I understand the story of troubles which are a function of my lack of respect for others and more so especially women but of course this is never true, what is true is the lack of respect for me all together not the other way round – what they mean however is that a typical white women will want to avoid scandals and attention because her white skin draws the pain of it but a black person would rather relish it not least a black man as such, what happens however is everything else ranging from their hatred of introverted people who know more than they do and walk around their Country in a state of superiority, the prejudice and violence incredible to be dished out for those who have to tell them any single thing for five times at least before they had begun to comprehend and everything else in between; I myself have always rather expressed me better when I tell them not to threaten me regardless of whether they were sexually abused as children, not to be so stupid as it will open up a whole new kettle of fish, we are talking about because they have raised the point and no other reason, but while they complain they have no wish to stop the onslaught either, they say they are sharing my temperaments and nobody knows how they share other peoples temperaments or how these fools have come to the deduction it is okay to make others so unhappy and then set about punishing them with scandals and insults and distant violence because their unhappiness affects others but I suppose they need to stop complaining too if they have no wish to let me be especially their Politicians who are at the very fore front of an apparent problem people seem to have with my personal life as it were.

The story of a redefinition of success that some claim will ensure my State Office belongs to others does not apply – the usual method would be to take their violent begging and the sexual context abuses that revel in every time they get away with some while they want justice of paedophilia and rape all the time but why would I want to if homosexual and same sex culture is sweeping the whole planet at the moment; I am good to go with the violent fanaticism knowing it changes no facts about what belongs to me. We have to put up with these stories told all the time of how people inflict violence on me and need to be in a position to do so such as handling my British State Provided security for instance or spying on me if I rent an accommodation from them for example to attack me and sell privileges of power doing so day in and day out, saying the reasons are that I leave it too late to act and bad things happen to them before I turn up to get my glory and I cannot tell if they do notice how much I enjoy getting this feedback from them as well but that said the problem persists i.e. there is a Royal Estate that belongs to me and people are free to be seen in public places all the time telling stories of what has happened to it and nothing will come of their activities save the fact they rich as well and of course we all know they will have to back up that their big mouth too when something actually happens to it for real as well: same old tale being robbed everyday – robbed by reasonable people who have made out that my work involves complaining to them in order to be reasonable, robbed by bad and ugly and violent people, robbed by popular culture, robbed by media, robbed by society twerps and its robbery all day long of which people cannot get past any 24 hours of their time without robbing me in an institutional way. They say the reason is that they have a need for money, excesses, snacks and exotic food and of course it generally means they will leave me alone as it were, their way or mine especially the American ones and particularly those that hold government office in the US; they do like to make mention of what the British view of the world seems to be these days and I cannot make out what they are after anyway - I mean there is not a thing these guys do with the British that is not fundamentally vile in every way, so it has rather come to a stage where they say here in a place called Britain and here is what it does with the rest of the world and this is how we will get out of bed to mess it up everyday because they do not allow us have the Lion share of it and if they actually do get to prevent us from doing that we will build up everything we have found out about it and make up our own version of what the British do with the world so we can do whatever we like with what the British do with the world on account we want it - the question now is whether they expect the British to think they do not know what they are doing. Personally however they have my full approval, if it is what they want to do with their time they can blow their top with it as I am not going to take any actions to prevent them fundamentally but the word of advice here is that before people start to seek to do the same things the British do to create others an economic crisis they had better remembered that messing around with what the British do with the world will lead to an outcome where by the British wait for them to spend years preparing only to undercut them where it really matters, otherwise if they have chosen less damaging ways of spending their stupidities, its full approval from me here -it can be measured by such realities as the claim that we live in shame and would do anything for an economy which makes no sense because what really happens is that if for instance I have a Court of female journalists they will ensure they chase my tummy and anus and penis all day long claiming it is a desire they have for money, snacks and exotic food which they must get using my market no matter what and the outcome being the way I feel affecting the Court who have jobs on Media which also means they cannot stay out of toilet; so I really have no idea what they mean the British view of the rest of the world anyway (I do not think the matter is a problem, I am never going to stop opening up their stupid Countries for British interests and business either for my part because of course they chase peoples anus and penis on account that apart from the publicity they have already built up that wealth is to be found in their excrement and in their sperm and in a process where they feel filthy and humiliated all the time, there is also the other reason being that they are either sharing temperament with the men on account they have problems or they are making it easy for the British to see why it would be much simpler to just become prostitutes than it would be to sit in a class room and study for the women - so its the usual stupidities before the troubles blow up, very hard as such to locate what they really mean by the British view of the world). They do say it was the job that popular culture idiots did before I got rid of them and its absolute nonsense too since they did nothing of that sort - what they do here at all times is rob me and price open my world to do so; I cannot turn my back on the Royal Estate for five seconds without somebody having taken out money or taken out property or taken out public place incentives or taken out an equity to get rich with and then they finish it off by setting up a service in which they got rich and famous doing me favours which rip up my academic work and finances at the end thereby making sure they keep the Lion share of all I own and all I am at the same time and tell tales of doing me a service, so I believe it is now clear to them beyond doubt that I do not need their services and they do need to stop pushing me as well thereof - their friends overseas are only getting used to the part where I open their Countries and keep it open to British interests and British business as a planet does not exist where they find out about it and shut us out of their Countries so they can deploy it to get rich; its the same old story of how administrating a Company means you are always tackling the image, as it could have been a matter of customer service or product defect for instance but has to be a matter of the image because they have found a point and a person they have labelled inferior to their corruptibility and corruption on which and on whom to do whatever it is they imagine hence thereby evolved. The first occasion in which this matter was tackled was when they got out of bed to spend other peoples own everyday in order to preserve themselves while feeling it was amusing and we had to settle what kind of economy we wanted to have as a planet - the next time it will become a major issue they are not going to like the outcome at all-its not a new story, its the case of how they never have money because rather than the fact they never worked for it being the truth, the truth to them instead is that somebody else has some and that is why they have none.