I have been told that people hate me and its completely unwarranted but it isn’t completely unwarranted – they said they will be rich and famous and more important than I am using my own public image and I want to see badly raided foolish low lives hang around street corners talking nonsense about people doing their stuff while the parents got imagination up my bum to show they were important accomplish such a thing. I am now set to run this Bookshop on a premise of write, sell and punish and I am sure they understand it would mean that their hate is set to get worse too. I have not yet received an explanation regarding the reasons their stupid Celebrity culture is a threat to me or indeed why those who have enough money to live in 5 star hotels the year round are unable to understand that I need my Public image to communicate with people – they say I am a small man with a big mouth and I think they are all risk taking idiots as well. The problem is still the process of setting themselves up such that the Media is able to claim that I write my Books by criticising them and they were therefore entitled to the market I had built but it would not be the first as the time it started adding up to a real problem in 2004 during which time they wrecked my first attempt at a University study, it was a matter of private diaries I wrote to help me manage being full in terms of the fact I was repeating events – the Media does not make their decisions for them, its all well when they are the ones expressing what their stupidities hated. They say Americans have completely ruined me and its utter nonsense, what we have is the constant insults of German influence keeping me detached from everything that adds up to a process of keeping up with projects that need completion and we do not need details of what the idiots are doing with that either, where the Americans play their part in these nefarious partnerships is that gimmicks where each time they had money problems Royalty had to be deposed somewhere so they might have ancient History available for the pillaging and it never stops setting me out as some throwaway Royalty that people can do whatever they liked with, because the Royal family understands that we might think the USA is on our side but we will be proven wrong when they are desperate – my entire career has now been factorised by it while their complain about my responses are now a global phenomenon since being throw away Royalty does also mean that the Monarchy can do very little to control me. This said, the truth of it is that the waiting for results before I progress to future stages of handling this is excruciating but it is impossible to achieve everything that I want to do about it in a single day, irrespective of how much gonadotrophic nonsense American bad upbringing threw at me. Now the most obvious stage for insults concerning the women is that whilst they hate picking up arguments with their mates and then seek revenge if they lost it because it meant they had been beaten down and were unable to chase the jobs and livelihoods, I was frustrated about the way my life had turned out and was trying to make other suffer and die for it, which serves as a replacement for the fact we live in a society that makes the backyard very uncomfortable for those who are engaging in, thinking about or planning criminal activity, wrecking everything around here to issue insolent threats when they are confident their stupidities were backed up by bigger Men – for the men it has now turned towards a game of heart disease and it includes their shop managers, middle managers and society gits. It is now said that I am in a very sorry state which is utter rubbish – the first time these people became an issue for me, they had chosen poverty to hang about peoples lives being real Men and real Women by, thus had the opportunity to weave their problems into my concerns to such an extent that my personal diaries were no longer able to support me as I over time found myself repeating the description of situations that had happens during an earlier period of time, it eventually culminated in practical jokes that got me dropping out of University which was the beginning of their problems. We have a second situation now, involving my Books, where the Americans are still running off the stupidities that will offer them and their Politicians self-improvements by wrecking my career and finances on claims I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should not have been written and my Book fosters the bad activities of bad people while their stupidities are unable to leave ideologies that should not be explored where it is located talking nonsense about being tough at other people expense and have never read the Books either – so it has now given way to the assaults of their celebrity and Politicians on my career, allowing the Media to develop a Public condition for these idiots to suggest that whilst they claim what annoys them about me the most is that I talk about personal matters when none is asking, especially when German influenced and cannot be seen making public appearance without insultingly blowing off that big mouth about being superior to me and more so the blacks who never give it a rest and are always shoving their ideas down peoples throats, whilst this is their complain, they also claim I have written my Books by criticising their stupidities which entitled them to what I had worked for, entitled their stupidities to my incomes. I would love to think of it as a problem associated with the Media but the Media does not make the decisions for these fools, although for their part the banging on does not bang on more than two times a year without the involvement of their stupid jobs which get it banging on every day – so far, their jobs are the only bits doing this, soon enough will mine join in on the practical jokes too, assumption is usually that I will get after the television and the radio bits but I will rather want to sack everything associated with Media enterprise which bothers me in this Country, with intent to make it the prize of civil and criminal disobedience when their families are given a gist of what I have to put up with all the time.

