I already have to put up with all sorts of nonsense while the UK is not yet a republic if their plans are to be regarded, in that so called republic, they will be the boss as well to add to my crisis – so it is something that they will have as it were, something they will have somewhere in hell; this is where they usually tell me nobody knows when I became the most ardent defender of the British Monarchy, which is not what I am doing here – I am defending myself since I am not keeper of British republic; I want them off my Books and their Parents off me too. It’s an old story about how people can get rich and famous and do anything if they have my spirit and the Politicians ripping up academics and finances to ensure nothing comes into my life to hide the fact I have got such a spirit that others can take and fulfil their dreams with; I am not defender of the Monarchy or keeper of British republic, they are fighting for their lives as we speak, their Politicians caught between a rock and a hard case. They say these are not actually things I can do but everybody else knows the only thing they have is getting money from Politicians and getting around industry villages to sell things and get rich, having not a single idea what they are doing with a contraption they are earning money from and then drive around those cars they deserve bullying me because I am a pedestrian all day long as well to ensure while products bought by idiots lie on the market place since those who own them are block heads, their account balances are swelling anyway because I am giving it away –if they piss me off they will find out I can in a very short period time and I will not be at war with the treasury for it either and the end will be the realisation that it is not true they can do whatever they like as well. The reasons for it have always been simple i.e. the dogmatic and stupidly irresponsible way in which the stock and money markets and its leadership are run; where if somebody wants to open a Book in which he wrote and published the secretes of wealth, he feels he must open it to everybody and if it says you much kick women to make your first million, that will be the day somebody kills his wife – if they blab what I cannot back up at me one more time, there is going to be trouble and we are not talking about the Media ones, those will find out soon that their corporation owners and managers will realise I can make their staff behave for them if they do not wish to do it.

They do boast that such realities are possible as the one where if they need to kick Women to make millions, it’s my wife they will get after but its utter nonsense; half the time the idiots are running families where they are top evil and their kids and wives I have stolen a place in the world from by living a life that does not involve violence – the other half the time the wife is paranoid about my intentions because Husband will kill her if he suspects she loves somebody else. So I need get a whiff of it and then I will play my bit out of what I think about the fact psychopaths should never be financially well off so that others can have their own safety and well being too, to the fullest as it were and perhaps it will kill too when I do. I mean does solve this problem where every conversation you have with an idiot you do not wish to talk to results in whether or not his cultural evils were too small allowing thereof a condition where you had more confidence than he does and so when his whole way of living that is a threat to others does exist when he is poor, it exists in this conditions where the government is clear about what it does not want at National frontiers and the rest of us are clear about where we do not want to mobilise ourselves to; so a whiff of my wife being threatened and they will have another reason to hate my guts mortally if they do survive. The reality is rather a simple one even though unless I speak like that they will never become real human beings that want to live in a world that accommodates other peoples too putting that money where their Mouth is i.e. the one where they want to drive into their garages in an environment where the grime of society are admiring their latest cars and so on because it puts them in an environment where they feel as though they are making money but once done, they want property and market that belongs to a Christian who is also Royalty and hence the problem we have as such. So it’s not a matter of not wanting them to do something with my wife, I just think they are bluffing; in the end, if I fight for entire communities which is where women are involved I know it and if I do for myself I know it, so all that violence stuff is pointless if when I am caught up in an issue and deal with it because somebody was throwing up a gimmick, it annoys me but never to a point. So there is thus worry about when my case will end, which does not apply at all – the reality is the same as ever i.e. a Court supports me in a business ecosystem I have created to support them as well, so if everybody is putting up a product to behave erratically in order to swell their bank accounts, I should be able to do so as well and this is not their own lives thereof; this will have meant saying this on an obscure part of the internet or in my home where nobody sees and that they can go off and claim my identity and the benefits of saying it with Media of course, which means telling me where I am supposed to be had long provocatively become financially beneficial, setting out clearly how it is to be done too as it were.