I understand the story of how Conservatives who clearly are the World’s greatest busy bodies do not like me because I am not White, they say the Monarchy encourages it because of what it has done to Black people in the past; whereas every Black person is just completely crazy about buggery unless you do his own as well and it becomes a story at Wuthering Heights etc. Just like we see the Celebrity ones with a story of how if they get to do things I do to others to me as well, then I will understand how they feel, which makes no sense of their problems in anyway but the conservatives however apparently decide which actions the Monarchy carries through they need to be encouraged by on the basis of stupid girls they have made promises to concerning where British wealth will end up when they are in Government Office. They do say I complain about how silly and useless they are because they never listen to anything People say to them and that I never listen as well myself; what they omit is the fact that it’s all about who is being honoured and who is being dishonoured by my actions and what punishments can be dished out, every single thing I do and they have corrupted my State provided security as well to blow off their big mouth about adding to their CCTV insults by listening to them which makes me feel like my chest is about to explode; it is something about the glory that would be extricated if I got into a gang fight which Women take over all the time considering they took it over from stupid black women with their freedom money and theft madness and then the Ladies will do it at me all the time about fighting, fighting, fighting and they will get into trouble all the time for it and want to see their insanity played out on my income endlessly, which is why we are here, here with foolish men and a need to make plans for conveniences that will allow them get rich without working for it. I mean I wonder what it is exactly they can or are going to do if I do not listen to them anyway, which of course I am not in the first place as it were. They have never been an impossible group to handle; just the people that have been responsible for all the nasty things which have been happening in the communities all this time; so it’s that honour dishonour story that turns up on my concerns with squander and violence that will lead to bigger problems too – since the wealth they want to build up and Pile high claiming I have done mine and they need do their own as well was their own to build up in the first place and if it riles me, we will likely start with a story of compulsory retirement across the board for my platform as well. They say I have not resolved the problems of my own people but want to resolve their own and then it sounds like they are so clever I cannot match them, if they rip up my finances and play games with my silly mother about respect I should never get at home using their intrusive stupidities and when it really kicks off it will be compulsory retirement laced with a need to communicate with them in very dishonest ways as a game that is worth playing all of the time or they can leave me alone and keep off my Book sales. I mean it is not as if I owe them debts or I write their Books as such and they have been warned enough times that business lovers I know how I will get the Book sold while their game goes on for the prize of their disobedience as well.

So the story about my provocative and unyielding position on the EU surfaces again Today; so that the main issues have becomes the prime factor that needs to be determined here i.e. the matter of being governed by the government and following its leadership and direction, whereas what is really important is that I encumber peoples sense of fame and success and self worth and importance on the left. So the reasons have always been very simple; that the poor ones turn up around my finances to express something of how they are the inventors of financial well being and the rich ones like to pick up and develop my Royal Property, so as to turn up around my finances to put up Money somewhere as leverage by which to claim my public life as their own. This then leaves a residue of hate along the lines of me coming from overseas to be an Arch Prince in their treasured culture and need to be removed, such nonsense of which has no way of actually being realised in any case but then again I encumber their sense of success and importance and fame precisely because of such behaviour – that they can allow me recover my finances or return it and its acumen to the way they found it when we first met in order to be free of me, otherwise accept that they are all of them Politicians and Business Men and diplomats, not going anywhere, so that they can excrete where they eat and make western civilisation with it, just as holding me down financially for 15 years and telling tales to a public whose minds of what reality should be is being distorted by such nonsense that is done with Public funds, all kinds of stories about power and inequality – it has no meaning, happens without provocation and has no purpose, just designed to cause me a huge amount of distress so that those who do it might turn out in public to boast and tell tales that have no bearing towards being a useful human being in anyway whatsoever. Then we see the bloody cowards show up all over the place to speak of battles I think I can win, when they have not yet recovered their perspective on the left by getting off my finances or returning it to the way they found it first as it were – of which I have not started fighting and they do not know which ones I can win or not yet; all I have done is make it quite clear I probably have more acumen when it comes to kicking them and keeping them down Financially at Westminster, so as to suck up to a Celebrity who will help keep it that way permanently just like they love to, which does not mean in any way that on account they perpetually seem to have ideas about what to do with me, they have become important people and are going anywhere thereof as such. The way the fight with them will proceed however will have to do with that stupid need Politicians tend to have to secure a condition where they live in sensations of convenience that suggest their lives are the place everybody else wants to be in; it usually means they are willing to destroy what they cannot have, just to ensure what they have when compared to others extricates that effect and to which successive American Presidents and their idiots to begin with have now realised I am not their spare leader and extra resources, so I have to imagine the British ones want me to do something unprecedented, especially the Tories. Its belonging in a secret group that can chose peoples crowd and push them into gangs and violent criminal behaviour and into prisons with them all the time – which of course is not to say that oppression is something they can achieve here as a clash with me tends to mean that Women take it over all the time. it might therefore appear that what I have said and done here is random but it is not in anyway; whenever they do these kinds of behaviour, the result is that the anus and penis chasers whose interests they tend to work for at Parliament these days get all over the place at the Royal village in Europe and I need to get my Books sold of which they will not buy a copy if their wealth and lives depended on it; so each time they push their EU problems at me, it must result in a campaign against Politicians and they will determine how bad it will get as a function of the number of times they do it.

I do not know about looking like I can handle issues as such considering the claims made, all I know is that these guys are really good at taking the racists and trouble makers and bad crowds they knew during their lives everywhere they go, right up and into government office and they are very fond of deciding that what their perspective of being famous or important should be ought to entirely depend on other people’s rights and well being but by far my favourite is the one where they must use other peoples families and personal lives to solve social issues because of where this behaviour places them – I always think it is off the scale provocative but what they do with it beats the imagination all the time i.e. such as travelling overseas to use international development as a means of bringing trouble makers into the Country on peoples stead in order to develop blame culture and transferred aggression when such individuals do bad things. In the end I am not giving them back that stupid culture and society as well and will cut up any new bits they have redeveloped any time I happen to set my eyes on it, which is not to say that we are stuck to each other as such either – it is the only way to make them understand what it feels like when every single communication from them concerns taking away my Royal Estate which is actually an extension of me, so that I might chase it and lose the Money and then fail to protect it because I have all of the time. There is never a shred of Truth to those claims that People at Industry are taking over my Business, just the notion that I am British and therefore partial when it comes to Germans and Spanish etc, whereas all these people in Europe are just showing Commitment Publicly and developing the Equities I built for their Industry especially at Manufacturing, followed to the latter, particularly on matters of security and product service War avoidance and functional Civil freedom aesthetics.