It appears we proceed immediately therefore to the matter of women I get around with and the bullying that those who feel they have the correct ideas about how I should live my life spend all of their time with; as far as I am concerned of which those are communities I get around with and the more they are almighty men and their stupid girls who decide what younger men do with themselves and can therefore get involved in the affairs of anybody they please with their freedom corruptions of involvement, these women will continue to do things they were supposed to do to harm me, while they will continue to link me with racism and make the problem worse and I will continue to cut to pieces their communities to have security. The fame freaks part is supposed to be the one I find really difficult for fathom because it generally operates along the lines of how I did not respect the ego of a stupid bitch that likes to think everybody cares if she appears in public, thereby allow a media scum to deploy my books to help her make even more money than she has because she claims to be famous; hence the famous my arse aspect of how I relate with it. In the end their distant fascism filth is what it is and none of my relationships are that filthy either and none of it will be tolerated around here as they need to remain where they normally come from i.e. the insolent women and their society, that only date and get around with the rich and can take candy from babies with a big mouth and that stupid media where they climb on my television screen all the time and that back stage of it too, especially when black and that stupid homosexual community insults of knowing me inside and out and how to fleece things off men like me and how they are the ones people need to approach for it seems to be their forte that will never go away apparently.

The idea that these people want things, especially the American ones and that we will supply it, it utter rubbish, the reason for that is that people like to get around with this idea they live in a separate world that is detached from reality, whereas the truth is that every action they initiate towards people has an element of physical contact that can be challenged – so I always feel people handle it as they do because they are lazy or do not wish to challenge it, which is no wonder they are angry all the time because it is what happens when you do nothing about it, I know because I refuse to do something about it for sport sometimes. I mean I am a writer for example but a persons relation with me will have a lot to do with getting on media to make out mum didn’t tell him a story and that is the problem he has got with my business and my income or that some women know me inside and out and that I am the kind of guy that loves to please and flatter women like them, which then has something to do with my earnings or that they are the kind of women that only date rich people and I am a sell out to my class they love to hate and ensure pays for any expenses that they cause in the lives of the rich people through their pleasures which leaves me penniless and leaves them with fame and fortune. So it will keep piling up and I need to pile mine up as well; of course everybody can decide the media scum they get around with and the older men saboteurs are the main concern but I have no idea what it means when you need to deal with all of them if you have to anyway, otherwise you will do nothing about it, have serious clash flow problems and get angry all of the time. I always like to refer to it as per school says where they would never dare but think that in the real world it works whereas the real world is more dangerous and I have never seen girls become so obsessed with bullying, it is almost fantastical that over 90% of their activities be they MPs or media scum or just city workers is centred around bullying people and if you ask about it they will tell you that no body knows, at least those whom it matters if they know do not and I have not got a clue what makes them think that anyway. There is therefore no validity to the claim I have ruined my own life by reacting to things people to do be nice to me and my work, which is also the reason I have such difficult times at the market place; such process of intrusion by people and a reciprocate minding of their affairs to the extent of this activities are enough to make anybody physically sick and this is the reality not all other nonsense about ruining my own life and work (most of which work around what seems to be a largely expressed in public media and advertisement self seeking claims that bring about money and a process of climbing social ladders for the fools that indulge them, that I steal royal work from those that are actually royalty or those that work with them and that it will be stolen back or recovered in a way or another - it is never anything but an intense and uncontrollable desire to play spoiled brat that is unconnected with government worok that they have to do, expressed over my finnaces and personal and private property all the time, which of course I have made clear is too expensive for me to be happy with the idea that it is being done).
Of course they claim all I got from the Queen was just a nice gesture that I made everything from unauthorised when my stuff was never done for me that way, when in actual fact that is the interpretation they have manufactured since I last got the estate about 9 years ago which came with its own alliances of an international proportion, climbing on my television everyday to prove a point on it in order to twist my work into things their family low lifes can take advantage for to make fame and fortune and get rich quick irresponsibility and getting off on that media to make money and climb social ladder all the time on the platform of what is made to be accessible to their family low lifes to make money and riches and fame with and of course the government work never ever gets done because the argument that I never got any thing from the Queen is more important as though whether or not I did changes how I need to handle the problems they create here which therefore creates the question of whatever on earth it has got to do with anything. We tend to see them at it all the time, it is not that they want the whole world for themselves and it is completely relentless and violent but of course that they will take up everything I own and make it their own and then that will not be enough because they will want to see me beaten up as well before it is, with a big mouth.  I have my thing with the Police and the main stream Armed Forces and I suppose their actions is to suggest I am so stupid I don’t know when they interfere, whereas I cannot warn them enough never to stalk me and follow me around claiming they have ambitions for things or that I steal things from or stand between them and some progress they have in mind, so that when they see matters about which I must act, get on media to tell me to, so of course it must be allowed to be so that they can get used to it and therefore a condition emerge where their interference becomes a real issue as well, bearing in mind they always want the entire world for themselves characteristically and the owners of what they grab must be beaten up before it is enough for them to have taken it when they have.

