problem of community croons seeking personal life from me which abuses their celebrity idiots that are very famous for sucking on the lives of men because they do not have the energy to do anything would become something I look after celebrities and famous and wealthy people with but here we are never the less; what I do is a cause and like people become mad about why the Royal family spoils me so much, a cause is a cause and there is nothing to pay for it and so if people want to gain from my work they always can but I will also need the attitude thing to be checked and they are okay if they do not damage my public work and book sales in any way as well, it is irrelevant to me which one is popular and or famous and which one is not, besides which most of them are always famous and important anyway. Which then brings us to the story of being magnanimous about handling women because I think they are weaker which is utter nonsense, what they are scared of and need to cover their tracks for all the time is that I build them homosexual publicity when they screw with my personal life – the women for it primarily and so it is the way I live and the story of me creating problems for others by fighting with my personal life when I know the world is such an evil place but it is how I live, the women are homosexuals for each and every insults and the men that move into my personal life that has been thus opened up when I deal with the women have set out their own as well and are moving in the same direction: I mean it’s a matter of how women do what they do because when it comes to murderers, they will get fucked while I will get killed, especially the blacks and so they feel like teaching me a lesson every single moment of their time and its nothing but a load of hot air, especially when the story brews about them name by name about what they do to men in order to exist and it will turn out they will need to be homosexual in order to have any kind of love in their lives and it will get worse because I will develop it to the point where women do not care about them as well and then they will take care of criminals if they wanted or drift and make a show of those insults and anger and violence they complain about all the time.  The point here is that they are all work: Politicians, media, Industries, celebrities and they should not be found anywhere in my personal life at any point or reason whatsoever, if they are not here to buy books, they are here to make trouble for me, so this is not as magical as people claim that it is.

 The television ones gits say there isn’t actually prove out there that I am not stealing the careers of media managers but of course that is because they think everybody else is so ignorant they don’t know camera work is the filthy bits and that it involves a camera and a blanket on it to ensure the lighting right which gives no normal person on this planet rights of ownership to another person’s literary empire being trained on a celebrity or somebody that is becoming one – all I know is that the celebrities and journalists that I work with are the ones that think I am what does it for them when they want to show what they like about their Country as well, it only but got to a point where I needed to ensure the whole thing was properly managed, just like the many flavours of homosexuality that I extricate from their girls for every single insult in my direction as well and the touching thing that comes from lots of hate and transferred aggression; so they do say I have my connections with big Industries of course but that is none of their business – all I can say about that is that they need to buy the fucking products and it does not matter if they know me – apparently it is violent and hence expresses a respect issue going on here.

The part where I thus am always in trouble and perpetually being targeted because they wished me dead is nothing new – that is the part where they have no wish to keep off my books and their politicians complain about me but preoccupy themselves with making fear for everything out of my fear of being homeless in the cold British weather hence their obsession with keeping me on benefits with government office and Industrial vandalism laced only with excuses that justify their so called need to get rich quick so it does not get taken away from them about which we know that they have made these needs up as we go along while they complain as well. The issue has always been that of their republican and nationalist  insults concerning where I am supposed to be to make them feel comfortable and the need to confiscate the riches of those who have things they don’t and I for my part am in trouble over their need to ensure my entire life is played out in a condition where I am detached from finances so they can become radical sector of my faith and personal life who do it for everybody and for riches and I have not been playing out the me versus their wickedness and evil on a global stage as well for the last five years at least while they have done nothing but brew their fake fear on media to a point of frenzy but having said that, they say my books sting all the time but are seen around the same books and its market place all the time looking for trouble and in the same way claim they would not be doing these things if there wasn’t a Monarchy which existence gives them incentive but while they claim I am no Royalty I am still targeted and they wish me dead especially their stupid black women whose insults know no limits anyway. 


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