I have been informed it is howling the way that I am a victim but people preferred to move on from such a fact and act otherwise to the detriment of all consistently year after year but I don’t think it’s the sort of big fact people should get themselves involved with so readily without due preparation, so I suppose I ought to put the facts up too.

That it’s a matter of Politicians believing that Government buildings are places they can go to practice wickedness with very few checks involved; for years now, what began with Tony Blair with respect to not feeling sufficiently in control of leadership by going into Parliament to make Laws, hence the threats of violence, physically handling and supposedly beating down of my person without reason was the main course of action which was more acceptable for Politicians to follow. The crucial one being the part where it is the way that I view my religion that the Politicians want to be in control of what I am thinking and how my public image should be used – after years of war and killing by Tony Blair, he is now a Catholic all together, which means that technically I win again. The issue of being physically handled and beaten down however being the one that causes the most problems since it generally implies that when I had started to behave in such a way too, it will have become clear that I had started acting dangerously but whilst I have not it is clearly a full time job to handle me, so we are set to see how they can do it whilst running the Country to show they have the guts for it. The other part of this story naturally is that I need to get off the victim train as well but that is not something that I needed to be anxious about it either – I mean if Politicians had spent tax payer funds to help culture and society trouble makers with the financial difficulties they faced, there must now be an explanation demanded because they have been spending the financial advantage on the business and process of ripping up the lives and finances of those who are not getting Politically motivated financial support all together, those who do it by themselves and pay the taxes etc – it then goes without saying what they are currently complaining about was not nearly the half of it as I am very likely to turn the energy on them all together. The Muslims ones are a typical example of which none knows what motivates them to pick up matters around where other people shop in order to get about setting a stage for businesses that are owned by superior people as compared to businesses that are owned by inferior people, how much money the market should award to either side, garnished with daily insults and violent abuses associated with getting imagination up my bum, grabbing my private parts imagination thing, then lying and stealing bits of my career and public image all day long, laced with claims that I do their stuff which they built a crowd on, while I will be dead if I criticised the prophet – usually a problem solved when people want to criticise the prophet if they had access to a bigger Military, since I am only likely to take their word for it, that what they are doing with this is just business and not the beginning of Terrorism. I understand most of these issues are fostered by Americans and its an old story about Americans tucking their lives away somewhere safe, then showing up to spend other peoples time and families going round the circles of insanity associated with Country ownership, once they had seen their position become a threat to the personal safety and well being of their victims, it was time to expect civil right and Political leadership from such persons, sought through abuses which are supported by suggestions of homosexuality and other products of their greed and violent insults. I for my part therefore assumed to be completely naïve of what evil looks like and do not mean it when I say they need keep off me and my concerns and shut down the stupid comments.

Here it will be said I have been enjoying a great time solving all residual Political issues in a jiffy but these are just facts not the way I get about solving them; my way is that I am not responsible for the personal safety and security of these fools like they make out I am – their need to make use for my personality for everything including feeling good about life and sleeping well isn’t going to stop half the way they believe it is when there is already evidence the main reason for complaining about and threatening me in equal measure is that this nonsense have given rise to enough access to allow them slap and hit and knock wood imagination thing that first got me sacking their interests all the way to South America but what they find most complicated is the means to understand I am a writer and this violently abusive disturbance is the damage of my career which is reason I damage their own too. The other part of the story being that I am not obliged to make rich people richer either, meaning that I am very soon going to make a statement for myself out it which will make me as popular as the fact I am sore all over and smell of what I ate without reason or purpose and it seems they are becoming more violent now that they have gotten some of what they wanted to acquire from my property with a big mouth, so I will be seeking my closure to make it stop instead. I am not responsible for their safety and security like they claim I am and am not obliged to make any of them rich; I suppose property will not be destroyed and people will not lose their lives. I do get told its a matter of where I shop and how those things are sourced which is understood but I suppose then that they believe I am stupid to shop for my supplies the way that I do, while we know that spending time resolving their insults and its abusive greed causing all sorts of problems here through violence, is counterproductive, while we are aware that they come from Countries where people have been working to control their stupidities, which makes it a mobility issue.