So I said that the delusion remains that of the fact that it is said the Banks are the problem but in actual fact American Politicians are and they say it is an issue at this point because I am talking about things I know nothing about when in actual fact everybody can see that what happens is that they know Banks will likely try to take advantage of markets they think are thriving, they know those markets are not safe too and that the perception that the banks have of those markets is a function of their domestic and international policy but they will let the banks do it so that they might get into trouble with the people, which constitutes 50% of the problem – the other 50% being that the people are supposed to go up against those who earn at least 1000,000 as much as they do, this constitutes all together ¾ of the problem and then comes the final ¼ that is the main point i.e. after all these years of pitching people against businesses, the purposes of the politicians are yet to materialise and it is not getting better by the day, which is therefore something they do because their salaries are safe and other peoples salaries are not. Something men do generally that involves getting deeply involved with peoples business in order to wreck it on account it is not big and or important enough to be respected and we are not talking about the fact sitting on a chair in your house to complete a project or academic study is impossible due to the fact their stupid women are sending you on errands and claim to want to have sex with you and that it is happening as punishment for the fact that you are not interested, just because a neighbourhood exists which of course whether or not it does is something you can do nothing about, we are not even talking about their media rude bastards that want to deploy my schedule and all I aspire to after setting out my products, to do their own riches and fame but at the same time believe they must be able to sexually abuse those who interrupt their shows or interrupt them when they are having conversations etc and we are not talking about how all these matters are my fault when my stupid evil mother continues to remain their biggest asset in a world where women ensure men do not force them to provide for everybody while the men put their feet up and therefore believe those their destructive stupidities must be deployed against absolutely any body of their choice about which I like bets too for my part. I have never said the matter is a problem either what I did say if I must quote myself is that the delusion remains that Banks are the problem when in actual fact American Politicians are and should point to the reasons I have stated above yet again for the purpose because a process where people question and challenge my opinions may lead to a condition where they make their stupidities a personal matter as well. They speak of this thing where I wanted something to be done about small businesses that do nothing but wind me up and despite all that destruction have done nothing about what it really is i.e. goons who learn a thing or two about business and then pick up some files to write a thing or two about having a business and then get off to the banks to collect money and once done write another thing or two about insolvency and disappear, I for my part never told them these small businesses that plague me was something I could not deal with as it were. For the part of the businesses on the other hand, the simply matter has more to do with the fact a Bank may be selling mortgage products for example and it is in their interest I sell equities and securities but somebody will think that the purpose of their existence is to target and destroy those equities and securities everyday and then put up a face for their really excellent small business CV but considering the CV of the banks and how much it suffers at their hands on the other hand the real question then becomes that of what the chances of them getting any money from those banks really are. I for my person on a personal note really like those idiots that enjoy punishments I suffer over how they tell me what and especially when to do what I do whenever they find out what I do and how I am to do it by snooping around my company and my work with their media and how to do it from a point where they really do not exist and of course a process of doing so surprises me all the time and is bad for my health therefore expresses a process where I am being punished of controlled or disciplined by the fathers who want to make money and like to make so much noise about being owners of me, while they pervade all I do to carve out energy that is to make them money by making me think about it over and over and over again i.e. either I have done my stuff when I should leave it for others or I have waited for too long and lost money while they have taken it all etc but there was always be extra processes of questions about absolutely everything I do etc which creates an atmosphere for some money or a life or energy and means to do so that was meant to be mine being something they control; I do not worry about their existence but it is another example of how politicians delude themselves that the global economic crisis is not a problem they create and hold out on because it is frustrating for everybody else, within the understanding that these idiots never rest for this.