They never fail to bring up those questions around the reasons they did it while everybody knew it was the result of somebody offering to collect my career for them to boost their career by and it did not matter to them if those persons were criminals. The question that I really need to answer now is whether I want to run my Office on a two part story of looking into the way I ensure criminals knew what I know, so I did not end up making so much sense of the way teachers keep people out of prisons by teaching people what was important at school, each time I needed to get to work – on the other hand sorting the problem of Celebrities allowing them to build a media presence for the idea that having known what I know, they had access to my career and could confiscate it to help Celebrities get famous, if I had failed to c0o-operate with their needs. I could run my Office like that, or I could spend more of my time on more important things, but I believe that this need they must shower me with insults, claim what I am doing is stupid and make comments about my career, is set to decide what I settle down with as it were.

The other part of this story is the claim that State provided security attacks them; what we know instead is the same process applied to me have been applied to State security operatives, where every occasion they see people in a dangerous situation during a job, results in a need to get criminals collecting the more savoury parts of peoples careers for them – from the intensity and frequency of bottom chasing issues, we can deduce that it had led to a loss of life. It is not as if I have not done the carrot and stick part in the matter, where their need to get involved can be rewarding if they took part in the wealth equity arrangements where we got to make such a fuss about public security matters, that the sheer sickening effects deters especially the more dangerous criminals from reaching out to their victims after serving time in prisons – what they usually do is show up to pick up the structures, never get the work done and spend time running me down to cling to my income because there was more prestige to it and after years of doing so, which happens to such an extent that the criminals would feel sorry for me, as soon as I have taken charge of the situation, they were back with a crowd that will make me do their bidding to work more financially profitable decadence. As I mentioned, I think that their need to make a mess of my career, shower me with insults and make comments that wreck my Bookshop sales, is set to decide how this is concluded.

It Is not really a problem for me as such; something to do with the way the men do not like the way employers chase the bottom, so they picked up as random victim to attack in order to build up ideas that suggest their situation was at least better than that of another person – while the Media and Celebrity gits were more a case of the fact that if they got a stick up my bum and got me into overdrive to boost my bank balance and give them an opportunity to be proud of me like they would want to, the outcome will be that I was no longer able to work on my own schedule and was made to suffer because they had a problem with poorer people who get imagination up their bums and that of their homosexuals, which has nothing to do with me and I want no education on as I have seen and had enough of them in any case. They love those stupid threats about what I do outside of the real world and how much trouble I would get into in the real world but in the real world I think that for starters, I would have become a proxy by which the body that enforces professional conduct in their careers got into overdrive and I am certain I would get away with all of it too. We see the realisation of this fact gets them blabbing about the way people inflicted war on them while the war story was not just a matter of the way that people who snoop around my Office to collect my career for them and pretend it was a practical joke, were making a mess of Public diplomacy, creating instances where people would get killed by other people in numbers, it grows into a matter of the biggest problem being that I am unable to pay my Bills because I am showered with enough insults to ensure nothing I did with the career I thought they were not entitled to access, meant nothing to anybody, no matter what I did with it. I bet the question at this stage is a matter of where it stops and I am certain I am rather clear here about where I think it should stop for me and they have suggested a few things about me abandoning a Royal position for their own to stop as well, with a big mouth.

This is all about a matter of these idiots dreaming of people working for them, the business of being entitled to access my career, is largely a matter of giving me credit, where the money was what it was but the interest is where I worked for them and there was no alternative – their need to make media comments and gestures about my social life, Public image and career, when they had their own is set to ensure this ended very badly. The problem grows so big because people let them get away with it; a person who does not meet with others in a capacity where they were Parliamentary Ministers and those they met with were Parliamentary Ministers, knows nothing about Politics, no matter what they read, only what they know they read about Politics - the same applies to Church leadership and the Monarchy, the Law tended to speak for itself; these idiots being the only professionals that create hell for everybody on account they considered themselves entitled to access peoples careers and in my case I need to pay the Bills and make the Bookshop successful or I will burn their world for it. They do claim that I am unaware Media and Celebrities always had the right to access other people’s careers but it is under control and if I want it, I had people with skill and history with me who were able to do so the proper way, not tell me I made draconian arrangements while getting round me to allow criminals seek money from the stock markets when they want to avoid a lifestyle they incurred when they clashed with the Police or ageist idiots sending out stupid Girls they had raised to be devoid of a sense of right and wrong, to run me down all the time and get paid for being popular - personally, I think whoever told them that they were famous, must have been just as insane.

They claim that they can see how this will end and that it will end badly for me; it is utter nonsense as the ending will be more of a public statement about the fact they lived in a bubble of you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues, ripping up my career to make me get into a fight with random people on the street, about which if I ran a campaign on it we will find them put their pressure on their own twats, weeping and wailing while at it, same as the society gits who set me out as a person people can bully to make money because they had progress from doing it to manage the way employers chase the bum even when they knew they were chasing the bums of the real Men. Then they will enlist their criminals to aid them when I had taken it to a whole new stage all together, but we can all see that is simpler for people to make comments about their careers if the comments are known to destroy my finances. I have done 6 years of warnings and moving them on at this stage, they have not paid the bills once, instead built a community that gets imagination up my bum, befriend wealthy people, and claim I was too much of a coward to deserve my career, as something that a crowd will enforce – I have now had enough and the bills in this place need to be paid. Same as we hear them claim it was a risk, I faced concerning the business of talking about my position while it is largely a matter of a handful of silly people trying hard to make me into one of them.