The complaints never seem to run out; it is always also about how I make use of other peoples things in the wrong way, a job part done always means somebody has been setting up a business that is concerned with copying how they do their own. What is not clear on the other hand is how somebody else’s business is so much of their concern that it should come to that point. These are supposed to have been people who run wrong publicities around me to make millions of currency but they attack my earnings as well because it is not about whether or not they make a lot of money at my expense but about the process whereby they have it and I don’t. So it seems they want to play evil strict with me and need to stop complaining. Then there are others who sell things like pictures for example-I mean I buy a picture I know I buy it from a web market and there is a 70:25 chance somebody else is buying the same picture somewhere else that precise point in time so it is entirely for illustration, unless I go to the artist or photographer to have a picture taken for me and me alone but when I use it my income will be attacked everyday because of that photo and claims I use it as though it were my property. These are just facts however the truth behind my actions and how it affects them is that the difference between earning now and earning the same amount the next day is putting them in their place and that is what will happen, they on the other hand can always make a lot of money with wrong publicities around others and take out even bigger mortgages because they are brash and boastful, then speak of some who are low priority for earning a living because they have more problems. From my point of view they need to stop complaining.

From here of course it will move to another issue entirely which has to do with how people like me always want to be in a place where we have something that gives us power over everybody so leaders can crawl on our feet. Rubbish: the fact of the matter is they there is a thing seriously wrong with them and they think they can barricade me because they have means to manipulate crowd, into a place where they ensure I cannot sell a book and then cannot two and then cannot any book at all and so I must deal with this by being intensely selfish which Politicians break up to make enemies with me by enabling them to have something that belongs to me to fill a gap in their minds which they seem to want all the time like an addiction as well. of course I know these things are racially motivated but in other countries they are motivated by other things as well, such as greed and selfishness and its not them only and I intend to hurt them enough to make them take their corruptions of involvement and go west somewhere else.

So yes they claim it is about discrimination too but it isn’t, their entire lives seem to be all about barging into peoples lives to corrupt absolutely anything in it which gives it meaning and now it is becoming violent; threats of crimes of passion here, threats of cash flow crisis there because they think when they corrupt me they will get rich and none of the decisions are up to me either. These days they spend most of their time telling me to see it another way when it comes to their desires to get involved with me and it will not do. I want nothing to do with them and anybody can easily understand that. They on the other hand will always get an audience out of me because they have means to manipulate people such as media. It is impossible for me to envisage a time when I become their father figure who has kids that are too big for him, goes out to fight and earn money, then return to have them over power him and take all of it; they dream all the time and make noise about those who want leaders to crawl at their feet.

Of course big idea is that I don’t care about people who regard me as somebody who is actually physically responsible for them; utter rubbish-fact is that they want to completely ruin it for me, so they have realized the way I work is simple and easy to understand so they find ways of complicating it with their devils media and now are telling me to see their desire to get involved with other ways than the way my stuff really is and so if I make any concessions their agreements will be cosmetic and I am not their plaything too.